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Student created product.

Teacher followup will be given to insure proper formats are taught regarding citing sources and standard English conventions.

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  1. 1. By Fares – 4C
  2. 2. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Welcome to Saudi Arabia By: Bob Temple, 2008 Saudi Arabia By: Bob Temple, 2001 Saudi Arabia question and answer book By: Kathleen W. Deady 4. Wikimedia commons. 5. where we get free images.
  3. 3. 1.Sources 2.Introduction 3. Geography 4. History 5. Economy 6.Culture 7. Climate 8. Interesting facts 9. Conclusion 10.Picture of maps 11.Glossary
  4. 4. . My country is Saudi Arabia. their population is 29,018,626 their language is Arabic. They’re close to Jordan. I chose this country because its big and it sounds interesting to work on and I’m curious about the country and that it has the third largest oil in the world. I wanted Saudi Arabia because I want to know the history and more!!!!!! I’m happy I chose this country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. 5. Saudi Arabia is a country in the Middle East. It is surrounded to the north by U.A.E and Iraq. To the northwest is Kuwait. To the southwest is Yemen, Oman. To the south is Qatar. To northwest Jordan. The major landforms of Saudi Arabia are the Arabian Peninsula flanked by one important sea, the Red Sea. Another one is the desert , Rub Al Khalil, which spans 250,000 miles. Another one is the desert An Nafad nearly 40,000 miles. The tallest mountain in Saudi Arabia is Jabal sawda 2,995 meters above sea level. The tallest building is Kingdom Tower.24.000 meters above sea level. The main industry is oil, they have the largest reserves of petroleum, crude oil in the world. They are the top sellers of oil, and great wealth. Sends oil to the most countries. The Major holiday is Ramadan (only for Muslims). Aid Al-Fitr,Eid Al-Adha. You pray during Ramadan. On Eid Al-Adha you don’t go to school and they sell lamb meat. Another holiday is inefficient day
  6. 6. Muhammad found islam and was born at 570. A.D. Saudi Arabia is friendly to the United States! United States helped Saudi Arabia in the war. There was a lot of fighting in Saudi Arabia for the oil. Prince faisal became king at 1964. Many nomads in Saudi Arabia have herds of camels, goats, and sheep. Before 1932 Saudi Arabia was called Arabia. Mohammad was born in mecca. In the 1800 most traders
  7. 7. Saudi Arabia is rich in oil. They have the third largest oil in the world. Saudi Arabia has gold, silver, lend, and copper are plentiful. In Saudi Arabia the zinc, nickel, pyrite (used to produce sulfuric acid), phosphate, and gypsum (used to make plaster) they are also important. The wheat is Saudi Arabia’s principal crop also as rice, alfalfa, barley, and grapes. These fruits grow in Saudi Arabia cotton, melon,, and other fruits also. Oil planet in Saudi Arabia fuel motor gas , and jet fuel through out the world. In Saudi Arabia oil powers cars, lawn-mowers, and even small airplanes.
  9. 9. their favorite sport is soccer. Their Religion is Islam its when you’re Muslim . When have that region go to mosque, celebrate Ramadan, Aid Al-Adha, don’t eat pork, do not lie, and do not steal. The plants and animals in Saudi Arabia are rare. Except for the camels and the only forest Asir. Their language is Arabic. Their food is that in the afternoon they eat the most. They eat red chilli peppers,meat,beaf chicken
  10. 10. At day time the weather can be as high as 130F/54C. Their climate is very dry. Parts of Saudi Arabia have no rain for years! The South moderate temperature is as low as 10C. they have a freezing night. Along the Red Sea there is some rain. The rest of the country barely has rain in the cities. Saudi Arabia in the summer is really hot
  11. 11. The important people in Saudi Arabia are Sami al jabr an athlete, raja al-sanea novelist, Faisal king of Saudi Arabia since 1964 to 1975. Their population is 27 million people. Their money is Saudi Riyal. The tallest building is kingdom tower 24000 meters above sea. Their tallest mountain is jabal Sawda 2,995 meters above sea level..It’s three times as big as Texas (about 2.2 million square kilometers)( 865,000 square miles). Mohammad the founder of Islam
  12. 12. Saudi Arabia is a beautiful desert. I learned… Mohammad was born at A.D. 570 in Mecca. Saudi Arabia was called Arabia In 1932. Saudi Arabia is three times as big as Texas. Saudi Arabia is very dry (it doesn’t rain for years). At night it is really cold. The population is 29.018,626. The capitol is Riyadh. You pray during Ramadan and not eat till 7:00. A holiday in Saudi Arabia is called inefficient day. They’re rich in oil. They have the third largest oil factory in the world. They’re friendly to the United States. United States helped Saudi Arabia in the war. They use oil to fuel lawn-mowers, cars, and even small airplanes. My question is United States still gonna help them in war and is there going to be a war in Saudi Arabia. I love my
  13. 13. 1.Geography: Nature Major Land Forms. 2. Climate: The weather over a long time 3. Culture: Their tradition dances clothes… 4. Economy: How they trade stuff and collect stuff and work 5. History: Their past long time ago 6. Mohammad: founder of islam 7.factory: A huge place they work in and do oil or other stuff 8.Faisal: king since 1964 to 1975 9.population: How famous the country is and how many people