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Enhanced Social Media Marketing with WordPress

These are the slides from my WordCamp Montreal 2012 talk. If you missed it, you can always try attending one of my other talks, full-day workshops, or hire me for consulting on social media marketing, SEO, online business strategies or other related topics. Of course, my company can build you a full SEO-friendly website from the ground up and then use some of the social media techniques that were discussed. Finally, thank you for all of the great feedback I've received for this talk. I appreciate it and I'm glad you found it helpful.

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Enhanced Social Media Marketing with WordPress

  1. 1. Enhanced Social MediaMarketing with WordPress WordCamp Montreal 2012 Brian (Blog)@brianrotsztein (SEO & Internet Marketing) (Web Design)
  2. 2. Where Are We?2010: WordPress as a CMS2011: SEO & Social Media forBusiness with WordPress2012: Enhanced Social MediaMarketing with WordPress(aka Social Media Marketing with WordPress 201)
  3. 3. What is the “Social” inSocial Media Marketing?
  4. 4. Me(Sort of)
  5. 5. What’s TheProblem?
  6. 6. Develop aStrategy
  7. 7. WHY?
  8. 8. “People don’t buy what you do,they buy why you do it.” - Simon Sinek (Anthropologist)
  9. 9. Content is King
  10. 10. The Social Ecology of Social Media Cultural Context Larger Society Politic Systems Social Industry Parents School Laws The Internet Individual Work Mass Friends Media Siblings Extended Family Neighbourhoods Society Economic System Concept by Brian Rotsztein
  11. 11. Dont BeFragmented
  12. 12. Be Consistent
  13. 13. Adapt
  14. 14. Kogi Korean BBQ
  15. 15. Plugins to ConsiderTweet2DownloadTweetMeme ButtonTweet Blender
  16. 16. Perceived Value ofRelationships
  17. 17. Be Welcoming Plugins to Consider What Would Seth Godin Do
  18. 18. Social Media Collaboration: An Unwritten Partnership
  19. 19. Contribute Your
  20. 20. Two-centContributions Add Up!
  21. 21. Make CommentingPlugins to ConsiderCommentLuv PremiumSEO Facebook CommentsDisqusIntenseDebate (Automattic)
  22. 22. Word of Mouth
  23. 23. Stay on Top of Trouble
  24. 24. Reputation Management Plugins to Consider Reputation Management for WordPress
  25. 25. TrackMentions& SharingPlugins to ConsiderWP Google AlertsTrackable Social Share Icons
  26. 26. More TrackingPlugins to ConsiderCrazyegg Heatmap TrackingSite-SonarWoopra AnalyticsGoogle Analytics for WordPressGoogle Analytics Dashboard
  27. 27. Discovery& Sharing
  28. 28. Community
  29. 29. The World’s Largest Online Community: Plugins to Consider “The Facebook Plugin”
  30. 30. A More Recent Online Community:Plugins to ConsiderPlus OneGoogleCardsThe Google+ Plugin
  31. 31. AddValue
  32. 32. LoyaltyPlugins to ConsiderPunchTabCubePointsSocial Marketing (Paid-only)
  33. 33. TransparencyPlugins to ConsiderCustom About AuthorEdit Author Slug (SEO)
  34. 34. Let’s Talk About… Mobility
  35. 35. SoLoMo Social Location MobileHot Term Alert!
  36. 36. We’ve evolved to the pointwhere we’re mobile again
  37. 37. Mobile WebsitesPlugins to ConsiderWPTouch (& WPTouch Pro)WordPress Mobile PackWP Mobile Detector Desktop Mobile Version Version
  38. 38. Mobile Tagging: Scan MeQuick Response (QR) Codes I’m Hot
  39. 39. Jimmy Fallonand the QR Code Plugins to Consider QR Code Generator (Various)
  40. 40. Maps, Reviews, Loyalty andPlugins to ConsiderFoursquare VenueFoursquare MapFoursquare Recent Checkins
  41. 41. Augmented Reality
  42. 42. Hotel Bank Courthouse Shopping Centre
  43. 43. Augment Your Maps! Plugins to ConsiderGreat place Leaflet Maps Markerto chill. Feedgeorge WordPress Plugin NeoReality (Not in WP Plugin List)
  44. 44. Augment Your Life!Plugins to ConsiderFeedgeorge Augmented Reality
  45. 45. The Visual Community Plugins to Consider (Photos) Pretty Pinterest Pins Pinterest "Pin It" Button Slickr Flickr
  46. 46. “Strategy without tacticsis the slowest route tovictory. Tactics withoutstrategy is the noisebefore defeat. - Sun Tzu (Chinese Military General)
  47. 47. Workshops & Seminars • WordPress • Social Media for Business • SEO • … and 20 More Exciting Topics!
  48. 48. Enhanced Social MediaMarketing with WordPress WordCamp Montreal 2012 Brian (Blog)@brianrotsztein (SEO & Internet Marketing) (Web Design) Some Photos Provided by