Facebook Marketing Your Listings


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This Facebook tutorial will show you how to add and syndicate your listings.

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Facebook Marketing Your Listings

  1. 1. Facebook – Marketing Your Listings How to add your property listings to your personal profile on Facebook Note: This tutorial will take you through how to not only add your listing but we will also be syndicating the listing. This is a great value add that you can provide to your clients and include during your pitch for new business. Syndicating listings means placing it on additional websites which will increase your listings exposure to a greater pool of potential buyers. In this case we are syndicating it to the Facebook Marketplace website. 1. Go to www.facebook.com/marketplace. 2. To post a listing you first need to set up your account. 3. Click on “My Account” near the top left, now log in using your normal log in information and click “Log In”. 4. Next it will ask you if you are allowing access for Marketplace to attach itself to your personal profile which we will allow. Note: It is important to note that we have talked about the commercial aspect of your profile and how it is against the Terms of Use of Facebook. Technically you are violating Facebook’s Terms of Use for your personal profile by posting listing on Market Place and then promoting it on your profile but I do not see this as a big violation since we are provided with the option of doing so through Facebook’s owns system. Mind you it is not the posting on Market Place that is the violation it is the promoting it on your wall that is the violation. If you are a Fire Fox user i recommend that you post your listings using Internet Explorer. I have found that there can be issues with uploading the photos using Fire Fox. Posting a Listing 5. To post a listing, go to “Post a Listing” located near the top of the screen. Enter in the information about the listing. 6. Choose “Real Estate” as the category and fill in the appropriate subcategory, title and all subsequent information. 7. For the description box feel free to copy and paste the description from your individual listing website description or your feature sheet. Fill out the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and street address. Uploading Photos to Your Listing 8. Make sure your photos are in an easy to find location on your computer. 9. Click on the “Browse” button and find your photo on your computer.
  2. 2. 10. Keep selecting “Browse” and selecting photos. It is recommended to post around ten. 11. Once you have finished with filling out the information and uploading your photos, refresh the entire page to see if your listing has been posted. Making the Listing Available on Your Personal Profile 1. In order to make the listing visible on your personal profile, scroll to the top of the page and click on “Profile” in the upper right and it will take you to your personal profile. 2. We now want to make the listing viewable on your profile. Under your name you will see a series of tabs such as “Wall,” “Info,” “Photos,” etc. 3. We will need to add a new tab. Go to the end of the row of tabs and click on the plus sign “+.” 4. Go to the bottom of the menu that appears, and type in “Marketplace” a link should appear will appear. Click on it. 5. A My Listings should now be visible at the top of your profile alongside “Wall,” “Info,” “Photos,”. Now when your friends and network visit your profile they will see that you have a “My Listings” tab and if they choose to they can click on it to see your available listings. 6. If you want to get more aggressive with your listing marketing, go to your “My Listings” tab and click on “Share” and you will see a couple of different options about sharing your listings. 7. The default option is to post the listing to your wall. Add in a message in the space provided, for example “Here is my latest listing. If you are interested in a … please check it out.” 8. Click “Share.” 9. If you want to send it to one individual in your network click on “Send as a Message Instead.” Type in the name of your friend and your message and click on “Send Message.”