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Digital Experience Design + The Digital Agency


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A brief synopsis of the role of Digital Experience Design within an Agency setting. The teams behind it and the value it provides as we move from message to experience + community

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Digital Experience Design + The Digital Agency

  1. 1. Digital Experience Design + The Digital Agency Where it’s been. Where it’s going. By David Armano
  2. 2. According to WIKI… “As products become more complicated, often due to technology, designers are facing new challenges in gaining strong user acceptance. The number of people using and developing products powered by some sort of technology continues to grow; these new systems are more functional and robust than ever, providing more features, functionality, and capabilities.”
  3. 3. According to WIKI… However, with the added complexity, the new generation of products is becoming more difficult to understand and use. As a result, users become more frustrated, unhappy and less productive. Large portions of functionality in the complicated software products and consumer electronics go unused, and products often fail in the consumer world due to their unnecessarily complicated user interfaces.”
  4. 4. Digital Experience Design Made Simple human. technical. aesthetic. Digital Experience Design exists as the design of behavior, bounded by three core interests: Human, Technical and Aesthetic.
  5. 5. Gurus Past: Specialists In Defined Fields Tacticians Usability Experts Creative Geniuses Web Consultants
  6. 6. Gurus Present: Blurring The Lines Alex Bogusky // CP+B Robert Greenberg // R/GA Tim Brown // IDEO Momentum Creators Consumer Engagements User-Centered Design & Innovation
  7. 7. Websites: The Way It Was Usability-Driven Creative-Driven Tech-Driven
  8. 8. People-Driven Brand Experiences: The Way It Needs To Be People-Driven
  9. 9. Point In Case Website (1999) Digital Brand Experience (2005)
  10. 10. The E-word “Companies stage an experience when they engage customers in a memorable way”
  11. 11. Memorable Experiences Create “Brand Junkies” “whenever I want, to plug in a peripheral it recognizes it right away I don’t have to sweat, and pray for a small miracle its just great for me I’m as happy as can be and I have better productivity…” -Daphne Kalfon “Brand Junkie (AKA, Citizen Marketers)”
  12. 12. Experience Design, Products and Experience Source: Kevin Mullet—The Essence of Effective Rich Internet Applications (2003)
  13. 13. Useful, Valuable…Emotional? Source: Peter Morville— Ambient Findability When done effectively, Interaction Design leads to perceived value and positive emotions/feelings informally known as “the warm and fuzzies”
  14. 14. Examples // Shopping // Shop Composition
  15. 15. Examples // Gaming // XBOX 360 Interface
  16. 16. Examples // House Hunting // Housingmaps
  17. 17. Examples // Product Customization // Nike ID
  18. 18. Examples // Insurance Quote // Allstate Innovations
  19. 19. Digital Experience Design Get out of the agency …and into the real world
  20. 20. Experience Design + Everyday Experiences
  21. 21. Digital Experience Design What does a team look like?
  22. 22. T-shaped thinking “People who are so inquisitive about the world that they're willing to try to do what you do. We call them quot;T-shaped people.quot; They have a principal skill that describes the vertical leg of the T—they're mechanical engineers or industrial designers. But they are so empathetic that they can branch out into other skills, such as anthropology, and do them as well. They are able to explore insights from many different perspectives and recognize patterns of behavior that point to a universal human need”.~Tim Brown, IDEO
  23. 23. Taking T-Shaped Further—T-Shaped Creativity
  24. 24. A T-Shaped Mind
  25. 25. T-Shaped Teams
  26. 26. What’s Next? “I’ve been amazed at how often those outside the discipline of design assume that what designers do is decoration. Good design is problem solving.” —Jeffery Veen, (2000) Digital Experience Design will always be about solving problems at the core. The more complex the problem, the more simple the solution needs to be. That’s where creativity comes in—Designers in this space will become creative problem solvers critical in helping brands connect with their customers & communities.