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Harry Potter review, Effy (Skins) review and Rolling Stone review

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Media transition work

  1. 1. Media Transition Work<br />Rebecca Chapman<br />Audience and Institution-<br />Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 As the drama of Harry Potter in his last 7 years now finally comes to an end, Harry, Ron and Hermonie continue their quest in finally winning over their rivals and reaching their goal. By battling their way through the hardest times and fighting as others finding out about their mission, they finally find and destroy the final 3 horcrux’s to destroy Lord Voldemort once and for all.<br />I think that the films genre is for teenagers as many of us have grown up with Harry Potter since we were younger, by reading the book sequel by J.K Rowling and also then watching the films since 2001. Teenagers get connected to the wizardry storyline and hate to see it all end. Adults may also want to watch it and both genres are interested by the magical adventurous world of Harry. The films rating is a PG-13 meaning some scenes can be a bit scary for the younger but still acceptable for the teenage years and above. <br />The films budgets is estimated at around $125,000,000 spent in making it. The director of the film is David Yates and he also directed the last 3 Harry Potter movies so his work is very much based around the mythical creations, he has also directed some TV documentaries like The Bill. The main stars in the film are Daniel Radcliffe (Harry), Emma Watson (Hermonie), Rupert Grint (Ron), Alan Rickman (Snape), Tom Felton (Draco) and many more. All the stars in this film are already very well known from the past Harry Potter films so their faces are very well known and very loved already by the audience. <br />The film is produced by Warner Brothers Pictures which are a Time Warner company, this being one of the worlds largest media companies. It was filmed digitally but also filmed for 3D viewings, so you get the choice of watching it normally or actually feeling like you’re more in the action. The release date for it in the UK was the 7th July 2011, and in the USA just 4 days after for the 11th July 2011. On the opening day the film was shown on over 11,000 screens in 4,375 different locations, with the ticket sales shooting over $32 million which made a new pre-opening record.<br />The film was marketed in many ways to get the word around on the final film. The first preview was released in March 2011 revealing footage and interviews from the film, the first posters were released on 28th March which the caption ‘it all ends’. The first full trailer was released 27th April getting everyone excited. And during the MTV music awards, Emma Watson presented a sneak peek of the film to everyone. The premier in London was also one of the biggest events where the cast, J.K Rowling and directors walked up the red carpet whilst millions watched and celebrated the final chapter to Harry Potters adventure.<br />Representation in TV Drama or Soap Opera-<br />Character Representation<br />TV drama: Skins<br />Genre of TV drama: Life, teenagers<br />Actress: Kaya Scodelario<br />Name: Effy Stonem<br />Age: 19<br />Regional Identity: British<br />Costume usually includes: Ripped up clothes, black, punk rock kind of theme<br />Sum up lifestyle in 5 words: Messy, Wild, Carefree, Rebellious, Busy<br />Friends include: Freddie, Pandora, Cook, JJ<br />Interests: drugs, alcohol, parties<br />Motivation in most situations: arguments just walk away from it all, suicide<br />Love life: In love with Freddie but messes him around too much, both of his best friends claim to ‘love’ her too and she has sex with one of them. Messed up love life and doesn’t know what she wants<br />Problems in life: Her mums been having an affair, her brother got hit by a bus, she has depression and gets a councillor <br />Key moment in drama series: When she tried to kill herself in Freddie’s granddads old people’s home, also when her councillor killed Freddie for no reason other than he thought Freddie was making her worse<br />Prediction for future narratives: She comes back still broken inside but trying to move on with the life she has yet to live<br />How is the audience supposed to react to them?: Be attracted to her as she’s very good looking, but also be shocked by some of the things that she does, also feel sorry for her for many things she goes through<br />Narrative<br />Scene: Alley way at nightEffy: (sad tone) I didn’t mean to hurt you, I swearFreddie: (walking away angrily) after everything you’ve done you didn’t even stop to think about my feelings for one minute?Effy: (shaky voice) Freddie please, I’ll make everything up to you, one more chance just please let me*Freddies still walking away, Effy goes up behind him and grabs his shoulder forcing him not to walk any further*Freddie: (tone