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Ela unit 1 performance task


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Ela unit 1 performance task

  1. 1. Breshaundra Roberts 10/29/12
  2. 2. Jonas thought he and a good life but hereally didn’t know what world he was livingin. He found out that his father killed babies.He also found out that there were so manythings in the world that no one knew about.He felt things people could not fell and sawthings people could not see.
  3. 3.  The only person he could really talk to was the giver. So he let the giver know everything he also tried to let people know what he had felt, heard, and seen.
  4. 4. Ernie often faced much troublein his life. He did not learn at thesame paste of others and was oftenbehind. Ernie did not have anyone toconfide into or call a friend; othershis age thought he was a outcast.Once his mother pasted away Erniehad no one nor nothing to turn to.
  5. 5. After being in his group homeErnie made friends and was ableto express himself. He evencommunicated with the girl ofhis dreams.
  6. 6.  Victorwas a regular guy with girl problems. He really liked this girl named Teresa. He was even willing to lie to make himself look good.
  7. 7. He finally told her the truthand they got to know eachother better. He let herknow how he felt.
  8. 8.  Jonas: He found a friend in the giver. Ernie: Being in his group home allowed him to open up. Victor:His lies got him no where but the truth set him free.
  9. 9.  “A Crush” from the Literature Book, page 362 By: Cynthia Rylant “Seventh Grade” from Literature Book, page 30 By: Gary Sato  “The Giver”, By Lois Lowry