Online Assessment, Data Collection, and You


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Presentation given for ISTE SIGOL Webinar, October 7th 2012

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Online Assessment, Data Collection, and You

  1. 1. Online Assessments Data Collection and You #SIGOL Priceless PD in an Hour Series Catherine H Flippen ISTE SIGOL October 17, 2012 CC"BY%NC%ND"2012"by"Catherine"Flippen"
  2. 2. e! #SIGOL Welcom 1 Tweet during and after the webinar! Please use #sigol for live discussion 2 For direct questions, please use the chatbox in the webinar console 3 The webinar recording will be available on the SIGOL Wikispace CC"BY%NC%ND"2012"by"Catherine"Flippen"
  3. 3. eWho Th 1 Catherine "Cat" Flippen, Atlanta, GA Spanish Teacher, Mount Vernon School 2 Doctoral Student, University of Florida Twitter: @CatFlippen G+, Email: 3 Blog:
  4. 4. ASSESSMENT Not A Bad Word Frequent and varied assessment is KEY inlearning. Teachers & students can evaluatewhere they need interventions and support. Formative assessment with immediate feedbackhas shown to improve learning and retention. How can I conduct frequent, effective, andsound assessment within my already limitedtime and without feeling overwhelmed? CC"BY%NC%ND"2012"by"Catherine"Flippen"
  5. 5. DATA & RESEARCH Easier Than You Think Just because you grade and assess, does not mean that you truly KNOW how EACH student is progressing or what they do/do not know. Formative assessments are FREQUENT and SHORT. They give instant feedback to both the teacher and student to see where student is struggling. How can I conduct class-based research that is will improve my instruction without being too challenging and time consuming? CC"BY%NC%ND"2012"by"Catherine"Flippen"
  6. 6. CC"BY%NC%ND"2012"by"Catherine"Flippen"
  7. 7. CC"BY%NC%ND"2012"by"Catherine"Flippen"
  10. 10. Online Assessment
  11. 11. Quia URL: What can Quia do? •  Games, Assessments, and Surveys
 •  Assessments can include: •  Images, Audio, Video, Links •  Matching to essay answers to more •  Scrambled questions & question choices
  12. 12. Quia COST: •  FREE: Limited features, still useful •  Paid yearly subscription: $40/year Ease of use and set-up time commitment Follow link in chat to "test" Quia!
  13. 13. Edmodo What can Edmodo do? •  In regards to assessment: •  Objective, fill-in-the-blank, 
 and long answer
 •  Assessments also include: •  Class-specific assigning •  Social feature on main class page
  14. 14. Edmodo Cost: FREE Ease of use and set-up time commitment
  15. 15. Discovery Education What can DE Quizzes do? •  Basic assessments •  Collect basic data •  Easy to use and edit •  Integrate with your DE website (optional)
  16. 16. Discovery Education Cost: FREE (But only accessible 
 to schools and districts 
 with a code.) Ease of use and set-up time commitment Video How-To:
  17. 17. Google Forms & What can Google/Flubaroo do? •  Create quick, easy quizzes and surveys
 •  Connecting Flubaroo to Google sets up automatic grading onto a spreadsheet
  18. 18. Google Forms Cost: FREE Ease of use and set-up time commitment Once you create a Google account and activate your Google Drive, 
 go here:
  19. 19. Socrative General Website: •  Teacher Dashboard: •  Student Access: What can Socrative do? •  Assessments, Surveys, Exit Tickets •  Assessments can include: •  Short or long answer on any device •  Exit Ticket includes: •  Feedback questions and •  One review question
  20. 20. Socrative Cost: FREE! Ease of use and set-up time commitment Lets test it out! •  Go to •  Type in the Room Number provided in chat
  21. 21. Other Online Tools
  22. 22. Quiz Builders Online Tools 1 ProProfs Quiz Maker 2 Zoho 3 Testmoz 4 QuizStar 5 Nearpod
  23. 23. Reinforcement and PBLOnline Tools 1 Quia & Edmodo... again! 2 Quizlet 3 Wordchamp 4 VoiceThread 5 3D GameLab
  24. 24. Skeptics & Critics
  25. 25. The Skeptic Asks... Q1: How do you monitor cheating? Q2: What about handwriting? Isnt production by hand important? Not everything is digitized. ! A1: “New” classroom management style ! A2: Digital + pedagogy, not just 
 technology for technology’s sake. Any other questions you want to discuss? 
 Add to the collab Google Doc [Link in chat] CC"BY%NC%ND"2012"by"Catherine"Flippen"
  26. 26. How It Worked For Me: A Real Teacher
  27. 27. DOOR PRIZE! One-year full subscription to Quia... free! •  Please go to Student Socrative 
 ! " •  Enter the Room Number from Chat •  Type your name, email and submit
  28. 28. Online Assessment & Action Research Available at: [Slideshare]My fifth iteration of action research 
completed in my classes, Spring 2012 CC"BY%NC%ND"2012"by"Catherine"Flippen"
  29. 29. CC"BY%NC%ND"2012"by"Catherine"Flippen" Target Group   Three second-semester Spanish 1 classes   1st Period: 30 Students   3rd Period: 31 Students   6th Period: 28 Students
   All students new to me as their teacher   Students by grade level:   9th ... 39   10th ... 28   11th ... 21   12th ... 01