gets very angry) Get off me. Its to late for anything now, I used to know you, now all you are is a messed up.. you’re just nothing!Effy: (still not letting him go, crying out) No one’s ever loved me like you do Freddie, I took you for granted but now I’ve realised*Freddie looks Effy right in her teared up eyes, looks her up and down in disgust, pulls away from her and walks away into the dark*<br />Representation Of Age<br />CharacterAgeExample of clothing/ appearanceExample of behaviour/ actionsCook 19ishRough, ripped, not expensiveRebellious, not polite to people he doesn’t knowPandora19ishWhacky, colourful, clean, childish style Acts childish, crazy, trys to fit in, very niceEffy’s Mum40ishJeans, ordinary clothing, try to be stylish at timesHad an affair, trys to be as caring as she can<br />Analysing Magazines-<br />Rolling Stone- Katy Perry issue<br />The title of the magazine ‘Rolling Stone’ was named after the song ‘Rollin’ Stone’ by Muddy Waters. Many people assume that it is named after the band ‘The Rolling Stones’ but it actually wasn’t. <br />The magazine is published by a man named Jann Wenner who has been editor and publisher of the magazine since 1967. Jann also is the owner of Men’s Journal and US Weekly magazines. Other media interests are music, film, photography and everything else it talks about in the magazine. The magazine costs $5.99 or around £4.59 in the UK, its published every fortnight in America. It has a website which had back stage gossip, photos, music, videos, reviews and more, this website is<br />The target audience would be young adults from about the ages 16 onwards, I know this because many of the articles are on music that more younger adults listen to, it is defiantly to grown up for the younger due to the amount of writing and the content of some reviews. Well known celebrities also model for the cover and photo shoots which more over 16’s would be interested in.<br />The image on the front is of my favourite celebrity Katy Perry, a whole photo shoot was taken of her for the magazine by artist Terry Richardson. In the cover shoot she’s standing up very straight with her head up high, her mouth slightly open and her staring right at the camera, she looks very attractive and appealing. The clothes she’s wearing is a silver bikini type costume made just for her, with tassels on the ends saying ‘Katy’s Kisses’ to get you attracted to her. Her hair is down and all pushed back so it doesn’t get in the way of the rest of her body on show. It tells us that the target audience for the magazine is defiantly 16 and over as the image is sexy and not what youngers would be looking for in a magazine. Also on the cover is just writing showing the important bits of what’s inside to interest the buyer. The colour of the title has been matched to Katy’s lipstick so her lips stand out along with the title, the rest just being black, white and grey, this has been done because as pink is quite a sexy colour they wanted the lips to stand out more along with the title so this is the main attraction. The title is the same font used on every issue to be consistent. The cover doesn’t look that similar to other magazines as others usually have other images on instead of just one main though, though there are some magazines that it could seem similar to. <br />I notice that the style of the magazine is very bold, its not overcrowded but has the right amount of things on to look appealing. All the articles in the magazine are just printed in black and white to keep it plainer and attractive. The magazine defiantly looks expensive as the cover is full on glossy with amazing bold graphics. It uses plain with bold colours throughout the magazine to keep it looking constant and not to busy, the art work that goes into it is usually from famous artists which brings the magazine up even more. Everyone knows this magazine to be a highly popular rock type magazine so it keeps this effect.<br />The main products being advertised in the magazine are things like perfumes, clothes brands and concerts, their price range are all pretty expensive over £50 showing that it’s a wealthy magazine if these types of brands want to be advertised in it. They are aimed at both men and women depending on what is being advertised, these advertisements are being featured particually because they are the kind of things that the buyer of the magazine would like, the same style of clothing etc. <br />Magazines that this could be in completion with are more American magazines like ‘complex’ or ‘interview’ which have some of the same sort of content. These magazines all cost around the same price about £4/£5 not being very cheap so all up in the more expensive magazines. Their similarities are the content inside like music, interviews, photo shoots and more, but differences are the layouts, the popularity of them all, and other content that Rolling Stone has but the others lack in.<br />-170180173355<br />