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media research (A level)

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bridget jones

  1. 1. Bridget Jones’s Diary
  2. 2. Characters EstablishedThe characters voice is established before we see Bridget but when we do see Bridget the establishing shot of Bridget is when she is on Primrose Hill, which is taken from the actual film ‘The Sound of Music’ but this is ironic as there are no hills in London where the film is set, which shows I may show an unusual landmark or icon to make my character stand out to the audience. London City, Primrose Hill. Establishing setting to show the character.
  3. 3. Sound – Diegetic/Non DiegeticSound of the opening sequence is the main character of the film speaking over what is going on around her and her feelings towards everything, which shows that this reflects the whole theme of the diary, the opening sequence allows us to see that the film frequently uses the voice over of Bridget (Renee Zellweger) to emphasise that the film is based around her life and her thoughts and feelings and events she goes through.In my opening sequence I am going to use my main character as a voice over, to set the theme or the mood of the opening sequence of the film, which will establish the main character.
  4. 4. Music – How? Why?The music in this film links to very familiar events a woman goes through in her life with a man for example, ‘’sorry seems to be the hardest word’’ which is what Bridget tends to be saying most of her life.This allows me to think about my music selection, whether I use music in the opening sequence or not. It is still important to think about the theme of the music for the film.The music in the first few minutes of this British romantic comedy is a soothing instrumental soundtrack, indicating again the genre of the film ‘love’Again this shows that I want to concentrate on the music, showing that I would include music or a soundtrack that offers a link to the genre of the film.
  5. 5. Font of CreditsThe only thing that appears on the screen in credits and fonts, are the names of the distributing and production companies, which maybe suggests we are not going to get introduced to the names of the actors further along the opening sequence, this is again another example of what I want to use in the opening sequence to my film.At 4.22 when the establishing shot of Bridget on Primrose Hill the font is yellow, which is again an unusual colour for a rom com but this could suggest the fact that they are on Primrose Hill, as that is the colour of a Primrose flower.
  6. 6. Director and Film Companies Directed by Beeban Kidron Distributed by Universal Studios, this shows that Bridget Jones was also a hit in America, as it was distributed by a big American company, this thing that does make this film typically British is that Working Title produced the film, this company makes a lot of British films, and therefore this is one of the subjects that makes the film British.Distributed by… Produced by…
  7. 7. Camera Angles UsedOver the shoulder and close up shot of the diary shows us the icon of the film, which indicates what the film may be about to the audience.A lot of shot reverse shot is also used in the opening sequence to show the conversations between characters and also what relationship they are to Bridget.Unfortunately I can not find any examples of the shots used in the opening sequence to this film, but it helps me a lot to think about what shots I would like to use in my opening sequence. If you look here at the beginning of the film, you will start to understand what I mean by the camera angles and how they have been used, watching carefully when they use the shot reverse shot it shows the conversations between the characters.
  8. 8. Mise – En - SceneSetting – Is a small English village in the snow at Christmas, showing the Britishness of the film. The opening sequence is also set in Bridgets bedroom as she opens her diary, this gives me the indication to make my opening sequence an interior setting.Costume - The costume is of typical British people, very modern and up to date fashion. This helps me decide on what time period I will focus on for my opening sequence.Framing – The framing of the opening sequence is of the diary on the bed that bridget is writing in, the frame is clearly of the iconic symbol of the diary, showing that I may use something iconic in the frame of my opening sequence.Lighting- The lighting of the interior shot is of the daylight shining in through the window, give off a very natural light, which again is something I may look at in my opening sequence, what type of light to use and why?
  9. 9. Target AudienceAge- Bridget jones is known to be aimed atpeople definitely over the age of 18 and over, assome of the content could be seen as quitesexual. The age range may also be this as thesituation Bridget has to deal with is of what atypical woman of her age late 20s early 30s mayexperience, like problem with their relationshipsand there career and also struggling be what isknown of ‘perfect’.
  10. 10. Gender- I think Bridget Jones is definatley aimed at womenpurely on the basis of it being about a woman keeping a diaryand going through traumatic events of her life, events that awoman would understand and mainly go through herself,using the events as being useless at skiing and findingromance, trying to diet, eating ben and jerrys when shesdepressed all link to small things that relate to women orthings that women could relate to. On the other hand a smallpart of this film could be for the male gender, as there are twomain male characters in the film one being a ‘love guru’ andone being a ‘rich successful businessman’ things that mencould also look up to or could possibly relate too. Whichmeans this films could be for both genders, especially ifpeople went to watch this as a date film with their partner.
  11. 11. Reason for viewing- peoples main reason forwatching this film will be because they want tobe entertained by the comedy factor of this filmand the fact that it stars some quite big namessuch as Hugh Grant, Colin Firth and ReneeZellweger. Another reason may be for escapism,too escape their real life situations and eventsand to watch someone elses, like this film offersa diary of her life, this may show other peoplethat events in life like this happen.
  12. 12. Family role- although not necessarily a family rolethis film could become a sociable role, as it is thetypical chick flick that you may go and see at thecinema with your girl friends or your mum. Mainlybecause of the feminine influences this film has,with the diary, and romantic stories andrelationships. It shows that the role this film createsis not role for educating but a role of bringingfriends together and even women together,watching the problems that some women may haveto overcome in life.
  13. 13. Nationality- set in England and using very famous Britishactors the nationality this film is targeted at is definitelyEnglish people. Renee Zellweger being a very famousAmerican actress also makes this aimed at Americans aswell, although any race or culture could watch this film itis aimed at British people as they use the typical commonthings known by British people, like the city of London,the typical English village, the pot of Ben and Jerrys andthe massive pants that Bridget continually wearsthroughout the film. This film is mainstream and mostprobably got shown and viewed around Europe and mostdefinitely America too.
  14. 14. Media Institutions and distributionWhich company owns the film?Miramax, Universal Pictures and Studio Canalthese companies like all of the films I haveresearched co own the film.Which companies and institutions have linkswith the film?Working Title, Mars distribution, Lions gatehome entertainment, Alliance Atlantis, LittleBird.
  15. 15. On the 13th April 2001 was when the film was released incinemas.Age certificate on this film is a ‘15’ due to some stronglanguage and sexual references.Miramax is a very mainstream film distributor therefore theaudience of this film is going to be mainstream (people thatvisit the cinema) rather than watching it in theatre or art-house cinemas.Bridget Jones was also based on a novel written by HelenFielding who also wrote the screenplay.
  16. 16. Had the film been broadcasted on TV?Yes, Bridget Jones has been broadcasted on TV anumerous of times on ITV1. Around Christmastime it was shown and before that was againshown on itv1 around 9.00 pm on Sunday night,post watershed showing the first film and thenthe following week at the same time showingthe second film, ‘the edge of reason’.