Cognition LLP CLE-Tech Night June 26 2012


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On June 26, 2012, Cognition LLP hosted its first Continuing Lawyer Education session on social media! We used this PowerPoint to walk our lawyers through the basics of LinkedIn, Facebook and Elevate. Enjoy!

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  • REMINDER: the content you serve to your LinkedIn updates will be more professional in nature than the content you would include in a Facebook Status update
  • WARNING: do not join groups unless you are able to be an active group member and contribute to the content of the group start small and join more as you get comfortable
  • -
  • NOTE: Elevate is still in beta and the layout of the site is subject to change
  • Weve gone through the newsroom, and stats lets quickly cover the other tabs in elevate. Company Publishing Accounts Article QueueSettings  bring you to …
  • Cognition LLP CLE-Tech Night June 26 2012

    1. 1. Using Social Media to Create a Market Presence
    2. 2. Why Use Social Media?• It will help your individual practice as well as Cognition Credibility LLP• Social media facilitates Visibility networking by allowing users to: Network • Establish Credibility • Become Visible to new audiences
    3. 3. LinkedIn WHY USE LINKEDIN?• It acts as a virtual resume, which you can update at any time.• By updating your LinkedIn profile you are simultaneously alerting your entire network that you made changes to your resume.
    4. 4. Connecting your Cognition Email to LinkedIn1. Go to the top right hand of the screen2. Click on your name to get a drop down menu3. Click on settings
    5. 5. Connecting your Cognition Email to LinkedIn4. Click on Change/Add beside Primary E- mail5. Type your Cognition e-mail in the bar beside the Add email address button6. Click Add e-mail address button
    6. 6. LinkedIn Profile EssentialsPhoto:You can use Name:one from: As it appears onwww.cognitionllp. your business cardcom/our-people Professional headline/Include all Current Position:relevant past “Corporate Counselpositions with Cognition LLP”Include all Location: “M5H 1Y3”Education Industry: “Legal Services” Aim to have 50 or more Connections Twitter: @YourName @CognitionLLPWebsites:1.“Other: Cognition LLP”www.cognitionllp.com2.“other: Cognition LLP Facebook” “Other: Cognition LLP Press”
    7. 7. LinkedIn Profile EssentialsSkills:• A place where you can showcase your professional skills• You should aim to have at least 5 skillsSummary:• Think of this as a combination of your “skill set” section and “other stats” section in your bio on the Cognition website• Max of 2,000 characters
    8. 8. Editing your Profile1. Click on Profile in the homepage bar1. Select Edit Profile
    9. 9. Editing your Profile 3. Click on the: A. Writing that reads: Edit beside content you want to change in your profile B. Writing that reads: + Add to create content for a empty section of your profile 4. LinkedIn will redirect you to a form to fill in or change the information.
    10. 10. Editing your Profile 5. When complete, click the Save Changes button Quick Tip: Copy and paste your text into a word document to check the spelling before clicking a Save Changes button.
    11. 11. Posting an update on your Profile• When you Post an update on your profile it will show up on the LinkedIn Home page to all your connections• A LinkedIn update is similar to a Facebook status in that is contains links to relevant articles or news about you.• How to post an update: 1. Going to your Profile and clicking Post an update
    12. 12. How to Post an Update2. Write your update in the Share an update box2. Click the Share button when you’re ready to post your update. If your personal Twitter account is connected to your Click Attach a link to profile, checking this will tweet attach a copied URL your update when you click to your update Share
    13. 13. LinkedIn Groups  A place for professionals in the same industry or with similar interests to  Share content  Find answers  Post and view jobs  Make business contacts  Establish themselves as industry experts.• Find a group by clicking Groups in • Go to the page of a group you are the homepage bar and selecting: in by clicking Groups in the • Groups You May Like homepage bar and selecting: • Groups Directory • Your Groups • See all
    14. 14. Follow Cognition’s Company Page1. Click on Companies in the 3. Search for “Cognition LLP” homepage bar 4. Select “Cognition LLP”1. Click on Search Companies in the dropdown menu
    15. 15. Follow Cognition’s Company Page5. Click the Follow button on the right hand panel Thanks for the follow 
    16. 16. Facebook WHY USE FACEBOOK?• Its important for you to interact with Cognition’s posts (and other pages of interest) to establish your credibility online.• Posts receiving activity (comments/ likes/ shares) remain on news feeds, which help generate traffic to Cognition’s page.
    17. 17. Liking Cognition LLP on Facebook 1. Go to and log in via the box found in the top right hand corner of the screen. 2. Click on the Facebook search bar (found at the top of your screen) then type in "Cognition LLP" and press the enter key on your keyboard.3. This will take you to Cognition LLPs Facebook page. Verify that you are in the right place by looking for the firms logo.
    18. 18. Liking Cognition LLP on Facebook4. On the right side of the page you will see a button that says Like. Click on it.5. If you have successfully followed these steps, the Like button will now say Liked.
    19. 19. Liking, Commenting, Sharingo Liking o A comment/activity/photo is a great way to tell others that you enjoyed or approved of a posting. o A liked post will not always appear in the newsfeed of others because the action of liking something is much less involved than a comment.o Commenting o On a post is a great way to give feedback and share your thoughts on what has been posted. o Commenting will typically show up in the newsfeeds of others.o Sharing o Is the best way to ensure that a post will reach your networks newsfeed. o By sharing a post on your home page or profile, anyone who visits your page will see what youve shared.
