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TedX Brooklyn: Hackers and redefining better


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The theme of TedX Brooklyn was redefining better. In this talk, I explore how the hacker ethos has given us the tools to change the world.

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TedX Brooklyn: Hackers and redefining better

  1. 1. Redefining Better TedXBrooklyn Chad Dickerson CEO, Etsy @chaddickerson December 2, 2011
  2. 2. better
  3. 3. Hackers can do almost anything and be ahacker.  You can be a hacker carpenter.  Itsnot necessarily high tech.  I think it has todo with craftsmanship and caring aboutwhat youre doing. Burrell Smith Designer of Macintosh motherboard
  4. 4. Hacking might be characterized as “anappropriate application of ingenuity.” — Eric Raymond
  5. 5. The Hacker Ethic Hands-on learning Sharing Openness Decentralization Improving the world
  6. 6. In the emerging, highly programmedlandscape ahead, you will eithercreate the software or you will be thesoftware. It’s really that simple:Program, or be programmed. — Douglas Rushkoff
  7. 7. Two simple “rules”
  8. 8. Take something from idea to prototype in a day
  9. 9. Demo it at the end of theday, in two minutes or less
  10. 10. “a wonderful bazaar of dreamers showingtheir ideas made real.”
  11. 11. “life-changing”
  12. 12. What makesHack Days special?
  13. 13. Almost no rules
  14. 14. No obvious leader
  15. 15. “Prepared environment”
  16. 16. Ideas united with action
  17. 17. Don’t bullshit —just play.— Wynton Marsalis
  18. 18. Cultivation of joy
  19. 19. Story-telling
  20. 20. Faith in people
  21. 21. I learned that inspiration might be theworld’s only renewable energy sourceand it scales like a motherf*****. My blog post after Open Hack Day “Yahoo! Open Hack Day: How it all came together”
  22. 22. The world is beinghacked, right now.
  23. 23. #egypt
  24. 24. ”We use Facebook to schedule the protests,"Twitter to coordinate, and YouTube to tell theworld." – Egyptian Activist
  25. 25. Thank you, Facebook
  26. 26. #OWS
  27. 27. Hack your company.
  28. 28. Hack your country.
  29. 29. Hack your world.
  30. 30. Photo credits and sources••••• (The_Brit_2)• -•••••••••!/factoryjoe/statuses/223115412•!/richardengelnbc/status/33538754417266688•••• (neonmorgan, with permission)