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Alexus pickett

  1. 1. Alexus PickettUnit 1 Performance Task 10/29/12
  2. 2. Adversity Of Jonas Jonas is Apprehensive about his ceremony of twelves. He experiences many adversities. One is he begins his stirrings. His stirrings started with a dream that gave him a feeling of wanting. The Stirring came with a responsibility. He had to take a pill everyday , and if he didn’t the Stirring would come back. He remembered the dream again. The dream had felt pleasurable. Though the feelings were confusing , he liked the feelings of Stirrings. He would wake in the morning wanting the Stirring to come. Very briefly , and a little guilty , he tried to grasp the back but they were gone. PAGE.
  3. 3. Over Come Of AdversityEven though Jonas Enjoys theStirrings , he decides to follow therules and take his pills. The stirringwere gone any ways. He guiltilytried to grasp them back , but theynever came back. The stirring werebasically puberty in Jonas’ life. Hisparents teach him that it’s normally,and how to deal with it.
  4. 4. Adversity Of Father Jonas’ Father was assigned as a Nurturer. He takes care of a baby that cant sleep soundlessly , and that needs extra care. The Father is afraid because they’ve been talking about releasing him. He care a lot about this baby and doesn’t want to give up on him. It was difficult because father loved the baby as a son , and he didn’t want to see him released.
  5. 5. Over Come Of AdversityJonas’ Father became apart the night crewso that he could give the baby extra helpthat he needed. Father asked could theygive him another year to develop properly.They agreed. Father never gave up on him ,he stopped at nothing to reassure that helive a happy and normal life. He was frightand afraid.
  6. 6. Adversity Of Seventh GradeVictor has a crush on a seventh grade girl named Teresa. She share the class French together. He told a lie and said that he knew French, but when the French instructor ask him to speak French out loud , he made a fool out of himself. He was embarrassed and felt like she wouldnt like him.
  7. 7. Over Coming Adversity Victor offered his teacher bribes if he didn’t tell Teresa that he really wasnt speaking French. He offered to wash Mr. . Buller’s car, mow you lawn, and walk you car. Basically he lied because he didn’t want Teresa to think a certain way about him.
  8. 8. REFLECTIONMost of the characters overcametheir Adversity by doing the rightthing. Both characters in The Giversolved their problems by doing theright thing , but the story SeventhGrade he solved his problem bybribing and lying.REFECTION PAGES ;32-38(literature book)1-87 (giver book)
  9. 9. Google ImagesThe Giver by : Lois LowryLiterature by : McDougal Littell