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2nd Pacific Agribusiness Forum: Isolina Boto "ACP-EU experiences in promoting food tourism"


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Promoting regional trade and agribusiness development in the Pacific :

"Linking the agrifood sector to the local markets for economic growth and improved food and nutrition security"
Organised by PIPSO, CTA, IFAD, SPC and SPTO
Tanoa Tusitala Hotel, Apia, Samoa, 29th August -1st September 2016

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2nd Pacific Agribusiness Forum: Isolina Boto "ACP-EU experiences in promoting food tourism"

  1. 1. “ACP-EU experiences in promoting food tourism” Isolina Boto, Project Leader Regional Trade, CTA
  2. 2. ACP-EU experiences in promoting food tourism 2nd Pacific Agribusiness Forum Apia, Samoa 29 August-1st September
  3. 3. Learning from EU experience •Policies •Organisation of actors •Product differentiation and protection •Branding •Education
  4. 4. • Travel & Tourism in 2015 will grow faster than the global economy - • In 2014, the industry contributed US$7,580 billion in GDP and 277 million jobs to the global economy. • Long-term forecasts for Travel & Tourism show continued annual growth at 3.8% over the next ten years to $11.4 trillion.
  5. 5. • Europe is one of the world's leading tourist destinations, thanks to its diverse gastronomy and high-quality food linked to local traditions and landscapes. • Supported through EU, national and regional authorities • Integrated approach and linkages with other policy areas - agriculture, food production, cultural and creative industries
  6. 6. • Food is a cultural experience which is firmly rooted built on strong agriculture and food traditions over the centuries • Local tour operators offer authentic food tourism experiences to visitors • Meet local people, discover local culture and heritage, taste selected wines and regional specialities • Food tourism experiences support creating new business opportunities
  7. 7. • Experience the soul of European culture, history and traditions through its food. • All about European gastronomy and its related traditions and products in one place (gastronomic fairs, festivals and trails ) aimed at enhancing the promotion of pan-European food tourism and attract new visitors to Europe from overseas.
  8. 8. The Council of Europe’s cultural routes and gastronomy give visitors a full immersion experience into the European culture (unity, history, culture and values and the discovery of less well-known destinations). Cultural Routes related to pilgrimages, where food is a fundamental element (The Via Francigena, The Santiago de Compostela Pilgrim Routes, The Route of Saint Olav Ways…)
  9. 9. • Cultural Routes whose main protagonist is gastronomy itself (The Routes of Olive Tree, The Iter Vitis Route and The Roman Emperors and Danube Wine Route: Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania – encompassing 20 archeologic sites and 12 wine regions. ) • Cultural routes in which food assumes an important role (Transromanica, The European Route of Megalithic Culture..)
  10. 10. Marqués de Riscal: Wine museum, hotel, scenery (art, design wine, gastronomy, scenery)
  11. 11. • The EU is strongly preserving and promoting European know-how in food production. With this aim it has implemented policies on quality food and established quality schemes. • Jamaica Jerk first Caribbean GI (Jamaica jerk and pepper producers organised). Rum will be the second. • Penja pepper (Cameroon) • Oku honey (Cameroon) • Ziama-Macenta coffee (Guinea)
  12. 12. Policy actions for developing food tourism •Improve quality and consistency, emphasise authentic, local and sustainable •Develop networks and clusters to link different value generators together and form a coalition •Reposition food as a creative industry
  13. 13. Role of Academies of Gastronomy in the study and dissemination of the gastronomic heritage •The European Federation of Nutrition Foundations •The International Academy of Gastronomy •Euro-Toques •Le Cordon Bleu •Basque Culinary Centre