LinkedIn How To Add Connections


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This LinkedIn tutorial will show you how to search for and add your contacts.

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LinkedIn How To Add Connections

  1. 1. LinkedIn – How to Add Connections 1. Open the LinkedIn homepage either by typing ‘LinkedIn’ into Google or type into the address bar. 2. Click “Sign-in” and enter your e-mail address and password. 3. Click “Add Connections” at the top right of the page. Adding Contacts Using Third-Party Emails 4. If you use a third-party e-mail address (such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) you can import all your contacts from that address by inputting the information under the “See Who You Already Know on LinkedIn”. 5. LinkedIn will then show you everyone who was a LinkedIn profile from that contact list (they will have a blue “in” button beside their name) and will give you the option to join your connections. It will also show you who does not have a LinkedIn profile (there will be no blue “in” icon next to their name), and it will allow you to send them an invite to join LinkedIn. 6. To send an invitation, click the box beside their name (a checkmark will appear in the box) and click “Send Invitation.” 7. If you do not use a third-party e-mail address, you can simply put the e-mail addresses of people in the “Enter Email Address” field. Be sure to separate multiple e-mail addresses with a comma (,). 8. Click “Send Invitation” when you are done. Adding Contacts Using Your Email Database 9. If you use an e-mail client such as Thunderbird or Outlook, there is a way to import your contact list into LinkedIn. 10. This involves using a CSV file format, which is similar to excel. 11. Save your email database in CSV format somewhere that is easy to find on your computer. 12. At the bottom of the “See Who You Already Know on LinkedIn” box, click on “Import your desktop email contacts”. Now browse for your file, click on the contact database file and click “Open.” How to Export Your Contacts from Outlook to Excel 13. In order to export your contacts from Outlook into an excel sheet, first open your Outlook Account. Go to File Import and Export Outlook. 14. Choose “Export to a File” from the menu that appears and click “Next.” 15. Select “Comma Separated Values (Windows)” and click “Next.” 16. Now it is asking you to select your contact. If you have many different contacts select a contact folder that you would like to use. If you would like to use all your contacts then select the main folder called “Contacts.” 17. Once you have made your decision about which contacts you would like to export to your excel file, click “Next.”
  2. 2. Adding Contacts Using an Advance Search 18. Another way to add contacts is to use the built-in search function in LinkedIn. On the top right corner you’ll see a field marked “People”. This function is useful if you want to add someone but cannot remember their e-mail address. 19. Click “Advanced,” fill in as many fields as possible, and click “Search.” 20. The Search function will bring up all contacts that meet the criteria you filled. This is why using the “Advanced” button makes it easier to narrow-down your searches. Add Contacts Through Existing Contacts 21. The final way to add contacts is to look up contacts you have added and seeing which connections they have. 22. Click the “Contacts” tab. 23. Look for people who may have contacts you’re interested in, and add those contacts by hovering over a contact’s name and clicking “Add to Network”. 24. Fill out the information, if it is a weak connection you might consider inserting a personal note saying how you know the person. 25. Click “Send Invitation.”