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Skaleup Ventures- INCONSCIOUS- VESTED SUMMIT pitchdeck


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Skaleup Ventures- INCONSCIOUS- VESTED SUMMIT pitchdeck

  1. 1. Ventures[ ] 3 Startup funding made simple
  2. 2. VISION Become the leading investment platform for #ConsciousTech startups in emerging markets.
  3. 3. MISSION Creating an online and offline investment platforms to make it faster and easier for anyone anywhere to access capital for their #ConsciousTech startups.
  4. 4. WHY #CONSCIOUSTECH NOW? #Conscioustech is the most pressing agenda for humanity to survive and thrive #ConsciousTech = transformative exponential technologies applied to real-world problems Impact investing is on the rise $30 Trillion needed for UN-SDGs Tech is & will always boom A bigger move towards sustainability Untapped capital potential with over $30Trillion in US savings a need for an agile, reliable invest- ment platform to increase the glob- al capital efficiency as compared to mainstream investment channels.
  5. 5. #ConsciousTech Movement powered by Connection engine discover startups in other markets personalized AI rec- ommendattion engine real-time smart con- tract investments Ventures[ ] 3 Capital Matching Deals Global Investor Partnerships Trillions of untapped Crowd-money Ventures[ ] 3 Community frontier tech network top startups global markets latest trends
  6. 6. VALUE PROPOSITION Imagine fast • anytime • anywhere • anyone invests if startup funding is...
  7. 7. PROBLEM #Con sciou start emer mark 90% of startups fail #1 reason is lack of funding
  8. 8. PROBLEM #Con sciou start emer mark CHETOSAN Agriculture Growth Stage needs $250K VOLTA Transportation Growth Stage needs $1M AGORA Education Early Stage needs $150K Global investors are missing out on fast growing impact investment op- portunities in emerging markets even though its the fastest growing startup niche.
  9. 9. Complicated cross-borders Investments VCs allocate less funds for impact investments Global Access to Opportunity Capital is Centralized Global investors miss out on emerging market startups opportunities (e.g: flying for startups events, intl pitches, random email intros, etc) while #ConsciousTech is mostly in emerging markets source: cbinsights source: magnitt (know-how, legal, due-diligence, etc) Why are VCs failing to capture #ConsciousTech Opportunities today? 1. 2. 4.3. $213B <$2B Middle East & Africa VC 2019 global VC 2019 US, Europe, Asia
  10. 10. SOLUTION...? An AI based crowd based startup investment platform. a hub for #ConsciousTech startups find the most relevant startups to you in seconds with our en- hanced AI matchmaking. 1. Aggregator 2. Personalized Pipeline 3. Cross-Border investments 4. Crowd-investments by facilitating due-diligence on fastest growing impact invest- ment opportunities in emerging markets with pre-set deal terms. Democratizing impact investments to the crowds. Investing their money alongside VCs yielding similar returns for the average person. Untapped capital potential with over $30Trillion in US savings accounts for individuals to be invested in impacting change. invest as little as $1000. no investment or tech knowl- edge required.
  11. 11. HOW IT WORKSFrontEndBackEnd VC 2.0 Create Profile yield similar returns as VC crowd Create Profile choose domain & stage choose risk appe- tite & # of years faster & easier decision invest follow emerging market startups invest in crowd wallet * * S[k]aleUp Ventures will invest the crowd wallet in the most promising startups on the platform based on AI metrics and other VCs and angels interest global investor Create Profile deal making support Get Investment qualify for crowd investments Due diligencestartup founder AI & Big Data crowd money traditional VC
  12. 12. BUINSESS MODEL $3500/startup success fees $35/mo subscription 5% investment fees 20% commission on crowd-investment returns global investor VC/angel startup founder crowd
  13. 13. TARGET MARKET $213B2020 + + + 2025 Targets Revenue Projections Startups 50,000 Investors 10,000 Crowd 1M users $4.6B $1B $20B $20B global VC: US, Europe, Asia Emerging markets: Middle East, Africa, LATAM Crowd-Investment Trans- actions on INCONSCIOUS Transactions 5% commission $43.5B in Impact Investments matched on INConscious 20% Market Share
  14. 14. COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE targets emerging market startups and allows the average person to invest as little as $1k without any in- vestment or tech knowledge while the above platforms target US basedcompaniesandrequireinvestorstobeaccredited(wealthy).
  15. 15. ADOPTION STRATEGY Media Arm market education Community Partnerships strategic partnerships with Top VCs Government Organizations Institutional Funds Engaging content about: #ConsciousTech Emerging market opportunities Success stories Regular reports Offline Platform World’s Largest #ConsciousTech Summit Top Ecosystem players under one roof
  16. 16. TRACTION Revenue Investment 2017 2017 2018 2019 2020 founded $320K $216,750 $15,650 $0
  17. 17. Over 100M impressions about the #ConsciousTech movement Featured on 35+ international media outlets as the next big wave in Tech w w w . a l m a s r y a l y o u m . c o m MARKET TRACTION
  18. 18. MARKET TRACTION A growing global online and offline community that is excited about starting and investing in #Conscioustech startups. 2018 2019 1500+ Attendees 35 Countries 50K Followers + Likes 1.7M reach
  19. 19. MARKET TRACTION 100+ Partners in 25 ecosystems
  20. 20. THE ASK 12 months financing to reach $3M transactions of #ConsciousTech investments on Raising $1M Pre Series-A $3M transactions 100 investor 500 startups 3000 crowd 30 startup investments Avg. crowd ticket $1,000
  21. 21. Salma El Hariry Founder & CEO Asser Yehia CTO Mohamed Ameen Senior Visual UI Designer Ahmed Yasser Lead backend Developer Abd El Rahman Frontend Developer Mark Nelson Co-director Peace Innovation Lab at Stanford - Silicon Valley Reza Kazemipour CRO Inuihealth Silicon Valley Sherine Abdelbaki Angel Investor Cairo Rasha Tantawy Head of Entrepreneurship & development department TIEC - Egypt INCONSCIOUS Team AdvisorsThe visionary Hala Gabr Partner & VP Noura El Dabbah Head of Logistics Walid El Gendy Head of Biz Dev Ahmed Ghaith Research Analyst Mohamed Emera Value Optimisation Manager Sarah Abouelkhair Creative Marketing Executive Mona Makhlouf Head of Partnerships Vested Summit Team Hajar Badran Startup Community Manager THE TEAM
  22. 22. thank you