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The Homepage is Dead


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Yes, I said it. THE homepage is dead. No, this doesn’t mean you should all go delete your homepages. It means that a single version of the homepage that targets everyone who visits your site is a thing of the past. It’s time to uplevel your homepage with some personalization and move from ‘the” homepage to “a” homepage”.

In this talk, Cara will share lessons learned from Optimizely’s recent undertaking of totally redesigning their homepage and fully personalizing it for all sorts of visitors and behaviors.

Actionable takeaways you will learn:
Defining who you’re personalizing for with a little introduction to account-based marketing.
The people involved in the process and who you need to fuel a campaign for yourself.
Setting realistic goals for personalization and measuring them.

Published in: Technology
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The Homepage is Dead

  1. 1. @caraharshman #CTAConf “The Homepage” is dead by Cara Harshman Call to Action Conference 2016
  2. 2. @caraharshman #CTAConf 1998 was a big year.
  3. 3. @caraharshman #CTAConf
  4. 4. @caraharshman #CTAConf
  5. 5. @caraharshman #CTAConf
  6. 6. @caraharshman #CTAConf
  7. 7. @caraharshman #CTAConf If we have 4.5 million customers, we shouldn’t have one store. We should have 4.5 million stores. -Jeff Bezos, 1998 “
  8. 8. @caraharshman #CTAConf We think you’d like… glowy shit.
  9. 9. @caraharshman #CTAConf Today, most websites still say come one come all.
  10. 10. @caraharshman #CTAConf As marketers, we reveal our secret tips & tricks then use said tips & tricks to beat each other.
  11. 11. @caraharshman #CTAConf From this for everyone…
  12. 12. @caraharshman #CTAConf To this for Sony…
  13. 13. @caraharshman #CTAConf And this for Target.
  14. 14. @caraharshman #CTAConf And this for the New York Times.
  15. 15. @caraharshman #CTAConf And this for retail companies.
  16. 16. @caraharshman #CTAConf And this for travel companies.
  17. 17. @caraharshman #CTAConf And this for the afternoon.
  18. 18. @caraharshman #CTAConf And this for 3 am.
  19. 19. @caraharshman #CTAConf We went from 1 homepage to 26+ personalized homepages. This To this
  20. 20. 1.WHY? 2.WHAT? 3.HOW?
  21. 21. @caraharshman #CTAConf 1. WHY REDESIGN & PERSONALIZE?
  22. 22. @caraharshman #CTAConf FIND THE GLOBAL MAXIMUM
  23. 23. @caraharshman #CTAConf
  24. 24. @caraharshman #CTAConf We were here.
  25. 25. @caraharshman #CTAConf We were here. We wanted to get here.
  26. 26. @caraharshman #CTAConf SUPPORT ACCOUNT-BASED MARKETING
  27. 27. @caraharshman #CTAConf WHO ? WHAT ? WHERE ? DEMAND/ LEAD GEN
  28. 28. @caraharshman #CTAConf WHO ? WHAT ? WHERE ? ACCOUNT- BASED WHO ? WHAT ? WHERE ? DEMAND/ LEAD GEN
  29. 29. @caraharshman #CTAConf SHOW INSTEAD OF TELL
  30. 30. @caraharshman #CTAConf
  31. 31. @caraharshman #CTAConf I love it but...
  32. 32. @caraharshman #CTAConf How do we show the value?
  33. 33. @caraharshman #CTAConf The “What’s going on here?” Button
  34. 34. @caraharshman #CTAConf WHY? 1. Learn more about ABM: view Engagio Slideshare on ABM 2. Read ConversionXL and HelpScout on “Local Maximum” 3. Do a 5-second value audit on your website
  35. 35. @caraharshman #CTAConf 2. WHAT DID WE CHANGE?
  36. 36. @caraharshman #CTAConf CREATED 26 AUDIENCES INSTEAD OF 1
  37. 37. @caraharshman #CTAConf Audiences should be: ↣ Identifiable ↣ Valuable ↣ Differentiated
  38. 38. @caraharshman #CTAConf Geography IndustryEngaged visitors Named Accounts BEHAVIORAL DEMOGRAPHIC
  39. 39. @caraharshman #CTAConf DESIGN THE PAGE TO BE PERSONALIZED
  40. 40. @caraharshman #CTAConf This To this
  41. 41. @caraharshman #CTAConf If you want to personalize a page, you need to make space for personalized content.
  42. 42. @caraharshman #CTAConf Hero Image Headline Calls to Action Personalization Boxes
  43. 43. @caraharshman #CTAConf Section headline Customer logos and quotes
  44. 44. @caraharshman #CTAConf Relevant content and events Calls to Action
  45. 45. @caraharshman #CTAConf WHAT? 1. Define Audiences → 2. Content: Print out homepage, circle areas you can personalize w/ content 3. More details → homepage-story
  46. 46. @caraharshman #CTAConf 3. HOW DID IT PERFORM?
  47. 47. @caraharshman #CTAConf
  48. 48. @caraharshman #CTAConf When personalizing, it’s still important to measure.
  49. 49. @caraharshman #CTAConf Qualitative Impact holy shit! -teespring “ ”
  50. 50. @caraharshman #CTAConf Qualitative Impact
  51. 51. @caraharshman #CTAConf B A - 1.5% engagement - 113% views of Solutions page - 117% starts account-create process - No effect down funnel on leads Quantitative Impact
  52. 52. @caraharshman #CTAConf HOW? 1. Measuring proves its working or not working 2. It opens up so many opportunities for testing and discovery
  53. 53. @caraharshman #CTAConf MY CTA: ASK YOURSELF 3. Where is the best place to deliver this message? 1. Who are my most important customers? 2. What can I say/do to show them how important they are ?
  54. 54. @caraharshman #CTAConf here rests “The Homepage” 1998-2016 survived by “many a homepage”
  55. 55. @caraharshman #CTAConf Thank You!