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10 videos on our near Future - What's the impact on your business? (by @nickdemey @boardofinno)

  1. 10videos on our near Future by @nickdemey
  2. let me give you a summary of the following future visions
  3. Attractive girls will be touching shiny surfaces
  4. Neurotic guys will be jumping virtual walls
  5. in other words Wet dreams by engineers... cc hi-phi
  6. +50 years ago those techies dreamed already of computerized fridges... 1969 above is your first video btw...
  7. Sorry geeks You don’t solve any real need. dream on...
  8. When watching the following concept videos, keep one question in mind! “How will this impact my industry?”
  9. “How will I make money in the near future?” Our innovation office can redesign your business model. Enjoy the movies
  10. Blackberry - enterprising minds
  11. Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator The Gadget Show
  12. Productivity Future Vision - Microsoft office
  13. A Day Made of Glass... - Corning
  14. Kinect effect
  15. On the brink - Ericsson
  16. The future of augmented reality
  17. The future of Customer Experience CX
  18. Art Of Beat Making - ERUPT To end with...
  19. Our structured way to create innovation blockbusters Exploring trends in tech new revenue comes here! & society happens here. Together we’ll analyse the impact on your business model.
  20. Our structured way to create innovation blockbusters Board of Innovation has delivered a surprising, We very much enjoyed the training and will very well structured and productive approach to definitely use all the content and the method in our ‘innovation challenge’. Their strengths? A the future. good planning (that was strictly followed!), very Steffi Wolring, Innovation Lead at Otto Group short response times, and a continuous focus, in combination with a pleasant way of taking us out of our comfort zone and letting us think ‘out of the box’. Caroline Ameloot - Marketing & Sales Director, Carglass / Belron
  21. Trainings & speaking Consulting & workshops • Innovation tools • Next gen business models • Business model design • Co-creation, service design • Creativity techniques • Better revenue streams • Evaluation methods • Disruptive & inspiring trends • ... • ... @nickdemey @philderidder