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Pd for ic's


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An initial cut on questioning and driving questions.

Published in: Education
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Pd for ic's

  1. 1. ?? ???? ???????????????????? ??
  2. 2. Think, Pair, Share
  3. 3. READING: 7.6A explain the influence of the setting on plot development Each day students should be "explaining" the influence of the setting on plot development. How many ways can you have your students "explain?"
  4. 4. How Many of These Did You Have?• Journals• Orally• Stickie Notes• Pictorials• Animoto• Role Play• Puppets
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Create a “Driving Question”
  7. 7. Thank You Resources1. Question Formulation Technique: -the-QFT-Guide.pdf2. Flicker Creative Commons: