Ignition 5 14.04.14


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Ignition 5 14.04.14

  1. 1. 14.04.14
  2. 2. This Week... Pay with exercise, Taco Bell Breakfast,#bringdowntheking, the amazing baby & me 2 Pay with exercise Colun Light Taco Bell Breakfast Taco Bell #bringdowntheking Game of Thrones #Fuckthepoor Pilion Trust Charity The amazing baby & me 2 Evian
  3. 3. Nice campaign idea from Colun Light in Chile, a dairy brand who wanted to encourage people to exercise and get fit. They set up a pop-up sportswear store in a busy park, and instead of paying for goods with money, customers could pay with exercise. They were told what the item would cost in monetary terms and then invited to pay it off in calories on a treadmill. Pay with exercise Colun Light
  4. 4. Taco Bell have boldly taken on their fast food rivals McDonald’s with their latest TV ad. Taco Bell similar to previous advertisers (DHL attacking UPS and TNT) are using competitors to promote their own products. Quite ingeniously using people all across America with the name Ronald McDonald to say I love Taco Bell Breakfast. Ronald Mc Donald Loves Taco Bell Taco Bell
  5. 5. #bringdowntheking Game of Thrones Game of Thrones viewers’ likely unanimous hatred of King Joffrey was used for promotional good in advance of season 4 premiering. A statue of the boy king was erected in Auckland, and fans of the series were given explicit permission to tear it down – with the power of tweets. The statue, which appeared in Auckland’s Aotea Park last week had a rope tied around its neck, which was tightened with every use of the hashtag #bringdowntheking on Twitter. It took one million tweets to bring down the statue! The stunt was spearheaded by SKY TV New Zealand, the network that airs Game of Thrones there. Fans could visit bringdowntheking.com, which gave fans a chance to see the statue live in Aotea Park, from two different camera angles. The site also displayed “voices of the people,” which are tweets from fans demanding the statue fall. #bringdowntheking
  6. 6. #bringdowntheking Game of Thrones
  7. 7. #F**kThePoor Pilion Trust Charity A man walks the streets of London shouting #F**kThePoor. This was a social experiment from poverty charity, The Pilion Trust, to see whether we really do care about those less fortunate.
  8. 8. Evian has a long history of incorporating creepy CGI babies in its ads, and subsequently getting into the top ten most viewed Youtube ads of the year. This year is likely to be no different. Through the idea that Evian water makes your body feel youthful, the company first introduced us to its synchronized swimming "Water Babies" spot in 1998. About a decade later, Evian reprised the theme in "Roller Babies," a viral sensation (by 2009 standards) starring a bunch of tots skating around to "Rapper's Delight." And last year, Evian gave us "Baby & Me," in which adults breakdanced with baby-fied reflections of themselves in front of a mirror. (With 75 million views to date, it was the most-watched ad on YouTube in 2013. Now, less than a year later, the babies are back. In a cross-promotion with the soon-to-be-released Amazing Spider-Man 2, Evian is re-introducing the "Baby & Me" magic mirror concept, except this time the man dancing in the mirror is Spiderman. And that's it. No explanation of what this has to do with Evian, apart from the brand's "Live Young" tagline at the end. Welcome to your most-watched YouTube ad of 2014. The amazing baby & me 2 Evian