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Let’s Rawk The Web - A Manifesto


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While some conferences support a proactive diversity policy, the common lament industry-wide is the pool of candidates just isn't large enough to draw from. It's time for women and people of color to Rawk The Web: to become more visible, promote our achievements, and make ourselves known as the rockstars we truly are.

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Let’s Rawk The Web - A Manifesto

  1. Let’sRawk The Web A Manifesto Denise Jacobs / /Girl Geek Dinners Miami / / July 2011
  2. Rawk The Tweets Who’s Rawkin’: @denisejacobs The Venue:@miamishared #girlgeekmiami What I’m rawkin’ about: @rawktheweb #rawktheweb
  3. “This one goes to 11” Author + Speaker & Trainer + Pan-Creative = RAWK!
  4. man·i·fes·to[man-uh-fes-toh], nouna public declaration of motives, opinions, intentions, and/or objectives, as one issued by a government, sovereign, or organization.from It. Manifesto, 1644 "public declaration explaining past actions and announcing the motive for forthcoming ones," from L. manifestus. -
  5. Typical tech conference line-up
  6. UX conferences
  7. Typography conferences
  8. Tech book authors
  9. Tech company startup crews
  10. There is plenty of diversity
  11. Some There is plenty of diversity ^
  12. Some There is plenty of diversity ^
  13. There are diverse web experts Divya Manian Dan Mall Lea Verou @nimbui @danmall @leaverou
  14. So…what gives?
  15. FOWA Miami 2009 • At FOWA 2009, Kristina Halvorson pulled a surprise in her presentation and asked, “why am I the only woman on stage here?”
  16. • And today in 2011, I’m asking “why am I one of very few women of color on the stage at the And at present… conferences I present at?”
  17. Much like Kristina… • I love guys.
  18. And just so you’re not confused… • I love (white) guys. whi t e) (
  19. Honest!photo 2:; all others are the author’s
  20. Potatoes & the web industry
  21. Lack of biodiversity
  22. Exponential growth & influence
  23. Newspaper
  24. Radio,_ca._1942.jpg
  25. Television
  26. Globally pervasive1), 2), 3), 4)
  27. Did you know?The number of books estimated at 130 million, while the number of of websites in 2008 was 160 million.Currently, there are ~20 billion pages on the web.
  28. There are a LOT of different potatoes…
  29. Approximately 4500!
  30. More voices to be heard
  31. (and diversity)
  32. Let’s Rawk the Web1. Why2. Where (to start)3. How4. What5. When
  33. • Lament in the industry for several years now• Lack of role models can discourage potentials• Diversity of voices encourages innovation• Why Not?
  34. “I go to only a small fraction of conferences and what do I see? The same handful of speakers….few new faces, fewer new ideas, rarely anything new to learn.” - Nick Finck “Beyond the A-List, Diversity in the Web Community” February 2007
  35. A diversity of voices encourages innovation
  36. Why not?
  37. • Get clear• Get inspired• Get support• Get a plan & a system in place
  38. Get clear &
  39. Get inspired • rtw, bbw, girls in tech, ggd, conferences, etc.
  40. Get support • Get support
  41. Get a plan & a system in place
  42. • Do• Document• Deliver/Disseminate/Distribute
  43. DO
  44. Document
  45. Deliver/Disseminate/Distribute
  46. Achtung!
  47. “I don’t know enough”
  48. “They’ll discover that I’m a fraud”
  49. “I’m skurred”
  50. • Create/develop – content, brand/reputation, audience/platform/following• Connect & collaborate• Propose• Promote
  51. • Create/develop – content, brand/reputation, audience/platform/following Create/develop
  52. Connect & Collaborate
  53. • Propose Propose
  54. Promote
  55. (Are you surprised?)
  56. Not about “Viva La Raza”`Photo by Carlos Miller, 2011
  57. Nor is it about ego
  58. Visible presence has effects
  59. Both overt and subtle
  60. (One of) My goal(s)
  61. Change mental image to this: Femi Adesina J. Smith Tiffany B. Brown @designjuju @mrjsmith @webinista
  62. Conference line-ups more like this:
  64. Bring out inner rawkstars
  65. Now’s the time
  66. Change the world for the better
  67. Ready to Rawk? Fall/Winter 2011 Used with permission: