Omni Channel Marketing Conference - Gavin Merriman


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Omni Channel Marketing Conference - Gavin Merriman

  1. 1. Transitioning from traditional channels to agile commerce Tips and lessons learned
  2. 2. ‘one little room and the biggest of plans’
  3. 3. Wrong Conditions…
  4. 4. Right Conditions… You need the right conditions
  5. 5. Creating the right conditions… Support (above) Culture Support (sides) Framework Support (sides) Resources Support (below)
  6. 6. How do you transform from traditional to agile commerce?
  7. 7. SDG Today…• UK’s 2nd largest online retailer• Department store with fashion, electrical’s, home & garden (700+ brands)• £1.7 billion sales (80% online), 5 million customers, 10,000 staff• Winner of retail weeks ‘Non-Store Retailer’ 2011 (beating amazon & ASOS))
  8. 8. The History…
  9. 9. What is agile commerce? “An approach to commerce thatenables businesses to optimize theirpeople, processes, and technology to serve customers across all touchpoints.” (Forrester)
  10. 10. Journey has changed…
  11. 11. Business needs to changes with it…
  12. 12. Where to begin…
  13. 13. Creating the Right Conditions… 1. Form Strategy Need to formulate a winning strategy Solid, well researched, and validated plan of attack across all levels 2. Get Backing Secure funds and backing Without executive sign off and investment the strategy is worthless 3. Implement Framework Create a structure which empowers change Need to bring blockers into the process and short but bureaucracy
  14. 14. Visit peers, go to shows, speak to vendors… ‘If I have seen further it is by standing on ye sholders of Giants’
  15. 15. Need a solid plan in order to get senior buy in…
  16. 16. 1. Form Strategy: 6 tips… 1. Professional Treat it like a full business plan After presenting hand out a bound copy of the strategy 2. Company Wide Form cross department working groups Link plan to company vision & values, using facilitators and PM’s 3. Competitors Reference market leaders Builds social proof and makes it easier for exec’s to commit 4. Best Practice Use expert & researched advice The Forrester’s and Econsultancy’s have done most the hard work for you 5. Customer Research Ask your own customer base Back up your approach with the words of your customers 6. Validated Use an independent consultancy Get plans validated by a ecommera or practicology
  17. 17. Break strategy into work streams… 1. Marketing Attribution 2. Social & Community 3. Mobile 4. Personalisation 5. Content 6. Conversion
  18. 18. Paint a picture of the future…
  19. 19. 2. Get Backing: 3 tips… 1. Participation Get them to contribute Run stakeholder interviews with the board to capture requirements 2. Sell the Vision Make it exciting Paint a picture of them being an award winning innovator 3. Back it Up Cater to the CFO & COO Ask senior finance to co-present and prepare responses to objections
  20. 20. 3. Implement Framework…
  21. 21. Agile UCD Process with digital board… Customers heavily involved in shaping strategy and designs Customers Strategy UX & Design Agile Build Conversion Capturing and evaluating The user experience Active projects drop into Responsible for driving ideas & opportunities from teams then start to build agile work streams based conversion by managing customers, business, and out and test prototypes on prior roadmap the testing program and market with customers prioritisation optimise performance Digital Board
  22. 22. Innovation fund…
  23. 23. User Centred Design…1. Discovery & Analysis 2. Design & Build 3. Test & Learn•Analytics Review •Wireframing •A/B Testing•Competitor Review •Low-fi Testing •MVT Testing•Customer Research •Prototyping •Onsite Surveys•Stakeholder Interviews •Scenario Testing •Scenario Testing•Persona’s •Stakeholder Sign Off •Analytics Review•User Stories •Build ‘UCD puts the customer first’
  24. 24. Agile Development…Smaller, faster, more flexible development teams
  25. 25. Why Agile Video…
  26. 26. Invest in new platform…
  27. 27. A lot of effort but worth it…“in recognition of the transition made”
  28. 28. Winner of ‘data driven marketing award’…
  29. 29. GMG “win some, lose some”…
  30. 30. News site relaunch went well
  31. 31. Job site didn’t…
  32. 32. Lesson learned, build company wide support…
  33. 33. Universal, an entirely different beast…
  34. 34. Limited direct contact with customers…
  35. 35. Building really engaging and participative artist sites and campaigns…
  36. 36. Improving our standalone store…
  37. 37. Digital going physical then physical going mobile…
  38. 38. First step…
  39. 39. Creating the right conditions… Support (above) Culture Support (sides) Framework Support (sides) Resources Support (below)
  40. 40. Thanks