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August 2012 cultural fuel trend report web


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Published in: Business, Technology
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August 2012 cultural fuel trend report web



  3. 3. NEWSLETTER CONTENT"Inspiration"Some creative ideas to inspire you !Trends"Hot trends and interesting marketing strategies!Insights & Opinions"Research news about target groups and marketinsights!
  4. 4. Inspiration"
  5. 5. INSIDE USAIN BOLT"“We werenʼt there on stadium billboards. We werenʼt there on double-decker buses. We werenʼt on buttons, souvenirs orcommemorative snow globes. We werenʼt there officially sponsoring anything. We were there for real—inside the bodiesof some of the greatest athletes on earth.” – Using a hooded Usain Bolt Gatorade makes a bold claim that it is trulyinside of top athletesʼ bodies. Gatorade fuels some of the worlds best athletes, from preparation to performance torecovery. You Win From Within.!Via:!Watch it on YouTube:!
  6. 6. WHOʻS YOUR SUSAN GLENN"AXE gives guys the courage to reach out their own ‚Susan Glennʻ. ʻSusan Glennʼ is a metaphor for a special girl in aguyʼs life he was not brave enough to approach at school. Accomplishing this target, AXE produced a six-episodes webseries which formed the basis of the campaign. This was followed by a nationwide road trip, a Facebook appearance aswell as !Via:!Watch on YouTube:!
  7. 7. WHATEVERʻS COMFORTABLE"Maybe you think itʼs boring, some will say they think itʼs difficult to understand and others will tell you that this one of themost exciting story of our times. Creating an outstanding ad doesnt mean to have a great storyline, sometimes you needto focus and concentrate your attention on simply the details. Enjoy the lifestyle of SOUTHERN COMFORT.!Via:!Watch it on Youtube:!
  8. 8. THE NYC ZOMBIE EXPERIMENT"How to revive a deposed broadcast? Connect the story with real life. Dish Network dropped AMC and as aconsequencen one of the most popular TV shows „The Walking Dead“ is not available anymore. On this account, inseadof being confined to a tv box, the zombies are free to wander in the streets of New York.!Via: !Watch it on YouTube:!
  9. 9. HALO & THE RED CROSS BLOOD TRADE "This inspirational idea shows how to reach a young audience. Three students from the ESPM School Sao Paulo (Brazil)encouraged the Red Cross to cooperate with the biggest war/battle videogames titles to place contextual messagesevery time a player is “killed” in the game and who would then need some extra blood to get back playing. !Via:!Watch it on vimeo:!
  10. 10. THIS IS WHERE IT STARTS"Jordan tells a story of two young athletes determined to rise above the competition. The spot shows the evolution insport and brings the story of a Chinese and an American boy on screen. This is a really nice cinematic execution. !Watch it on YouTube:!
  11. 11. EXPEDIAʻS TAG ME IF YOU CAN"Look familiar? Been here before? Your passion for travel could win you a share of $150,000! Expedia takes geo-taggingto a new level. In Australia and New Zealand they have launched a Youtube-based contest where people have to findthe host of „Tag Me If You Can„ who travels around the world to several secret destinations. Participants get a hint wherehe could be everyday and need to tag his location within 10 meters. You are immediately informed whether youʼre redhot, hot, warm or cold to indicate weather your are close or not to the searched destination. Tagging the right spot canget you a cash prize.!Via:!Watch it on:!
  12. 12. PIN IT TO WIN IT ""Have a look at the latest Volkswagen ʻStreet Questʼ advergame. Itʼs a Facebook challenge where the aim is to find andʻPinʼ as many Volkswagens on South African roads as possible, using a gamified, custom version of Google Street View.The campaign will run over a 4 week period, where those individuals that can pin the most Volkswagen will gain a seat atthe grand final, which will be a real-life version of the Street Quest. !Via:!Watch it on Youtube:!
  13. 13. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU CUT"What happens if you cut programs that benefit children in their first years of life? The Children´s Defense Fund depictsthese consequences with the new campaign „Be Careful What You Cut“. The three advertisements highlight the harm ofcutting down early education, health and food benefits and tax credits. Furthermore the campaign includes infographicsintended for social media sharing, for example facebook´s “cover photo” feature. !Via:!Find out more here:!
