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NME Contents Page Analysis


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Published in: Education
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NME Contents Page Analysis

  1. 1. The layout used is the heading at the top saying ‘NME Contents’ which informs you straight away what is on the page. The information on the different pages are split off under sections down the right hand side. This is so if you are looking for ‘news’ you look under the news heading, or if you’re looking for ‘reviews’ you look under the reviews heading to see easily what page to go to. There is a picture whichtakes over about 1/3 of the page of the Arctic Monkeys performing. This gives us an idea of whatkind of bands and pictures the magazine holds. Underneath the picture is a heading saying‘ARCTIC MONKEYS p45’ this shows that this is the main story as it takes over half the contentspage. Underneath this is information on how to subscribe to the magazine to try and keep theaudience coming back for more. The colours used are plain black, white and red, the fonts arevery basic which keeps it easy to read but also very professional. It all looks very organised andnot to crowded. I like this contents page because it’s not too busy but it fills all the space andlooks eye catching even though it is quite basic.