Seo And Internet Marketing For Under 30


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Seo And Internet Marketing For Under 30

  1. 1. SEO + Internet Marketing What is SEO? Making your site easily accessed by the search engines so they can rank you accordingly. Check out Google Webmaster Central for an insane amount of info 2 Ways to Influence SEO On Page • URL • Title – 64 characters or less – keyword rich and you do not need your site name unless the branding is necessary • Meta Stuff – not as important as the olden days, but still good for the SERP • Content – most important keywords at the top/beginning • Sitemap – need a sitemap so google can find all your pages • Robots.txt -I don’t understand it 100%, just know you need it to tell google which pages to find and which pages to hide -read more info here • Internal linking - use anchor text when linking internally and externally, it helps google know what your site it about
  2. 2. • Img = use the alt tag to describe your images or else google thins you have a big road block in the middle of your site. Off Page • Not all links are created equally (Google PR, nofollow, etc) • Link bait – Create content with the sole purpose of getting links (think lists, funny videos or game changing news) • Guest posts – Best way to get high value links • Reciprocal link building – I’ll give you a link, if you give me one (blogrolls) • Banners – not very popular, but effective • Social media profiles – See which ones allow “Do Follow Links” and sign up • Article marketing – Ezine Articles + 1,000’s of other directories • Press releases – do a Google Search for free press release sites • .edu and .gov links are priceless • Anchor text is key – don’t link your name, link your keyword You can get consumed by all the minute things about SEO, or you can pick amazing keywords, keep writing and producing awesome stuff, organically build links and make real connections and the SEO will play its part for you. Keyword Research Stop thinking “computer” and start thinking “15” Dell Laptop” Free tools SEO Book -
  3. 3. Google AdWords Keyword Suggest Tool - Google Insight for Search Paid Tools Keyword Elite - Market Samurai - What I am looking for: 1. I have to know something awesome about the niche that others do not or at least have a quality that makes me better than everyone else 2. Multiple long tail keyphrases that have at least 500 searches per month 3. Competition of less than 500,000 How to kill it Multi Media SEO – pics, videos, presentations, text, articles, podcasts, pages, groups, etc – all pointing back to your sales page, main site, opt in pages, whatever Research Competition – In order to outrank them, you need to do what they are doing, but better. More links, more content. Do homework on your competition.
  4. 4. On enter to see all their backlinks Use to get data on sites Use the Search Status Toolbar and SEO MozBar to make all of that extra easy
  5. 5. WordPress PlugIns for SEO All in one SEO Pack Google XML Sitemaps Robots Meta – include/exclude pages from crawling for a ton more Firefox Extensions you Need Search Status - SEO Moz ToolBar - How to use video to be a niche rock star • YouTube Suggest • When posting a video: o 64 character long tail title o 140 character keyword rich description – the first thing being o 4-5 long tail tags • Hijack popular videos by doing video replies with the above format
  6. 6. Things to look at in Google Analytics Referring Sites -> are your links bringing you traffic, and what is that traffic doing? Search Engines -> Drill down into the diff engines and the keywords Bounce Rate on those keywords Go to Content  Site Overlay to see some cool data on what people are looking at on your site. You will be surprised. Now focus on higher converting keywords to crush it and develop new strategies to lock in the keywords that you are not doing well for. Internet Marketing Ways to Make Money Advertising – google adsense, banner ads, text link ads, etc Paid content – Pay-per-post, sponsored tweets, paid reviews Affiliate Sales – sell someone’s product and make a percentage Your own stuff – have products and sell them Ecommerce – from dropshipping, wholesaling, eBay and anything else with the shopping cart approach No matter what or how you decide to monetize you need the following: Build a list – an email list! Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, bog subscribers can come and go, but your email list is vital. I use and recommend Aweber, but there are plenty of others. Make sure they offer. Aweber - Relationships – you need to build a relationship with your market, talk to them and provide them value Offer – you need to ask for the sale. Copy – you need to be able to explain your offer online
  7. 7. Accept payments – PayPal is cool, 1ShoppingCart is better, Infusionsoft is the best Partners – you can achieve more together. In the IM world, these are called Join Venture Partners Paid Advertising PPC – Pick keywords, build ad, bid on keywords and pay everytime someone clicks on your ad • Google AdWords • Yahoo Search Marketing • MSN AdCenter / Bing StumbleUpon – pay to have your site stumbled – super easy and targeted. Costs about 5 cents per page view. People can thumbs up/thumbs down and get it into regular stumble rotation if its liked. Digg Ads – new system, but essentially pay to have your content on top dig pages, people can still digg the ad up and down. The more ups, the cheaper the click, the more down, the more expensive the clicks
  8. 8. CPM Mail Drops or Buying Email Lists – buy or broker someone to send an email out on your behalf. Expensive and need strong back end sales funnel + high product margins Banner Ads – eh. Ad Networks – pick wisely as can be expensive. More on SEO SEO Moz Blog - Stomping the Search Engines – costs $1, then cancel membership. Best SEO training I have ever used. (yes, that’s an affiliate link, I get 50 cents, but I truly recommend their stuff). More on PPC PPC Classroom – costs like $10, then cancel your membership. Get an intro and advance behind the scenes look at Google AdWords Perry Marshall – AdWords genius -