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SEO and Content Marketing with WordPress

These are the slides from my talk at WordCamp Montreal 2013. As I mentioned, I will probably release an ebook on the topic so watch for that! Thank you to everyone for all of the tremendous and positive feedback. I sincerely appreciate it. The original session description: Within the array of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, the use of content marketing is among the latest trends being implemented to increase search engine visibility, brand awareness, and conversions. Whether companies are using WordPress as a CMS or to blog, they can take advantage of the SEO-ready aspects that the platform allows for, both natively and through the use of plugins. This is an introductory session that will highlight several important concepts, plugins, and best practices that should be considered when using WordPress as part of an Inbound marketing plan. Topics such as guest posting, types of content, linking, web analytics, and social media optimization (SMO) will be discussed.

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SEO and Content Marketing with WordPress

  1. 1. SEO and Content Marketing with WordPress (Blog) (SEO & Internet Marketing) (Web Design) Brian Rotsztein WordCamp Montreal 2013 @brianrotsztein
  2. 2. SEO On-site SEO Off-site SEO Inbound Links Social Signals Content Code Layout Links (Internal & External)
  3. 3. On-site SEO Essentials Header Tags Insert keywords H1: Use Once Also use H2, H3 Content Original & Unique ALT Tags on images Permalinks Keep it simple Insert keywords Title Tag Insert Up to 8 keywords per page Description Meta Tag 1-2 Sentences (Hidden) Internal Links Use keywords in anchor text
  4. 4. Plugin: WordPress SEO By Yoast Yoast
  5. 5. I Could Talk to You About These SEO Items… Font Size Content Freshness Webpage Coding Navigation Menus Over Optimization Penalties Keyword Stuffing Doorway Pages Googlebombs Web Spam Domain Hijacking Use of Keywords Google Algorithm Updates Domain Name Extensions Link Acquisition Speed …and on and on and on… But I won’t because if you can successfully implement the on-site SEO basics, you’ll have at least some success! 200s 301s 404s Domain Age Link Freshness Canonical Links SERP Clicks Hosting Location Intuitive Website Structure Topic & Theme Relevance Server Reliability JavaScript Link Stability Website Size Keyword Density
  6. 6. Content is King
  7. 7. There’s a Problem… Simple Linking is Not Enough Anymore
  8. 8. Content Marketing On-site SEO Off-site SEO ?
  9. 9. What is Content Marketing? Objectives Brand Awareness Customer Acquisition Lead Generation Customer Retention Thought Leadership Engagement Website Traffic Sales The creation and distribution of useful and valuable content that is used to reach a targeted group with specific objectives.
  10. 10. In Content Marketing, the Content IS the Ad (Not to be confused with the content of your ad)
  11. 11. Content marketing is a process, not an end point. It takes brainpower, creativity and time. (Which is why most companies will fail at it.)
  12. 12. Authorship Author Rank (Google+) Credibility Subject Matter Expert Personal Branding Longevity Inbound Link Inbound Link Link Building vs. Content Marketing
  13. 13. Content Marketing is NOT New
  14. 14. “3 Ways to Kill Buffalo” Published on Cave Walls The Original Content Marketers: Early Humans!
  15. 15. Content Marketing in the 80s: Hasbro Used Cartoons & Comics To Sell More Toys
  16. 16. Coca-Cola 2020 Interactive Story Telling
  17. 17. Google is the World’s Most Powerful Content Distribution Engine
  18. 18. Steps to Better Content Marketing
  19. 19. Start with a Strategy
  20. 20. Possible Objectives with Content Marketing Newsletter Sign-up Set up an Appointment Buy Your Item Register for a ClassTry Your Recipe Provide an Estimate
  21. 21. SEO Identify Keywords Content Marketing Identify Keywords AND Anticipate Consumer Needs
  22. 22. First, You Need to Brainstorm (with Mind Maps) Keywords Personas
  23. 23. Keyword (Services) Mind Map
  24. 24. Persona Mind Map (Target Market Demographics) Persona Characteristics Needs Wants Personal Interests Business Interests Location Age Gender Job Education Level Experience Level Marital Status Ask: What is the Client’s Issue to Be Resolved? Target a specific audience Segment by way of personas
  25. 25. Connect Keywords to Personas
  26. 26. Personas (Simplified) Large Architecture Corporation Needs: More B2B clients Keywords: SEO & PPC Consultation Tech Start-up Needs: Wants to Get the Word Out Keywords: Social Media Marketing Small Business Needs: Chefs Want to Sell Food Online Keywords: Ecommerce Website Plastic Surgeon (Business Professional) Needs: Wants to Promote Practice Online Keywords: SEO Web Design, Mobile Website, … Content Marketing Example: Write content combining the importance of mobile websites for plastic surgeons.
  27. 27. Where to Mind Map! Plugins to Consider Mindmeister Shortcode FreeMind WP Browser Websites to Consider (PC) MindNode (Mac)
  28. 28. The Content
  29. 29. This is not content. It’s crap.
  30. 30. How many SEO copywriters does it take to change a lightbulb, light bulb, light fixture, lamp, halogen light? SEO & Content Marketing You’re Doing it Wrong
  31. 31. Prove That Your Content is: Useful Educational Entertaining Worth Consuming Do You Practice Effective Content Marketing?
