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Facebook for retailers (Varier, webinar #1) - 17.11.2016


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Retailer Marketing Academy - Facebook for retailers. (Varier) Webinar #1. Afholdt 17.11.16

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Facebook for retailers (Varier, webinar #1) - 17.11.2016

  1. 1. Retailer Marketing Academy Facebook for retailers (Webinar #1) starts 1:00 P.M
  2. 2. Agenda for this webinar • Introduction – who am I and why am I speaking • About the webinars • Disclaimer • Digital overview in the customer journey • Social media overview • Facebook – Deep dive in numbers • Facebook – For retailers, what to do • Sum up and questions
  3. 3. Why me / us? • Founder/Senior Digital Marketing Specialist at Compell • Experience from before Google (First PC 1996, First website 2000) • Google Premier Partner • Facebook Managed Agency • Extremely specialized team working from Denmark Strategy, business & numbers Digital natives Creative mindsets (Ninjas) The Magic Happens 
  4. 4. Why this webinar? • Varier wants to grow their business • Varier wants YOU to grow – both in Varier sales and other products! • Digital revolution – problems and opportunities – lets face it together • Produced in collaboration with Frode Karlsen, Linda Ødegaard, Kasper Eriksen and the rest of the marketing department.
  5. 5. Disclaimers, yes we have to! • English, I´ll do my best • Global trends, might differ from your country • We want to inspire you to do it yourself! • Feedback is very much appreciated • Webinar will be recorded and distributed afterwards. • Please ask questions, write them and I´ll catch up on the fly – both technical or my language! • Sum up and more questions in the end. • Time is around ~45 minutes depending on my speed and your questions  Practical stuff
  6. 6. Marketing trends/insights – To you from us! Relevance and content is king! Micro Marketing – everyone can fight aligned Global platforms and media Physical and online work together (Amazon e.g) Everything is beta – join the party! Self service will get you far!
  7. 7. Digital customer journey 2016 ZMOT ROPO
  8. 8. ZMOT Product research Store research Recommendations etc.
  9. 9. ROPO/PORO 1) Research online  Purchase offline 2) Research offline  Purchase online Understand your strenghts and how you can get a competive advantage!
  10. 10. Social media overview and overload Facebook Google Plus Twitter MySpace ….and many many more
  11. 11. What is a good network for us? There needs to be users! Users must be ready to get attacked by business The media must embrace us as a business 
  12. 12. Why focus on Facebook The biggest (users and reach) The best - Advertising platform - Business tools - Results for all types of clients - Users are ready for commercials 
  13. 13. Where do we use FB? Waking up Going to sleep Transportation Bored with what they´re doing Second screen Give the user something interesting and they are happy! Relevance + Customers looking for something exciting = Perfect marketing
  14. 14. Facebook for a Varier Retailer Create and optimize your page (its free ) Communicate – page and chat Advertising
  15. 15. Create/Claim your page 15 minutes task  If you don’t, someone else will
  16. 16. Yes – we have a page, what to do! Post updates Get likes Talk to customers Advertisings
  17. 17. Post updates Pretty simple… But what should we talk about? What do your customers find interesting? Discounts? New products Inside information Inspiration
  18. 18. Post updates No bad posts! Try out and see reactions Get to know your fans!
  19. 19. Get likes • If you post  likes will come  • Advertise in your store (banners, talk about it) • Advertise on Facebook (later) • Remember – relevance beats high numbers – don’t go on
  20. 20. Talk to customers A new inbox Two way communication
  21. 21. Advertising Access to all users on Facebook Budget from 1$ pr. day / Pay as you go / Self service Potential reach is 100% of Facebook Users love adverts 
  22. 22. 2 ways to get to the advertising portal Boost post Adverts manager / Power editor
  23. 23. Facebook ads in 4 steps Choose audience Choose what they will see See the results Optimize
  24. 24. Audience Age/Gender Location Interests Behavior
  25. 25. Ads Image Text Video Etc?
  26. 26. Take-aways from today! 1. Embrace digital – it will help you! 2. Facebook is plug and play – try it out – nothing to lose! 3. Advertising – you need to try it! Checklist 1. Create a Facebook page and do 1-2 posts pr. week 2. Try advertising out – just with a tiny budget. Questions – thank you for your time / Slides will be sent