Ignition 5 11. 11. 13


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Ignition 5 11. 11. 13

  1. 1. 11.11.13
  2. 2. This Week... Comic Banana, Click Baby Click, Treadmill Challenge, Google Helpouts, Mysterious Circles Comic Banana Fyffes Click, Baby, Click! Adobe Treadmill Challenge Asics Helpouts Google Mysterious Circles Samsung
  3. 3. Comic Banana Fyffes In an attempt to change the eating behaviour of today‟s children and lower the number of them which are overweight, Fyffes launched the Banana comic week. In order to speak the language of the kids, they introduced them to a new comic character, their namesake „Fyffe‟. The story was told through a comic story printed on the banana and delivered to schools.
  4. 4. Click, Baby, Click! Adobe A video from Adobe that tells the story that‟s not so uncommon: tonnes of traffic, unanalysed, often from sources that don‟t drive value for the site/campaign it is trying to gain traction from. This often leads to assumptions based on numbers with very little analysis behind those figures. The video shows a slightly dramatised version of a business owner making an assumption based on lead generation, with no context behind where it has come from. A nice piece from Adobe which highlights the importance of understanding the meaning behind the data before acting on it.
  5. 5. Treadmill Challenge Asics Marathons are often seen as long, slow, boring races. However, Asics set up a challenge to show people just how fast they run every kilometre, for 42kms straight! This was an ambient installation that challenges runners in the lead up to the NYC Marathon, to try and keep up with one of the worlds best Marathon Runners, Ryan Hall, with the treadmill programmed to run at his exact speed.
  6. 6. Helpouts Google Moving a step further from Hangouts, Google is now launching Helpouts, a live video-chat network of more than 1,000 experts on subjects like technology, fitness, DIY, music, cooking and more. The experts – selected through a screening process – select their own prices, and provide users with individualised, real-time advice and assistance. Google calls it “real help from real people in real time”. Screen sharing is available for those who need help with things like Photoshop and other software programs. Helpouts facilitates interactive learning, a step up from pre-recorded videos on Youtube. Companies such as Rosetta Stone, Weight Watchers and One Medical have already signed up to host Helpouts, some even offering advice for free.
  7. 7. Mysterious Circles Samsung In a very cool teaser campaign Samsung recruited Franz Beckenbauer and some really creepy masked men with hoods and robes to show up in the stands at matches with Chelsea, Bayern Munich and Juventus. Franz Beckenbauer revealed all in an interview. This was all built for the launch of what is known only as the S-Circle range.