  14. 14. COOPERS LIFE AFTER DARK"Promoting their handcrafted Dark Ale, Coopers launched handcrafted billboards using luminous UV paint to create acollection of images by a world-renowned American street artist, Pose. Based on hot spot of Melbourne city, what is ablank canvas through the day turns into an eclectic mix of nightlife inspired imagery at night. With this paintings Cooperswants to celebrate the creative types that come together when the sun has gone down. !Via:!Watch it on:!
  15. 15. CADBURY ENJOY THE OLYMPIC MOMENT"As part of the Enjoy the Moment campaign, Cadbury Ireland, sponsor of Olympia, created a series of famous Olympicmoments from the past. The Cadbury colours and icons are incorporated into kinetic sculptures representing themovements of athletes in a Cadbury visual treat. !Via:!Watch it on:!
  16. 16. GOLD MEDAL MOVIES"Advertisers squeeze the topic of the Londons Olympics to itʻs highest degree and just canʼt let it be. This approach fromJWT Cape Town for ‚Gold Medal Moviesʻ turns Hollywood stars into athletics. Youʼll find Tom Cruise, Heath Ledger andother Stars fighting for Gold. !Via:!Watch it on:!
  17. 17. CRUMBS ARE NOT ENOUGH"Saatchi & Saatchi Poland faced the issue of every fourth kid in Poland being malnourished. Therefore, they started asensational direct marketing campaign on napkins. When people were in restaurants waiting for a meal and greedy forfood that coincided with the moment of the strongest feeling of hunger and thus the spot where Saatchi & Saatchi placedthe message! Brilliant insight!!Via:!View it on:!
  18. 18. VITAMINWATERS"While doing your exercise, have you ever thought about having your personal commentator like professional athletesdo? Different to a lot of current advertising related to the Olympic games, Vitaminwater France has decided to dosomething different by presenting amateur athletes. Vitaminwater went out to public training spots meeting occasionalathletes and brought with it a true sports commentator who relay the more or less impressive techniques. !Via:!Watch it on:!
  19. 19. MOMA UNADULTERATED"Kids sometimes say the complete and utter unconditional truth. The MoMA underadult Audio Tour Hack is an unofficialtour for the Museum of Modern Art´s permanent collection created by Kids. Each piece of art is analyzed by kidsbetween the age of 3-10 years. Have a look at the unique, unfiltered and amusing perspective on art. !Via:!Watch it on:!
  20. 20. PUT YOUR SHIRT AND JOIN OUR TEAM"One of the best and most effective ways of showing your affiliation to a team is that you all dress the same, often in theform of a jersey shirt. WWF encourages you to ‚Put your shirt and join our teamʻ.!Via:!View it on:!
  21. 21. REINVENT THE DRAUGHT BEER EXPERIENCE"Heineken have asked people from countries all around the world to come up with new ideas tied to the draught beerexperience. On a designated website, the Heineken Ideas Brewery site, creative minds are able to share a new vision ofthis age-old experience to the drinks company. Once ideas have been submitted, individuals can ask their friends onsocial networks to vote for them. 6 ideas will be chosen and the finalists will be given an exclusive opportunity toparticipate in an idea-enhancing workshop in Amsterdam in November.
Watch it on youtube:!
  22. 22. NEVER STOP WONDERING"To encourage our appetite for science, the Arizona Science center has put together some thought provoking questionsthat remind us to ‚Never stop wonderingʻ .!Via:!
  23. 23. WATER LIGHT GRAFFITI"This installation by Antonin Fourneau lets you use water and light as your painting medium. The "Water Light Graffiti" is asurface composed of thousands of LED that are illuminated by the contact of water. You can use a paintbrush, a wateratomizer, your fingers or anything damp to sketch a brightness message or just to draw. Water Light Graffiti has beendescribed as ‚awall for ephemeral messages in the urban space without deterioration. A wall to communicate and sharemagically in the cityʻ.!Via:!View it here:!
  24. 24. THE GUS EFFECT"Fox Sports proves the only way to watch college football this season is to tune into the exciting play-by-play commentaryof iconic Gus Johnson. The Gus Effect simply makes everything more awesome including dancing birds (pun!), oneawesome dog or even a unicorn.!Via:!
  25. 25. THE MAN EATER""For over four years uni student Daniel Disselkoen always took the same tram to his classes. It came to his mind how onecould make the often mundane trips with public transport much more entertaining and fun. He had a truly original idea:He attached a funny comic-fish figure onto the windows of the trams. With its open mouth it allows passengers to join inon a game of ‚pedestrian-huntʻ. On the back of the seats in front of passengers there were games manuals attached forthe passengers. !Via:!Watch it on:!
