Ignition 5 07.04.14


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Ignition 5 07.04.14

  1. 1. 07.04.14
  2. 2. This Week... See Through Truck, Chok Chok Chok, Mc Drive surprise, Skate Arcade, Sit Think Play! See Through Truck #Enditmovement Chok Chok Chok Coca Cola Mc Drive surprise Mc Donalds Skate Arcade Red Bull Sit, Think, Play! Capdell
  3. 3. Powerful stunt to create awareness of human trafficking to thousands of people at a national sporting event in Atlanta on the weekend of April 6th. Visit enditmovement.com for more details on how you can be in it to END IT. #enditmovement See Through Truck #Enditmovement
  4. 4. CocaCola in Hong Kong wanted to get teenagers excited about a new TV spot. They developed a gaming app where the user has to shake their phone back and forth - or ‘chok’ – to catch falling bottle caps. The catch is the app is only activated by the music from the TV spot. People tuned in every night to watch the ad at 10pm and collect bottle caps, which were redeemed for instant prizes straight to their phone. CocaCola Chok Chok Chok! #Enditmovement
  5. 5. Mc Drive surprise Mc Donalds An April fools campaign from Mc Donalds transformed their drive thru experience into an extraordinary journey for people filled with surprises!
  6. 6. Skate Arcade Red Bull This was a campaign done by RedBull in Italy by the Barabarian Group. Instead of playing a skate boarding game only in the app, players had to record videos of themselves doing tricks to advance to the next level. Players who made it to the highest level were invited to a grand final in Rio.
  7. 7. Capdell, a Spanish furniture brand that specialises in chairs, created a space within the store for a limited time, where customers could interact with some of their products. Their tagline is ‘sit, think, imagine’ and they changed this to ‘sit, think, play’, for the purpose of this stunt, and enouraged people to sit on the seats and see what would happen! Each seat represented a different instrument, and when sat on at the same time, performed as an orchestra! Really nice way of encouraging trial of a brand in a simple and playful way! Sit, Think, Play! Capdell