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Rolling Stone Statistics


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Rolling Stone Statistics

  1. 1. Men 60% Age RangeWomen 40% Age 18 to 24 27% Age 25 to 34 27%Marital Status Age 35 to 44 20%Single 50% Age 45 to 54 14%Married 35% Age 55+ 13%Any Children 41% Average Age 33.5RaceWhite 75%Black 12%Asian 2%Spanish/Hispanic Origin 17%Other 11%Total Circulation 1,467,739Subscriptions 1,374,094Single Copy Price $4.99From these stats we can see that more men buy ‘RollingStone’ magazine than woman, even though woman arestill a big market with 40% of the purchases. The agerange they aim at is 18+ which most the market is 18-34.It does also appeal to the older audience as well, somaybe it is the content inside which interests this ageaudience. The average age is 33.5 which shows that it isadults which mainly buy this magazine. The race that thismagazine appeals to most is the white race with 75%, asit is an American magazine this is what you’d expect. Butalso many other races participate in this aswell.The total circulation of the magazine is 1,467,739 whichis a massive amount, this shows that it is a very widespread magazine and appeals to many different people.The total number of subscriptions is 1,374,094 whichshows that the magazine must be of very good quality ifthat many people are subscribed to it every month sothey don’t miss an issue. The single copy price is $4.99 sothey must think themselves that their magazine is worththis amount, much more than general magazines thatare priced at only around $2.99.