  26. 26. YOU INSIDE VOLVO"A new Facebook campaign from Volvo encourages drivers to reveal what personal items they carry in their automobiles,in order to simultaneously learn more about themselves whilst also helping Volvo to build more sohpisticated and morepeople-friendly vehicles. "You Inside" encourages users to upload pictures of whats inside their Volvos any informationabout their personal and unique driving habits. That data gets transformed into a personal profile which highlights whatthe participantʻs car says about them and their lifestyle. !Via:!Watch it here:!
  27. 27. THE SETUP"What do people use to get stuff done? ‚Uses Thisʻ is a collection of geeky interviews that listen to people from all cornersof the globe answering the question of what they use to get the job done. The interviews are conveniently organized intocategories so you can quickly find exactly what youʻre looking for. !Via:!Check it out on: !
  28. 28. TRENDS"
  29. 29. WORLDʻS DNA BOOK"In a groundbreaking scientific accomplishment, Harvard University researchers successfully transformed a 53,426-wordbook into DNA, the same substance that provides the genetic template for all living things. Projecting into the future, thisaccomplishment could potentially lead to the exciting opportunity of the mass adoption of DNA as a long-term storagemedium.!Via: !!
  30. 30. STEP BY STEP"London as a city where most of the people get around by public transport or foot, this concept to generate energy ispretty clever. Within the period of the Olympic games they installed a kinetic sidewalk going in at West Ham station thatis forecasted to generate around 21 kilowatt-hours of electricity. Have a look how it works and what it looks like when youcan produce energy just with the right step. !Via:!Watch the video behind the technology:!
  31. 31. BUSINESS BACK IN TOWN"There are now numerous crowdfunding platforms helping new and small businesses to find the necessary capital.Following a similar goal, Smallknot assists neighborhood enterprises to establish their own funding projects, with rewardpackages for pledgers. Businesses can upload details about a project they are looking to undertake, as well as set thefunding goal and time limit for backers to place a donation. Smallknot is looking to encourage and support localbusinesses connect with fans and gain new business through products or services in exchange for financial support.!Via:!
  32. 32. INSTAGRAM 3.0 "The latest version of the free photo-sharing app is now live. Faster and more streamlined than itʻs precessors, the appnow includes infinite scrolling, longer caption edits and, most notably, new Photo Maps. Quite a handy feature, PhotoMaps now allows users to see geotagged photos over an underlaying map – creating a more obvious look at the locationof the imagery in oneʼs feed. Instagram 3.0 is now available for both iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones. !Via:!Watch on:!
  33. 33. DIGITAL T-SHIRT "Meet the worldʼs first programmable LED T-Shirt, to be precise, itʼs a live, real-time connected object powered by youriPhone and a computer chip built into the T-Shirt to process almost anything you want visualise via the in-built LEDʼs.This could be Tweets, Photos, Animation, Text which you will be able to sync live and have it processed and displayed inreal-time onto your new T-Shirt. Howʻs that for personalized attire?!Via:!
  35. 35. LOVE = FOOTBALL"Puma and agency Droga5 have decided to investigate the phenomenon of the often intense ‚Love of the BeautifulGameʻ. In this Love or Football film, Puma, in partnership with Bristol University researchers, is trying to find out whetherNewcastle United fans, for all their aggressiveness, love their soccer team more than they love their wives andgirlfriends. This was conducted as part of its Love=Football campaign (which is a bit of a giveaway). Want to know whowon? Check out the film. And you can also take part in the survey online on a dedicated website,!Via: !
  36. 36. WHY DO NEWSPAPER ADS NOT WORK?"Canadaʼs Globe and Mail newspaper ran a print ad for Googleʼs (directly competitive) search advertising business. Itcertainly is somewhat of an ironic statement, which was picked up by quite poignantly by media reporter SteveLadurantayeʻs tweet with the caption, “An ad for Google ads in todayʼs Globe demonstrates the value of print ads, yes?”!Via:!
  37. 37. SOCIALYMPICS"Since the last Olympics the number of global internet users has increased from 1.5 billion to 2.3 billion. For the games inLondon has created an infographic exploring the impact of social media on public engagement with theOlympic Games.!Via:!View it here:!
  38. 38. BRAND AND CELEBRITIES "ʻWhat is the advantage of celebrity endorsement?ʼ Anna Rudenko has asked herself this question in a critical article. Inher discussion, the marketing communication expert from BQB examines celebrities in various ad categories and tries topredict the future of celebrity endorsement. Worth a read!!Via:!
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