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Finfair opening presentation by dara albright


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The opening slide presentation to FinFair 2015, Wall Street’s inaugural conference featuring the leadership, products and technologies that are driving the crowd-centric retail alternatives market and democratizing the investment landscape. | @finfairconf | #finfair2015

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Finfair opening presentation by dara albright

  1. 1. July 29, 2015 New York City @FinFairConf | #FinFair2015 | Today our nation stands on the precipice of its next frontier in finance – one that is using modern technology and regulatory overhaul to instill a culture of FINancial FAIRness
  2. 2. WHAT ARE CROWD-CENTRIC RETAIL ALTERNATIVES? Crowd-Centric Retail Alternatives are a new breed of retail alternatives is designed to bring non-correlated yield and pre-IPO equity growth to the masses. Some of these new products include funds, managed accounts and online platforms that provide retail investors with to access to private alternatives such as peer-to-peer, peer-to-business and peer-to-real estate debt as well as JOBS Act inspired equity offerings.
  3. 3. @tothestoics | is presented by:
  4. 4.  With companies deferring IPOs, retail investors have become the exit strategy for the financially privileged  Conventional fixed-income returns are languishing  Social Security is on the brink of bankruptcy  Median U.S. Retirement Balances (Both 401(k) and IRA) are alarmingly low:  Median U.S. Retirement Balances (Both 401(k) and IRA) for all U.S. Working Households is a paltry $3,000  Median U.S. Retirement Balances (Both 401(k) and IRA) for Near-Retirement Households is only $12,000  50% of all U.S. working households are without a retirement account at all! The U.S. Faces a Retirement Crisis of Unimaginable Proportions
  5. 5. IN ORDER FOR ALIBABA’S IPO INVESTORS TO REALIZE THE SAME RETURN AS INTEL’S IPO INVESTORS, ALIBABA WILL NEED TO BE TRADING AT A $480 TRILLION MARKET CAPITALIZATION – 6 TIMES MORE THAN THE GDP OF EVERY COUNTRY ON THE PLANET COMBINED! The Most Sought-After Growth Companies are staying private longer - flourishing in the hands of VC firms instead of appreciating in the retirement portfolios of ordinary Americans
  6. 6. • Small businesses can no longer rely on banks for loans • With interest rates at historic lows, investors can’t afford to be weighted in traditional fixed- income assets The credit markets are as flawed and unjust as our equity markets
  7. 7. Even peer-2-peer is no longer “peer”-2-peer. Institutional investors have now monopolized P2P.
  8. 8. Reg A+ Bridging the Wall Street establishment and FinTech pioneers Bringing the P back into P2P Bridging the equity and debt players Rebirthing the Small Cap IPO Reg A+ is a True Game-Changer “With legislation and technology, we can narrow the investment opportunity gap and end the financial apartheid in America” – Congressman David Schweikert (R-AZ), architect of the Reg A+ legislation
  9. 9. The Crowd-Centric Alternative Landscape is Proliferating
  10. 10.  Financial Advisors are increasing their clients’ retail alternative holdings  According to McKinsey, retail alternative products are about to account for almost 50% of total retail revenues.  Goldman Sachs believes that retail alternatives are in the early stages of a 5-10 year growth trend – reminiscent of early-stage ETF growth – and capable of becoming a $2T AUM opportunity  Both private and public investment products are emerging to satiate retail’s appetite for alternative products. With Reg A+ now live, even more crowd-centric alternative products are expected to emerge  A growing number of Next-gen Broker Dealers are emerging to help retail investors access crowd-centric alternative products  Investment into FinTech is projected to nearly triple in the next 3 years All Roads Lead to Crowd-Centric Retail Alternatives
  11. 11. What to Expect at FinFair 2015
  13. 13. THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR ATTENDEES WHO ARE JOINING US IN PERSON HERE TODAY AS WELLAS VIRTUALY ACROSS THE GLOBE! “Whether it’s by the end of the day or 8 months from now, it’s our goal to make sure that everyone here ends up capitalizing on their participation.”