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Digital divide


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Digital divide

  1. 1. Created by Brittany Johnson Mary Wallen Dee Dee Bivins
  2. 2. What is Digital Divide?? Definition: Sharp separation in computer and internet access as well as those who can use new digital technologies and those who can’t between low income and affluent households.
  3. 3. a9e604ea4fdd50f5.png A TALE OF TWO SCHOOL DISTRICTS Please click on the link below: It is a comic strip about the problems that children face with the digital divide. An Example of the Digital Divide
  4. 4. Source: BBC News Another Example of the Digital Divide The digital divide, like many other economic or social problems, is a global issue.
  5. 5. Issues People Face Because of the Digital Divide 1. Students that do not have computers or internet access at home must find alternate ways to complete their homework. Public libraries usually have the resources for use; however, time limits and waiting in line often create more problems for the user.
  6. 6. 2. Some students may also have problems with the compatibility of their software at home versus what is being used in the classroom. Students may have problems completing assignments at home. Issues continued
  7. 7. Solutions 1. Fairfax County, Virginia- The Computer Learning Center Partnership (CLCP) in public-private partnership that provides access to technology computers and Internet access, homework assistance, literacy activities, and community service programs for school age children in Fairfax County. Founded in 1997, it has over 2,000 children enrolled in its programs. divide-one-child-at-a-time/ What’s Being Done
  8. 8. Solutions 2. A wide variety of organizations and non-profit groups are working to close the digital gap in their communities. One such group, The Computers for Schools Foundation, collects used computers, refurbishes them, and distributes them to K-12 schools in need. Since it began in 1991, the program has placed more than 80,000 computers in schools in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. In many districts, the Computers for Schools program is the only source of computer equipment.
  9. 9. Solutions 3. The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality encourages the people in the state to recycle their electronic products that are no longer used. The website contains more information about the locations of places to drop off the items and also how to acquire the computers for your use. The electronics that are donated to the DEQ are then refurbished and donated to schools, churches, and the disabled.
  10. 10. Please consider donating your old computers to keep them out of our landfills and give others an opportunity to have and use the computers for their needs.
  11. 11. Questions – To Be Used on Final 1. The Digital Divide is known as what? A. A sharp separation in computer and internet access and use between low-income and affluent households. B. A difference between knowledge of computer use between teachers and their students. C. The difference between dial up access for the internet and high speed access for the internet. D. A sharp separation between knowledge of computer usage between boys and girls.
  12. 12. Questions 2. Which is the best example of someone experiencing the digital divide? A. The student is able to complete the assignment at home on their personal computer. B. The girl is able to go their friend’s house and use their family’s computer and internet access. C. This student goes to the neighborhood library and uses the computer and only has a limited amount of time to complete the lesson. D. The student is not worried about the assignment because of the availability of the internet access on his phone.
  13. 13. Questions 3. True or False. Access to and use of technology which is not equally distributed throughout the public school systems or society is known as the digital divide.
  14. 14. Answers
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