Extensive Reading In English.Level 1


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Extensive Reading In English.Level 1

  1. 1. EXTENSIVE READING IN ENGLISH Level 1 Here are some suggestions:
  2. 2. The main character of the story, Peter, wakes up late, gets dressed quickly and goes to school on foot. When he arrives at school he doesn't hear or see anything, so he goes back home. When he arrives home the door is closed, so he thinks a spaceship and some aliens have abducted everybody. WHERE IS EVERYBODY? Tittle: A Morning Mystery Editor: Porto Editora Author: Clarisse Barros Level: 1 Hugo Zacarias, No.8 7thB - March 2009
  3. 3. Stephen Rabley Level-Easytarts (200words ) April Fox is excited when her dance company goes to Moscow to dance. She wants to see as much of the city as possible. April meets Nikolai and Sasha. They arrive at the girls’ hotel in their fathers’ cars …What will happen? Penguin Readers João Silveira No.12 7thB March 2009
  4. 4. Author: Paul Stewart Editor: Penguin Readers Level: 1 Every year Peter and Susan stay at the hotel Lea-on-Sea and nothing happens. But this year is different because there is a man pretending to be Peter. One day, that man walks into their room… Read the story and find out what is going to happen ! Brown Eyes Sara Nazaré, No.22, 7thB March 2009
  5. 5. Author: John Escott Editor: Penguin Readers Level: Easystarts Hannah works for old Mr Duval on his boat. They take tourists to visit the coral reef. But someone is trying to destroy their business. The hurricane begins and Hannah risks her life to get to the truth. Read the book and find out what is going to happen. Fábio Nunes, No.6, 7thB – March 2009
  6. 6. Kidnapped Author: Robert Louis Stevenson Editor:Longman Picture Classics Level:1 This story talks about a boy, David Balfour, that receives the news that his father died. But before dying his father leaves a letter to Ebenzer, David’s uncle. David tries to find his uncle Ebenzer but he is a very bad man, and even tries to kill David. Then, Ebenzer sells David to a ship where he works hard. On the ship David meets Alan, who helps him run away from the ship. They will live many adventures together… Pedro No.22 9 th B 08/04/09
  7. 7. Louisa May Alcott Little Women Penguin Readers 1 Beginner (300 words) Daniela Oliveira Number 7, 9ºB 18/03/09 This story talks about one loving and poor family, but kind in difficult times. They have problems but they have happy times too. Their father is away in the war and they don’t have much money to buy presents, specially for Christmas. The March sisters, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy are very united. Together they talk about everything and spend good times. In the story the girls go through problems and bad moments but together they overcome those problems. In the end the family… To find more, read the book.
  8. 8. “Maisie and the Dolphin” Stephen Rabley Penguin Readers Easystarts This story is nice and it’s easy to understand. It´s about a friendship between a girl and a dolphin. Alhona Kharabarina No.3 7thA March 2009
  9. 9. “ Marcel goes to HOLLYWOOD” <ul><li>Stephen Rabley </li></ul><ul><li>Longman / Penguin Readers </li></ul><ul><li>Level 1 </li></ul>Ana Vaz No. 4 7th A – March 2009 The story is about two mice who are on holidays and they decide to go to Hollywood, but while they stay there something happens... Find the end of the story! Come on... read in ENGLISH. It’s easy! So DON’T forget to read this book!! These holidays were an adventure.
  10. 10. Author: Leslie Dunkling Editor: Penguin Readers English Level: I Beginner Summary: The story of this book is about a boy that fell in love in his first job with his best client’s daughter, and she also likes him. One day he calls her, invites her to the cinema and she accepts. On the day when they will go to the cinema, it seems that everything is delaying him and when he arrives too late, she wasn’t there. He tries to contact her, but she doesn’t want to talk with him. Even so he decides to write her and asks her one more chance… And if you want to know the end of the story, read the book. Mike’s Lucky Day Beatriz Santos, No. 2 9th B – March 2009
  11. 11. - “ Red Omega” Publisher: Porto Editora Author: Marco António Level of the book: 1 Bruno Frade, No.7, 7º A March 2009 It´s an interesting book. I recommend this book to those who like adventure.
  12. 12. Sherlock Holmes and the Dancing Men Conan Doyle Longman strutural readers-Stage 1 The Dancing Men´s gang is evil and bad. Elsie goes to England. In England, she meets a good man – Jonh Hilton, but they are murdered. The next day, Inspector Sherlock Holmes arrives to the mansion. What are the dancing men? Can Serlock Holmes help and save Elsie´s family? Simão Manuel 7thB No.23 March 2009
  13. 13. Tittle: Six Sketches Author : Leslie Dunkling Editor: Penguin Readers Level: 1 Beginner It ’s a story about a boy and a girl who are on a train. An inspector comes and asks about the tickets. The boy says that it’s the girl who has the tickets and the girl says it’s the boy. The girl says: “I’m never wrong”. The boy finds the tickets and he catches them. He gives the tickets to the inspector and the inspector says that the tickets are to Winchester and the train is not going to Winchester. What will happen next? João Domingues No.11 7thB March 2009
  14. 14. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Mark Twain Tom Sawyer was an orphan. He lived with his aunt Polly and his cousins too. He loved to skip school to go fishing. If Tom was late to school, what usually happened, he already knew that he would probably receive a punishment. One Monday he looked at a new girl called Becky Thatcher. He felt immediately in love. Everything seemed to go well until Becky got irritated when he mentioned the name of his ex-girlfriend, Amy Lawrence. That night Tom and his friend, Huckleberry Finn , ran away from home. They went to the cemetery and there they discovered things they had never imagined. Isabel Tavares, No.12, 9A 12 th March 2009 English Level : 1 Oxford
  15. 15. The Battle of Newton Road Leslie Dunkling PENGUIN READERS Beginner Sally Robson lives in Newton Road, near the school where she teaches. It is a friendly community and everyone enjoys living there. They are all horrified when they go to a public meeting and find out about plans to demolish their houses and school in order to build a new road. Despite promises of new, modern houses with nice gardens, they prefer to stay with their friends and neighbours in their old houses. Gonçalo Sousa No. 10 9 th A 13/04/09
  16. 16. Longman Easystarts Bernard Smith “ The Last Photo” Márcia Silva, No. 18 – 7thA – March 2009
  17. 17. John Escott Level 1 Anna meets Carl and they become friends. Carl is the son of a famous magician and Anna is a girl that lives in Rome. Carl is kidnapped because his father has a lot of money and Anna is going to try to save Carl. Will she do it? The Magician Oxford Miguel Serôdio No.18 7thB March 2009
  18. 18. Level 1 Beginner (300 words ) Kris Anderson The Wrong Man Penguin Readers This story is about a large mountain in Australia. A man wants to kill a police officer in a hotel. Will he succeed? To know more read the book ! Inês Pires – No.9 7th B – March 2009
  19. 19. “ Tinkers Island” Stephen Rabley Longman/Penguin Readers Easystarts I really enjoyed the book because it’s about an interesting, fun and adventurous story. Filipa Semedo 7thA No.12 – March 2009 This book has an easy level.