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Session 3: Social Media Content Strategy


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Social Media Workshop | MESH | Indiana | October 2013

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Session 3: Social Media Content Strategy

  1. 1. Cheryl Bledsoe, @cherylble SESSION 3: SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT STRATEGIES
  2. 2. Content Challenges What to Post When to Post (in crisis & in peace) Dangerous Content COURSE OBJECTIVES
  3. 3. Issue #1: We Practice Boring….because it is safe AGENCY CHALLENGES
  4. 4. Issue #2: Listening is Scary, or… AGENCY CHALLENGES
  5. 5. Issue #3: Content Can Be Complex ►►► AGENCY CHALLENGES Anyone got an overly complex graphic here in the audience?
  6. 6. Issue #5: Difficult to be Culturally Relative within Traditional Message Approval Timelines AGENCY CHALLENGES
  7. 7. Blog Tweets Contests Quizzes Poll Questions Info Graphics Photos Videos TYPES OF POSTS
  8. 8. 70% should answer what the public needs How-To DIY Frequently Asked Questions Helpful Resources 20% should be other people’s content Generates participatory ownership Enhances Trust 10% should be your own agency content WHAT TO POST #smPDX
  9. 9. When Information is Relevant  If You Are In the Midst of an Emergency,  Be concise & Broadcast-focused  Monitor Enough to Know the Trending Concerns  If The Emergency Is Happening Elsewhere,  Ask: What Might My Community Want to Know?  If You Are NOT In an Emergency,  Choose a Posting Rhythm that Meets Your Resources In a Timely Fashion Time of Day Can Influence Engagement WHEN TO POST
  10. 10. Give Your Community Fun Content Know Your Core Values Be Responsive Remember, Peopl e are Visual CONTENT STRATEGIES
  11. 11.  Interact  Embrace the Holidays  Choose Themes  Do Social Good  Solve Problems  Create & Use Active Hashtags  Feature Your Followers  Promote Across Platforms If you want to engage with Internet Meme’s, do it early….within 1-2 weeks of hype. CONTENT IDEAS
  12. 12.  Getting Comfortable with Making Video’s  Be Nimble Enough to Host Your Own Press Conference  Practice Taking Pictures  Communicate Without Words  Think Constantly About What You Can Share  Watch Your Community…. Be Connected  Be Fun BE READY BY….
  13. 13. Use the “Holiday Dinner” rules….  Be Aware of Politics  Avoid Religion  Focus on Facts  Be Non-Judgmental Negative Comments…  Embrace Educational Opportunities  Communities will self- regulate  Be clear on your content management rules DANGEROUS CONTENT
  14. 14. Contact Information Cheryl Bledsoe (@cherylble) Emergency Management 360-992-6270 Social Media Projects 503-250-4882 QUESTION & ANSWER TIME Can’t quite remember your question? Tweet @CherylBle for more discussion