  32. 32. Duplicate Content is Evil. Don’t Go There.
  33. 33. Instead of Duplicating Content, Repurpose it! Give Presentation Write Blog PostPost Slides
  34. 34. The Social Secret Behind…
  35. 35. Crowdsourcing Get ideas or content by asking your target audience online, rather than from traditional sources. This is your target audience. Ask them what they want!
  36. 36. Crowdsource For Ideas & Content! Plugins to Consider Poll Daddy Guest Posts CommentLuv Why Crowdsource? Target audience becomes invested so they try harder for a successful outcome Get novel ideas Get diverse ideas Get people excited for the outcome Get a bottom-up persona to see what’s important to them (vs. top-down from brainstorming) Get customers, prospects, followers involved
  37. 37. Crowdsource Suggestions Google Suggest
  38. 38. What To Publish Write a “How To” Write a Review Identify a Trend (Use Google Trends or Twitter #Trends) Compare 2 Trends and Write about it Write About Ideas from Your Blog Comments Weekly Roundups Curate a Top 10 List (e.g., 10 Best Posts on XYZ, 10 Industry Leaders to Follow) Ask Clients About Their Challenges and Summarize Them Collate Items (e.g., 10 Quotes by Someone Famous) “Best of” Posts Create a Checklist Interview Subject Matter Experts Curate the Opinions of Experts on a Hot Topic Create a Top 10 List Write a Detailed Price Guide Run a “Q & A” Series About Products Mix it Up! Combinations of the Above Full List on
  39. 39. What To Publish (More!) Company/Brand News Admit Something to the World Bring to Light an Overlooked Idea from a Recent White Paper Explain a Complex Idea with a Relatable Scenario Combine a Celebrity Name/Pop Culture with a Topic (e.g., What Star Trek Can Teach You About Business) Create a Standard for Evaluation Create an Infographic Run a Google+ Hangout (and Auto-publish it on YouTube) Feature a Product in Detail Share a Chart on Pinterest Talk About Other Experts (and Tell Them You Did!) Get Perspectives from a Group of Executives Write About What You Learned from Your Failures Write a Guide (Or a Beginner’s Guide) Discuss Poll Results Create an Online Magazine Full List on
  40. 40. Spreading Your Content
  41. 41. Spread Content Across Your Website Plugins to Consider nrelate Related Content Better Related Posts YARPP (Yet Another Related Posts Plugin) WP-Thumbie SimpleReach Slide nrelate Flyout SEO Smart Links Custom Sidebars You Might Enjoy These Articles: The SEO Linking Checklist Special Report: SEO for 2012
  42. 42. Content Distribution (Spread Content On Other Websites) Plugins to Consider Cross-Promotion Content Recommendations by Engageya Outbrain Editorial Assistant by Zemanta Easy Tynt { From Your Website Related Website {
  43. 43. Content Marketing Can Reinvigorate Blogging!
  44. 44. Guest Posts
  45. 45. How to Guest Post with a Purpose Decide What You Want to Write About Find Relevant Websites Make Sure Those Websites Have Guest Posting Opportunities
  46. 46. How to Find Guest Posting Opportunities Websites to Consider Search for Terms Like These “Guest Post Guidelines” “Guest Contributors” “Write for Us” “Contributor Guidelines” “Writers Wanted” “Guest Posting Rules”
  47. 47. Do Your Research! Look for Signs of Activity! Compare General Traffic Trends (, Who Currently Writes for the Site? Assess Article Quality Look at Social Media Shares Are People Commenting? Examine Inbound Links (
  48. 48. Look for a Sign Showing They Want You Do They Give Contributors: A Link Back? Profile Page? Author Box (Byline)?
  49. 49. Submit! Follow the Contributor Guidelines / Instructions Confirm That Your Material Fits (Your Article Should Match the Blog's Readership) Submit Your Article How to
  50. 50. Wait and Wait…
  51. 51. Content Calendar Plugins to Consider Editorial Calendar WP Project Manager CollabPress Keep Track of Publications, Submissions and Rejections
  52. 52. Accepting Guest Posts on Your Blog (or Online Magazine) Show That You Care! Frustrating Potential Guest Posters
  53. 53. Enhance Contributor Visibility Real Profile Photo (Not a stock photo!) Build CredibilityReal Name Persuasion Call to Action Contact Info Social Media Profiles Plugins to Consider Custom About Author Edit Author Slug Author Sure (Useful for Google+ Author Rank as well)
  54. 54. Incentive with Badges For Contributors
  55. 55. Social Signals
  56. 56. Social Media Optimization (SMO) SEO Social Media SMO SMO: Use Social Signals (from Google’s Perspective) to Improve Visibility
  57. 57. Don’t Rush to Join Every Social Media Network
  58. 58. Social Sharing Plugins to Consider Trackable Social Share Icons Word Count & Social Shares
  59. 59. “Shareworthiness” Industry Specific Catchy Titles Topic Powerful Images Novelty & Originality EducationalEffective Videos Trending News Stories Entertaining Time Sensitivity Audience Relevance Message Clarity Blog Posts & Status Updates
  60. 60. Tracking Plugins to Consider Crazy Egg Heatmap Tracking Site-Sonar Woopra Analytics Google Analytics for WordPress Google Analytics Dashboard
  61. 61. Countries by Colour “Cheaper” Breaking Bad Drinking Game Search Box Banner Labels
  62. 62. Workshops & Seminars Visit: • WordPress • Social Media for Business • SEO • … and 20 More Exciting Topics!
  63. 63. SEO and Content Marketing with WordPress (Blog) (SEO & Internet Marketing) (Web Design) Brian Rotsztein WordCamp Montreal 2013 (The Hub!) @brianrotsztein (Twitter)