How To Set Up A Facebook Profile


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This Facebook tutorial will show you how to begin setting up your profile.

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How To Set Up A Facebook Profile

  1. 1. How to set up a Facebook Profile Getting Started 1. Go to the Facebook homepage by either typing ‘facebook’ into Google or typing ‘’ into the address bar. 2. At the Facebook homepage, you can start your profile by filling out the info under the “Sign Up” field. Note: It is not important to fill in all fields unless you do not feel comfortable disclosing certain pieces of information such as your exact birthday. Your birthday is one of those elements that some of you might not feel comfortable providing on your profile. Fortunately, Facebook makes it possible to hide your year of birth in your personal profile. If you are planning on hiding the year, it is not important which year you pick when you are signing up, but you do need to enter a year during registration otherwise the system will not let you proceed. 3. Once you are done filling out the “Sign Up” field, click “Sign Up.” 4. Fill out the words you see in “Security Check.” This is to make sure that you are not a computer creating phoney accounts. You do not need to put a space between the words. 5. Click “Sign Up.” 6. Now they will ask you to add your friends. Wait until you have your information and pictures uploaded and your profile set up before you add friends. Click on “Skip this Step” in the bottom right. 7. Next step is to enter your profile information. Why? It is important to enter in these kinds of details because it will help increase your sphere of influence. Facebook makes it easy for you to reconnect with your former classmates and friends from high school or even elementary. Facebook will use this information to recommend people that you might know based on other people that have filled out the same details in their profile. Also include your company’s name. 8. Click “Save and Continue.” 9. Next, Facebook will recommend people that you may know based on the information you entered in Step 7. Skip over this step again because you do not want to start adding people until you are happy with your profile. Click “Skip” at the bottom right. 10. In the next step, you are asked for your photo. Provide a nice, clear headshot of yourself so that when people are searching for your name and your photo pops up beside it, it will be easier for them to recognize and find you. 11. Get a headshot and save it somewhere that is easily accessible on your computer. 12. Click “Upload Photo”, then “Browse.” Find the file of your headshot on your computer and click “Open”. It will then upload your photo. 13. Click “Save and Continue”. 14. Now it is time to fill out your personal information. Again, they ask you to add people in Section 1 at the top of the page. Skip this part again. 15. Go to the second section right below it and click on “Edit Profile” to start editing your profile details.
  2. 2. Basic Information - In this part, you will come across certain levels of details that you may not want to provide. Do not feel that you have to provide everything they are asking for. This is also where you can choose to hide your year of birth. 16. Click on the drop down menu that says “Show my full birthday in my profile” and choose “Show only month & day in my profile” or “Don’t show birthday in my profile.” 17. Continue filling out whatever information you are comfortable giving out in the rest of the sections. It is recommended to leave your religious and political views blank if you are planning on adding clients. 18. Once you are done filling out the sections that you want, click “Save Changes.” Personal Information - It will then take you to another layer of sections of personal information for you to fill out if you choose. Fill out whatever sections you are comfortable with. 19. It is recommended to fill out the section labelled “Activities” if you do a lot of networking at country clubs or gyms i would recommend including those here. 20. Feel free to skip over the rest of the sections except for the last one, “About Me”. This is where the elevator pitch might come in, although edit it down to 50-60 words. It is highly recommended that you take the time to fill this out, but keep it concise. 21. Click on “Save Changes” once you are finished. Contact Information - The next level of information to pop up will be “Contact Information”. Again do not feel that you have to fill out all the sections. However, it might be a good idea to include some sort of contact information. 22. You may want to put your office number in the section labelled “Land Phone” as well as your office’s address in the sections that follow. 23. Absolutely fill in the section labelled “Website” if you have a blog, personal website, Twitter account, and/or LinkedIn account. Be sure to include our office’s website as well. 24. Click on “Save Changes” once you are finished. Education and Work - The last section to be filled out is “Education and Work.” It is important to fill out these sections because they will be very useful when you are adding people to your network and it will increase your sphere of influence through your previous colleagues and schoolmates. 25. It is recommended to fill out your current employer, as well as maybe one of your past employers. 26. Once you have filled out what you are comfortable with, click “Save Changes.” 27. Next step is to add photos to your profile. This will be discussed in another tutorial.