Ignition 5 22.04.14


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Ignition 5 22.04.14

  1. 1. 22.04.14
  2. 2. This Week... #worldstoughestjob, liking isn‟t enough, GT Ride, really friends, shop window colour critic #worldstoughestjob Undisclosed Liking isn‟t enough Crisis Relief Singapore GT Ride Kia Really Friends Nescafe Shop window colour critic A.S Colour
  3. 3. A cool project for a client I won‟t reveal just yet from a Boston ad agency. They posted a job listing online for a „director of operations‟ position at a company and interviewed 24 people via webcam for the job. The requirements made it out to be one of the toughest, and brutal roles out there. You‟ll soon see why. #worldstoughestjob Undisclosed
  4. 4. A recent ad campaign for Singapore charity, Crisis Relief Singapore, confronts the idea of „Facebook philanthropy,‟ reminding us that „liking‟ or „sharing‟ issues of world crisis on Facebook isn‟t nearly enough. The ads show heart-breaking images encircled by a slew of thumbs up signs—the irony here quite powerful—and read, “Liking isn‟t helping. Be a volunteer. Change a life.” A refreshing and bold message, these ads are a call to action, encouraging us to get out from behind the screen if we want to make a difference. Liking isn‟t enough Crisis Relief Singapore
  5. 5. GT Ride Kia The pro cee‟d GT is the first high performance car Kia has ever built, and there was an awareness and education piece to be done with young hard core male GT fans, as Kia was not a car that they considered in this space. So Kia created GT Ride, a mobile racing game where users built their own unique race track by moving their mobile devices around through the air. The track could be shared with Facebook friends, and raced on smartphones, tablets and the GT Ride website.
  6. 6. Really Friends Nescafe France is known to be much stricter in terms of regulations around branded entertainment compared to other countries in Europe and around the world. French TV channels don‟t allow brands to promote outside of allocating advertising slots. The internet remains the freest place to introduce this type of communication, even though it is increasingly regulated and French internet users are extremely resistant to any unjustified exposure to brands. As the universe of coffee has become increasingly individual and sophisticated, it is getting hard to compete for an instant coffee brand like Nescafé. To stand out, Nescafé wanted to go back to its traditional DNA by reclaiming instant coffee, a casual moment of complicity and sharing.
  7. 7. In the beauty industry, innovation is all about color, but when it comes to fashion, 83% of all sales are attributed to neutrals. According to A.S. Colour boutique, many people lack the confidence to wear colors, which is why they have invented a digital color critic at the store‟s Britomart location in New Zealand. It will allow customers to break free from neutrals. The A. S. Colourmatic is an interactive window display that locks on to the person standing if front of it. After inputting your gender, the system analyzes your current outfit, giving a rating based off how complimentary your colors are. The critique takes things into account like seasonal relevance, how up to date the outfit is and originality compared to everyone else. It points out weak links and suggests better choices located within the store. Since they have introduced Colourmatic to their stores, sales have increased by more than 16%. Shop window colour critic A.S Colour