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Data collection

Types of data collection and presentation of data

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Data collection

  2. 2. Methods of Data Collecting Indirect or Questionnaire Method Registration Method Other Methods Direct or Interview Method
  3. 3. Direct or Interview Method 1. One of the most effective methods of collecting original data 2. There is an interviewer and a respondent 3. Interview method advantage: * Can give complete information needed in the study 4. Disadvantages: * Can yield inaccurate information * The interviewer may cheat * The interviewer may influence the respondent
  4. 4. Indirect or Questionnaire Method 1. One of the easiest methods 2. It takes time to prepare 3. Directions included, must be precise, clear and explanatory 4. Advantages: * less expensive * less time-consuming * confidential responses * free from any influence
  5. 5. Indirect or Questionnaire Method 5. Limitations: * cannot be accomplished by illiterates * high proportion of non response or non return * tend to give wrong information * tend to give incomplete information
  6. 6. Registration Method 1. Respondents provide information in compliance with certain laws, policies, or standard practices 2. Examples: marriage contract, birth certificate, cedula, etc.
  7. 7. Other Methods 1. Observation: gather data regarding attitudes, behavior, values and cultural patterns 2. Telephone interview: questions to be asked must be brief and few. Ex: favorite program on tv 3. Experiments: collect or gather data if the investigator wants to control the factors affecting the variable being studied
  8. 8. Data Presentation In the statistic class of 40 students, 3 obtained the perfect score of 50. Sixteen students got a score of 40 and above, while only 3 got 19 and below. Generally, the students performed well in the test with 23 or 70% getting a passing score of 38 and above.
  9. 9. Data Presentation
  10. 10. Data Presentation