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Ignition 5 03.03.14


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Ignition 5 03.03.14

  1. 1. 03.03.14
  2. 2. This Week... RGB billboard, World’s Slimmest Ad, hair raising ad, Lipton and Muppets Most Wanted, OBI Germany RGB Billboard IKEA LG OLED-TV “World’s Slimmest” Ad LG Hair-raising ad Apotek #BeMoreTea Lipton and Muppets Most Wanted DIY billboards OBI Germany
  3. 3. RGB Billboard IKEA Ikea's "RGB billboard," makes the most of some very limited space, much like their furniture. The board features three different headlines superimposed on each other in different colors—cyan, magenta and yellow. At night, the board shines red, green and blue (RGB) lightbulbs on the board, revealing, in turn, the different headlines. Red bulbs illuminate the cyan text; green lights up magenta; and the blue-purple lights make yellow visible. And that's how you turn nine square meters of ad space into 27 square meters. It's a brilliant little visual trick that embodies Ikea's space-saving message.
  4. 4. LG OLED-TV “World’s Slimmest” Ad LG As an example of great media placement, M&C Saatchi of Sweden have created what they’re calling the “world’s slimmest” ad. Electronics Magazine Lyd & Bilde (Sound & Image) is coincidentally the same width as LG’s curved OLED-TV at 4mm. So LG cleverly decided to advertise this similarity on the spine of the magazine. A simple arrow measurement, one line of ad copy and the company logo helps reinforce the message that LG’s new OLED-TV is the world’s slimmest TV.
  5. 5. Hair-raising ad Apotek Another simple but clever and playful outdoor ad this week. Apotek a pharmacy brand in Sweden wanted to introduce a new line of hair products, and the tagline of their campaign was ‘make your hair come alive’. They did just that by fitting digital screens in the subway station with ultra sonic sensors that were able to monitor the train’s arrival. As a train pulled up to the station, the model on the screen had her long, lush hair tousled by the ‘wind’ of the moving train.
  6. 6. #BeMoreTea Lipton and Muppets Most Wanted Lipton have recently launched their new campaign #BeMoreTea, while the latest Muppets movie sequel; Muppets Most Wanted is due for release at the end of March. And what better way to promote both brands than a joint campaign. The Lipton #BeMoreTea campaign is “about encouraging people to ‘get off auto pilot’, be more playful, thoughtful and enjoy things they might otherwise have missed”. And in this regard, The Muppets ever so optimistic leader, Kermit The Frog, is the ideal ambassador for the campaign.
  7. 7. DIY billboards OBI Germany Since the closure of 250 DIY stores in Germany last year, there has been a ruthless price war between those that remain. OBI is one of those stores, but they didn’t want to resort to aggressive selling tactics. Instead they decided to show what their products are capable of when applied to rundown buildings around the city. Various grey and lifeless buildings around the city were given a makeover, or at least small sections of them, with the very same products you can buy in OBI. The result is a series of colourful and eye-catching renovations that don’t force their message in people’s faces, but draw them in with some clever juxtaposition.