    20. 20. How to Like, Comment, and Share a Post 1. On any comment, activity, or photo found on a Facebook page, you will always see three options. They are:• Share• Comment• Like
    21. 21. How to Share Cognition’s Facebook Page1. Once logged into Facebook, go to Cognitions page by typing "Cognition LLP" into the search bar that can be found at the top of the screen.2. Once at Cognitions page, you will see the Like and Message buttons in the upper right section of your window. To the right of the Message button you will see a button with an image of a gear and an arrow pointing downwards. Click on this button and a drop down menu will appear.3. Click on the Share... option from the drop down menu.
    22. 22. How to Share Cognition’s Facebook Page4. A window should pop up that says Share this Page. In this window you have the option to share this page o on your wall o on a friends wall o in a group o or in a private message.5. To pick where you want to send it simply click the down arrow beside the phrase "On your wall" (top of your screen)
    23. 23. How to Share Cognition’s Facebook Page6. In the top left of your screen you will see another gear icon next to an arrow pointing down. If you click on this arrow you can choose who will see this post (friends, the public, only you, etc.)7. Finally, in the Write Something... dialogue box, you have the option to say a few words about the page, link, or picture you are sharing. When you are happy with your settings and what you have written, simply click on the blue button that says Share Page.
    24. 24. How to Post/Share External Links 1. Go to the external webpage you wish to share. At the top of the screen you will see the websites URL (Example: Cognition’s homepage URL is: 2. Highlight the websites URL and right click on the highlighted text3. When you right click on the highlighted text a drop down menu should appear. Select copy from the drop down menu4. Go to and go to the place where you wish to share this link
    25. 25. How to Post/Share External Links5. Click on the box where you can leave your comment or post and right click on the area with your mouse. A drop down menu should appear again. This time select paste from the menu • You will see the link you copied previously now appear in a box below where you pasted it 6. Before you post this link, you have the option to write something about it above or below the URL you pasted into the textbox. Before you click on the post button
    26. 26. How to Update Your Personal Profile1. Go to your profile by clicking on your name / photo to the right of the Search bar 2. Click About. This will bring you to a page with all your basic information
    27. 27. How to Update Your Profile: “About”3. Click the Edit button in the Work and Education box
    28. 28. How to Update Your Profile: “About”4. Type in “Cognition LLP” in the Where have your worked? box4. Type “Corporate Counsel” in the Position box6. Please type “Toronto, Ontario” in the City / Town Box7. Please check the I currently work here box8. Add the year you started at Cognition by clicking +Add year and selecting the year form the drop down menu9. When your finished click the Add Job button
    29. 29. Elevate WHY USE ELEVATE?• It is a good introduction to sharing on social media, that is fairly hands off.• It allows you to browse articles to post or share with colleagues all on one platform.• It allows you to see the activities of your colleagues, which gives you confirmation that the articles you are sharing are relevant and useful.
    30. 30. News RoomThink of this as your home screen or Facebook newsfeedNew Articles: Saved Topics: click to Company Manually Addwhere you go to Articles: view articles feeds: click Article: type in thebrowse the articles you categorized by the to view URL of the Articleheadlines of have saved drop down topics aggregated you would like tovarious articles RSS feeds add to Elevate.
    31. 31. News Room: ArticlesClick on an article title and a pop outwindow housing the article will appear Share symbol: click to share the article on social media account or e-mail Paper clip: click to save article for a later date (to read or share) Box: click to add an article to your Article Queue for sharing multiple articles through a single share.
    32. 32. Sharing Articles to E-mail1. Click on the Share icon and select the Email tab1. Customize the Subject line or leave the pre-generated subject line2. Write a customized message in the Message box3. Copy and paste all the recipients e-mails (separated by commas) in the Recipients box4. Click the Send button
    33. 33. Sharing articles to Social Media Platforms1. Click on the Share icon an select the Publish tab1. Write a customized message in the Message box2. Write a customized Comment in the Comment box3. Select which platforms you would like to publish the article to by checking off the allotted boxes4. Click Publish button
    34. 34. Stats• This is an archive of all the articles you have shared where you published to The title of the article How many people viewed the article from your share View just social or email stats
    35. 35. Elevate at a Glance Publishing Company: Accounts: A list of all of the company Where you can add users, what accounts they personal accounts are connected to, and to your publishing which accounts they have accounts publishing rights to Click on your name to Article Queue: Where get to Settings / Edit queued articles are displayed Profile
    36. 36. Changing Your SettingsManage Email Edit News Feed:lists: Allows you toAllows you to tailor your newsset up lists of e- feed with subtopicmail contacts to specificsselect from adrop downmenu for easy Position:sharing “Corporate Counsel”Manage Emailsettings:Allows you to Department:choose what “Cognition LLP”day(s) time(s)you receiveelevatenewsletter