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  • Ignition 5 16 12 13

    1. 1. 16.12.13
    2. 2. This Week... Tweet & Shoot, The Identical Twin Experiment, Erasable Billboard, Knitbot & a festive winter jingle Tweet & Shoot BNP Paribas The Identical Twin Experiment Beldent Erasable Billboard Plan Knitbot Budwiser A festive winter jingle Nike
    3. 3. Tweet & Shoot BNP Paribas A nice initiative by BNP Paribas, the French bank which celebrated the 40th anniversary of its partnership with Roland-Garros this year. Before the competition kicked off, tennis fans had the opportunity to train Jo-Wilfried Tsonga before he started the French Open tennis tournament, via Twitter. If your tweets were selected, they commanded a robot to throw balls to Tsonga with the location, power and effect you chose.
    4. 4. The Identical Twin Experiment Beldent Beldent show you that chewing gum makes you cool, without trying to be cool in their latest experiment. The campaign is framed as a real social experiment, in fact, it‟s a branded art installation, highlighted by identical twins, with one chewing gum, vs the other who isn‟t, from which the general public are asked to put on headphones, and interact with the installation. Eventually proving, that chewing gum, makes you cool, or at least, leaves a more desirable impression. Do you agree?
    5. 5. Erasable Billboard Plan PLAN which is a global children‟s charity and works with children in the world‟s poorest countries, wanted to demonstrate that a small donation can change the day-today existence of millions of girls. An innovative technology designed to bring focus to the denial of basic rights to girls. On the first International Girls Day two erasable billboards representing children at work were placed in Paris and Berlin. Those who donated to the charity were given an eraser and invited to take part in a mass erasing session to reveal a different picture.
    6. 6. Knitbot Budweiser Budweiser unveils Twitter-powered machine that knits holiday sweaters. The Knitbot will complete a line of stitches on a festive Christmas sweater every time someone tweets the hashtag #jumpers4des. The machine is part of Budweiser's UK-focused responsible drinking and designated driver campaign.
    7. 7. A festive winter jingle Nike In order to promote their line of winter sportswear, sportswear brand Nike has created a catchy jingle, „Winning in a Winter Wonderland‟. Using the tune of the popular Christmas carol, „Walking in a Winter Wonderland‟, this catchy jingle features athletes playing snow sports in extreme conditions, and singing joyfully while they do. The accompanying copy reads: “Getting better doesn't stop because it's getting colder. The best athletes don't just overcome the elements, they embrace them with Nike Hyperwarm. Gear up for winter”.