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Melanie Cini (Malta)


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Published in: Education
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Melanie Cini (Malta)

  1. 1. LIFESKILLS THROUGH TECHNOLOGY National eTwinning Conference Malta 2017 Ms. Melanie Cini PSCD Teacher St. Thomas More Middle School, Tarxien Malta
  2. 2. BRIEF INTRODUCTION: An educator of Personal, Social & Career Development: I teach co-ed students aged 11-13 years old. Subject is based on experiential learning, small groups, no exam. Positivity, Perseverance and Passion are values I hold in high regard.
  3. 3. SENSE OF CITIZENSHIP eTwinning gave students the feeling that they are part of the bigger picture: Europe and the rest of the world, not just their school & Malta.
  4. 4. DIVERSITY & TOLERANCE TOWARDS OTHER CULTURES Kahoot: Students from participating countries came up with questions about their countries for others to answer, forming a collaborative quiz. Students had fun guessing the answers in class. Students were really eager to get to know more(Waves of Tolerance 2016/17) Students took photos of monuments in their country and wrote descriptions, uploading them on padlet. French students organised all the information on learningapps creating a quiz for all to take. (Life Through The Lens – 2016/17) Easter Traditions: Students took photos & wrote about traditions. (Many Postcards Make One
  5. 5. USING THE INTERNET SAFELY & EFFECTIVELY Brainstorming different websites and Web 2.0 tools, helps students realise that there is more to the internet than Facebook and Snapchat. DIGITAL POSTERS: Students had sessions about internet safety, then produced digital posters - Creative Classroom Lab (eTwinning Group) & Be Smart Online. Posters are also displayed at school.
  6. 6. ANTI-BULLYING SKILLS Production of anti-bullying posters shared on padlet. (Many Postcards Make One Map 2015/16)
  7. 7. PLANNING & ORGANISATION SNAP: A teddy bear travelling around all the participating schools involved in the project. While Snap was visiting, students had to write the script, get involved with photo taking. Collaborative effort between schools.
  8. 8. GETTING PROACTIVE FOR POSITIVE CHANGE Researching about effects of Palm Oil on the environment. Letters and cards done by students, sent to the European Commission, to help save the rainforest and the animals’ homes from palm oil production. Students felt empowered: they were actually doing something to help change the world. (Picturetrain for Rainforest – Speak for endangered animals 2015/16)
  9. 9. TEAMWORK COLLABORATIVE POEMS using Students from different countries wrote a line or two each to make international poems.
  10. 10. EXPRESSING ONESELF - THROUGH PHOTOGRAPHY Students took photos of Autumn in their countries. All photos used to form a poster collage. Students where given tips re how to take good photos prior to being assigned
  11. 11. DISCOVERING NEW TALENTS & SKILLS Students, even those who never cooked before, ventured with their culinary skills. They researched traditional dishes then cooked them at home or at school. They took photos and shared the recipes forming an international cookbook available at all
  12. 12. MORE LIFE SKILLS ACROSS PROJECTS  Collaboration, teamwork, co-operation  Diversity, tolerance, respect, multiculturalism, values, citizenship  Self-Confidence  Presentation skills  Entrepreneurship, initiative  Internet etiquette
  13. 13. CONCLUSION eTwinning has opened doors to new opportunities for students and myself. Enriching for self-growth & making the world a better place.