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WordPress as a CMS

These are the slides from my "WordPress as a CMS" presentation at WordCamp Montreal 2010. WordPress can be a powerful content management system for businesses. Find out why! Business owners, freelance web designers and programmers in the audience found this presentation useful, especially with the tips and practical advice. If you didn't attend the event, it should still be helpful. If nothing else, enjoy the Star Wars, BSG, and other geek references! Enjoy!

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WordPress as a CMS

  1. 1. WordCamp Montreal 2010 Brian Rotsztein Hub: Blog: Follow Me: @brianrotsztein Write Me:
  2. 2. Seminar Overview 1. From Basic CMS to WordPress 2. Why WordPress is a Powerful CMS 3. How to Convert WordPress to a CMS 4. Refining Your CMS for Business Websites 5. What is Being Managed? 6. Pitfalls of WordPress as a Business CMS 7. Business Questions 8. Gallery of Popular WordPress Uses P.S. Say “no!” to death by PowerPoint. No other slide in this presentation will look like this!
  3. 3. What is a CMS ?
  4. 4. Software
  5. 5. A Basic CMS… Allows users with little understanding of web programming to update a website.
  6. 6. Simplest Form (…and I mean REALLY simple!)
  7. 7. 2 Popular Basic CMSs Cushy CMS & Adobe Contribute: Users edit text on a static website
  8. 8. A basic CMS is a limited product
  9. 9. A Better CMS… Can do a lot more than these simplistic systems.
  10. 10. Enter:
  11. 11. Blog Website Traditional Edit with use of a CMS WordPress
  12. 12. Popular WordPess Features Blog Website _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Add Text _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Add Media _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Edit Main Sections _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Manage Users _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Add Comments _____________________________________________________________________________________________________
  13. 13. Blog or website?
  14. 14. A Blog IS a Website!
  15. 15. In most cases, the distinction is ARBITRARY
  16. 16. The main defining factor is PURPOSE How is WordPress being used?
  17. 17. Why is WordPress a powerful CMS?
  18. 18. Easy
  19. 19. Flexible Versatile Adaptable Adjustable Extensible
  20. 20. Themes
  21. 21. n s g i Plu
  22. 22. WordPress is a Platform
  23. 23. Add Plugins, Watch it Grow
  24. 24. Adapt as Needed
  25. 25. Create a Masterpiece
  26. 26. How Many?
  27. 27. Photo by Wikimedia User Darkfate
  28. 28. Community Support
  29. 29. Mobile Apps Have Smartphone. Will Update.
  30. 30. A Deeper Look
  31. 31. Posts vs. Pages Get Over It!
  32. 32. Display a Static Front Page
  33. 33. X
  34. 34. Disallow Comments Full Website Individual Pages
  35. 35. Navigation by Widget
  36. 36. Published Sidebar Menu
  37. 37. Template Hierarchy
  38. 38. Template Tags: Tags Tag
  39. 39. CMS Themes
  40. 40. CMS Theme with Custom Options
  41. 41. Refine Your CMS
  42. 42. Admin Management: User Roles
  43. 43. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Make your website “Google-friendly” Plugins to Consider All in One SEO Pack Platinum SEO Pack Headspace 2
  44. 44. Maintenance Mode
  45. 45. Don’t wait until disaster strikes Make Back-ups!
  46. 46. More Ideas for Business CMSs Project / Task Management (CollabPress) Speed Up WordPress (WP Super Cache) “Actual” CMS Plugins White Label Admin Templates
  47. 47. What exactly are you managing?
  48. 48. The main factors are Content & Communications
  49. 49. TEXT (Obvious, I know) Visual HTML This is blue text. <h1><span style="color: #0000ff;">This is blue text.</span></h1>
  50. 50. Photos People like to look at people Plugins to Consider NextGEN Gallery Flickr Gallery Watermark Reloaded Microstock
  51. 51. Video Plugin to Consider Smart YouTube
  52. 52. Contact Management Plugins to Consider WP Contacts Directory RoloPress
  53. 53. Email “Marketing” Plugins to Consider MailPress
  54. 54. Customer Support Plugins to Consider WordPress Advanced Ticket System LiveHelpNow
  55. 55. Audio/Podcasting Plugins to Consider Podpress Blubrry PowerPress
  56. 56. E-commerce
  57. 57. Social Media Networking
  58. 58. Remember… WordPress is User-defined The Definers Business Owners Web Designers Web Programmers Internet Marketers End-users YOU
  59. 59. Build On Your Platform Business Website Job Boards Personal Site Classified Ads Real Estate Listings Social Media Network Magazine Forum Event Registration Portfolio Membership Website Review Websites Radio Station (RSS Station) Online Store Subscription-only Website Product Gallery Video Sharing Wiki Intranet Auctions Word Processing Cloud Web Directory The List Goes On…
  60. 60. Pitfalls
  61. 61. Upgrades
  62. 62. Start with Version 1.0
  63. 63. New Version is Released
  64. 64. Upgrade to a Better Version
  65. 65. Custom Programming
  66. 66. A Web Designer Can Help
  67. 67. You May Want to Un-plugin
  68. 68. Training One-on-one User Manual Teach to Learn Demo Site
  69. 69. Multilingualism WordPress might have trouble displaying text in a language that others can understand.
  70. 70. Business Questions Why do I need a CMS? What are my needs? (Realistic?) Who is going to manage my WordPress CMS? Will there be future expansion? (Themes, Plugins, Content Types Upgrades) Do I have time? (E.g., search for plugins, test plugins, read reviews,…) Do I have the skill set? What’s my budget?
  71. 71. Who is using ?
  72. 72. Brian Rotsztein Hub: Blog: Follow Me: @brianrotsztein Write Me: Web Design: Internet Marketing: