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Pirate patchfinal


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Presentation delivered at the NMC Summer conference highlighting the work done to prepare for the launch of a digital badge initiative aimed at engaging incoming Freshmen.

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Pirate patchfinal

  1. 1. BADGES AT SHU Presented by: Danielle Mirliss, Tom McGee, Mike Soupios
  2. 2. Please rate your overall knowledge of digital badges1. I could lead this session2. I’m comfortable with the concept3. I was a Boy / Girl Scout. It’s like that, right?4. Completely new concept5. I walked into the wrong 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% session 1 2 3 4 5
  3. 3. Please rate your experience with digital badges1. We’re launching our own program2. We’re planning to launch3. We’re planning to plan4. We’re discussing the possibility of planning5. Still in the wrong session 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 1 2 3 4 5
  4. 4. What is your primary role in your organization?1. Programmer2. Faculty3. Administrative4. Technical5. Other 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 1 2 3 4 5
  5. 5. How much technical information do you want?1. Hit me, I can take it2. I’ll take a little code3. No code, please4. Looking at your code will make me run screaming from the session 0% 0% 0% 0% 1 2 3 4
  6. 6. The Pirate PatchA Digital Badges Initiative
  7. 7. omputer Science Student Network Badge System Design for America: A Badge Community for Innovation The SA&FS Learner Driven Badges Projec
  8. 8. Pillars of Retention
  9. 9. • User accounts are given early• Includes access to Blackboard• June laptop distribution• Web scavenger hunt (doubloon)• Weekly chat sessions• Summer Reading• Summer Homework• ePortfolio (University Life Course)
  10. 10. The Pirate Patch PilotThe Dangers of Creative Energy
  11. 11. We Didn’t Get the Grant• Are we still in?• Who’s at the table?• Who’ll be the audience?• What’s the timeline?• Who’s responsible for what?
  12. 12. Principles• Engagement• Skills & Activities• Academics• Create Culture of Use• Low barrier to access• Student interest• Meet them where they are
  13. 13. Let’s Pilot• Pirate Adventure Begins!• Freshman Preview• On Campus Adventure• Summer programs• Welcome Week
  14. 14. Pirate Adventure Begins!• Welcome aboard!• Incoming Student Portal• Site Launch• Companion Blog
  15. 15. Freshman Preview• Everyone gets a Patch• Culture of Use• Stand out in the crowd• Challenges
  16. 16. On Campus Adventure• The Big Push – I’m Connected; SAB Voice Heard; Curious Pirate; Pirate Leader; Pirate On; Pirate Gear; Extrovert; DOVE Orientation; Tweet-up Housing• Distribution methods• Utilize everyone
  17. 17. Summer Programs• Summer Reading – Optional Enrichment Activities• Tech Skills One – Skills Training carries for years• Doubloon Hunting – Leveling Up
  18. 18. Welcome Week• Leaderboard Launch• Assess where we are• Last chance to push the captive audience• End of the Pilot?
  19. 19. Technical Aspects Issues and Answers
  20. 20. Users• What Kinds of Roles? – Recipient – Editor – Awarder – Creator – Administrator• How to Handle Registration?• What Method of Authentication?• How to Protect Your Badges, and Delegate?• What Privacy Options To Present?
  21. 21. Logged-in User
  22. 22. Different User Roles See Different Things
  23. 23. Make Sure Users PayAttention To Their Privacy
  24. 24. The Privacy Settings We Offer
  25. 25. Making It More Granular
  26. 26. Badge Creation• How To Create New Badges?• Simple Copying?• How To Edit?• I Only Want It Available During A Specific Time!• What Are Badges vs. Awards and Why?• Decentralization: Who Can Make Them?• How to Build Level-up Badges?
  27. 27. Creating a Badge
  28. 28. Editing and Cloning Badges
  29. 29. Time Limits for Real Events
  30. 30. Badges vs. Awards
  31. 31. Protecting Your Badge And Delegation
  32. 32. Logically Leveling-Up
  33. 33. Earning Badges• Click?• Snap?• Can We Just Award Them?• How To Automate Level-ups?• Can We Prevent Cheating? – Duplicates – Sharing
  34. 34. Basic Methods of Granting Awards
  35. 35. Embed a Link in a Web Page
  36. 36. Make Posters, Cards or T-Shirts
  37. 37. Batch Awarding
  38. 38. One Per Customer, Please
  39. 39. Displaying Badges• Privacy• Points• Leaderboards• Baking• Backpacks• Validations
  40. 40. Baking, Hiding and Displaying
  41. 41. What’s The Score?
  42. 42. Only See What They Let You
  43. 43. Bakery Action
  44. 44. A Little CodejQuery does this:$(a.bake).click(function() { var badge = $(this).attr(name); var action = $(this).text(); var button = $(this); if ( action==Show) newtext=Hide ; else newtext=Show; var formdata = badge= + badge + &action= + action; //alert(formdata); + badge); return false;});Translated in the .htaccess file:RewriteEngine onRewriteRule ^([A-Za-z0-9]+)(/)?$ bakeme.php?a=$1
  45. 45. This Is The Last Code, I Promise$json_request = <<<END{ "recipient": "$badge_eMail", "evidence": "$badge_evidence", "badge": { "version": "$badge_version", "name": "$badge_name", "image": "$badge_url", "description": "$badge_description", "criteria": "$badge_criteria", "issuer": { "origin": "", "name": "$badge_issuer", "org": "$badge_organization", "contact": "$badge_contact" } }}END;header(Content-Type: application/json);echo $json_request;
  46. 46. Backpack
  47. 47. Backpack Details
  48. 48. Demonstrating Criteria
  49. 49. Proof Of Ownership
  50. 50. Technical Next Steps• Limited issuance & other features – The first 50 clicks can win this – Card readers• Facebook – OBI has a Facebook app in the works• WordPress – Several levels of WordPress tools, from widgets to major plugins, are in development• Better GUI for user management• Open it up
  51. 51. Badges Next Steps• Get through the Pilot – Still quite a bit left – Assess buy in and short- to mid-term prospects – Where do the new badges come from• Cautiously plan to roll out – Undergrads – Clubs and Organizations – Graduate students – Faculty and Staff – Alumni – Business partners• Be thankful for all the creative talent
  52. 52. Additional Resources• Google Group:!forum/openbadges• Project Web Site:• Community Calls every Wednesday 9am PT• Wiki:• GitHub:• SHU’s Blog: