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Draft Article


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Draft Article

  1. 1. DRAFT ARTICLE INTERVIEW WITH GEORGIA HUDGENS There’s only one woman that everyone wants to know right now, and that’s Georgia. She’s got the career, the voice, the looks, the wardrobe and the fans. Since blowing everyone away as the support act at Katy Perry’s California Dream Tour, she is hoping for bigger and better things. Her new single ‘Never had you’ is out on the shelves next week and hoping to be a chart sensation. Hiya Georgia! What was the best thing about performing alongside the miss Katy Perry herself? G: Hello *giggles*, well I was so scared about going out there in front of all those people, but when I did the reaction was incredible, the best thing was defiantly all the fans cheering and singing along with me, to know that people look up to you and your music is the best thing anybody could want It certainly paid off as you’re doing pretty well so far! Who are the people you compare yourself to, in terms of success? G: I don’t want to say my rivals, but I respect everyone, everyone’s talents are so different and beautiful, so I don’t think I could compare myself to anyone. I do love Rihanna though, she’s so genuine and such a brilliant person. You seem to have yourself a ‘diva’ status, what qualities make you a true diva? *Laughs out loud* I quite like being referred to as that! A true diva is graceful and talented, strong and fearless and brave. This is what I’ve always hoped to come across as, so I’m proud that this is working out for me! You’re seeming to be the new lady of pop! What have you learnt about yourself during the time from the start of your career to now? I’ve learnt a lot, I’ve learnt how much I love to perform but also the importance of taking time for myself. I love music and I love what I do, it’s what I feel I was born to do. I hope other people will see this in me, and that I’m just a normal person like everyone else out there.