  30. 30. CC"BY%NC%ND"2012"by"Catherine"Flippen" A “Common” Problem   After"the"pre%test,"apparent"that"all"students…"   Had"stronger"with"different"topics"depending"on"previous" teacher’s"emphasis"   Might"have"forgotten"some"of"the"more"difficult"aspects"of" Spanish."" "  After"trying"to"start"new"chapter,"students"varied"so"widely" that"new"material"could"not"be"properly"introduced"and" practiced"yet."  Intervention)needed)to)be)applied)in)order)to)assure) success)for)ALL)students.)
  31. 31. CC"BY%NC%ND"2012"by"Catherine"Flippen" Implementation Overview   Two"weeks"(14"days)"of"intensive"study,"reinforcement,"and" frequent"formative"assessments" "  3"–"4"formative"assessments"each"week"   No"more"than"10%15"minutes"each"   All"administered"online"for"immediate"feedback"   Student"able"to"retake"formative"assessment"within"24"hours" "  Post%test"administered"online"on"the"first"day"(Day"15)"after" the"time"period."
  32. 32. CC"BY%NC%ND"2012"by"Catherine"Flippen" Intervention #2: 
 Assessment with Feedback   Almost"daily"formative)assessment)provided"via"technology" (internet)" "  Summative)assessment)with"instant"feedback"as"well"via" technology"(internet)" "  With"all"assessments,"students"were"able"to"view"itemized" immediate)feedback)after"submission"to"see"in"which"areas" they"were"correct"or"incorrect"and,"thusly,"students" discovered"in"what"areas"they"needed"to"practice"more."
  33. 33. CC"BY%NC%ND"2012"by"Catherine"Flippen" Formative Assessment with Feedback 
Via Quia, datacollected andexamined for eachstudent and questionas well as the wholetarget group and thewhole assessment.
   Student received scores instantly and knows where he/she struggles.
   Example data ! 
 Quiz on Ser versus Estar
  34. 34. CC"BY%NC%ND"2012"by"Catherine"Flippen"Formative"Assessment"with"Feedback" # Data"collected"after"eight"formative"" assessments"given"in"the"two%week"time"span:" Target"Group"Average" Quizes"6%8"per"Class"Period"  Quiz"1:"66%" 95"  Quiz"2:"78%" 90"  Quiz"3:"76%"  Quiz"4:"81%" 85"  Quiz"5:"86%" Quiz"6" 80"  Quiz"6:"83%" Quiz"7"  Quiz"7:"87%" 75" Quiz"8"  Quiz"8:"89%" 70" "  Overall:"80.75%"
  35. 35. CC"BY%NC%ND"2012"by"Catherine"Flippen"Pre-Test to Post-Test Results
  36. 36. QA &•  Do you have any questions or comments? •  Please take the survey (built in Quia) Door Prize Results!
  37. 37. CC"BY%NC%ND"2012"by"Catherine"Flippen"Resources Presentation Link • & MoreLinks Direct Links to all Websites • CHANGE YOURCLASS & SCHOOL Collab Google Doc •  [LINK IN CHAT] USE THESE Please add suggestions for more 
 TOOLS TODAY! assessment sites, online grading 
 and PBL/reinforcement tools!