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UAE Culture Presentation


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Presentation on UAE, by the students of The Delhi School of Communication

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UAE Culture Presentation

  1. 1. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES GROUP-1Akshay Alagh Namrita Khurana Rinkey Gupta
  3. 3. UAE NATIONAL ANTHEM (English) • Live my country, the unity of our Emirates lives You have lived for a nation Whose religion is Islam and guide is the Quran I made you stronger in Gods name oh homeland My country, My country, My country, My country God has protected you from the evils of the time We have sworn to build and work Work sincerely, work sincerely As long as we live, well be sincere, sincereThe safety has lasted and the flag has lived oh our Emirates The symbol of Arabism We all sacrifice for you, we supply you with our blood We sacrifice for you with our souls oh homeland
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION• Before 1971, it was known as Trucial Oman• Middle Eastern Federation of 7 states• Situated in South East of Arabian Peninsula• Rich in oil but lacks natural resources• Thursdays and Fridays are holidays• Everything closed from 1 pm to 4 pm
  5. 5. CLIMATE TODAY AT U.A.E• 30 Degree Celsius Max.• 21 Degree Celsius Minimum• The Sun rose at 06:36 am today• The Sun would set down at around 05:34 pm• Prayer Timings • Fajr 5:13 Shorouk 6:36 • Zohor12:05 Assr 15:10 • Maghreb17:34 Ishai 19:04
  6. 6. DEMOGRAPHICS• 88 % of the Population is urban• Population is 4.3 Million• Nationality : Emirian• 76 % Males• 81 % Females• Languages : Arabic, Persian, English, Hindi
  7. 7. Date English Arabic New Years ‫رأس السنة‬1 January Day ‫الميلدية‬ Day of the ‫عيد الضحى‬variable Eid ul-Adha Sacrifice Ras Al ‫رأس السنة‬ Islamic Newvariable Sana Al Year Hijria ‫الهجرية‬ The Night Israa wa al- ‫السراء و‬variable Journey Miraj ‫المعراج‬ National Al-Eid Al ‫العيد الوطني‬2 Dec. Day Watani End ofvariable Eid ul-Fitr Ramadan
  8. 8. HISTORY AND TRADITIONS• Earliest known inhabitants of UAE seem to have arrived in the early stone age, over 1 lakh years ago• Their stone tools have been found along the edge of Hajar mountains• Even at this early stage there is proof of interaction with the outside world, especially with civilizations to the north
  9. 9. • Foreign trade, the recurring motive in the history of this strategic region has flourished in later periods with domestication of camel• Discovery of new irrigation techniques (Falaj irrigation) made possible the extensive watering of agricultural areas resulting in an explosion of settlement in the region
  10. 10. • Syria and cities in southern Iraq followed by seaborne travel to port of Omana and then to India was an alternative to the red sea route used by the Romans• Pearls had been exploited in this area and therefore, trade reached new heights• Due to seafaring major fares were held in Dibba bringing merchants from far
  11. 11. Important Dates• 5500 BC – Evidence of extensive human occupation in U.A.E• 5500 BC - 0 AD – Hafit Period, Umm Al – Nar Period, Late Bronze Period, Iron Age, Late Pre- Islamic Period• 0-250 A.D – Ed – Dur Period – Extensive Trade Network along the Gulf linking the Mediterranean, Syria and Mesopotamia with India
  12. 12. Contd.• 630 A.D – Arrival of envoys from the Prophet Muhammad; conversion of people to Islam• 632 A.D – Death of the Prophet Muhammad – Outbreak of Ridda Movement, a wide spread rebellion against the teachings of Islam• 1720s – Growth of English trade in the Gulf – Increasing Anglo-Dutch rivalry• 1800-1819 – Repeated English East India Company attacks on Qawasim Navy
  13. 13. Contd.• 1820s – General Treaty of Peace between British Government and Sheikhs of Ra’s-Al-Khaimah, Umm-Al Qaiwain, Ajman, Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi• 1930s- Collapse of the Natural Pearl Market – First Agreements signed by rulers of Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi for Oil Exploration• 1962 - First Export of Oil from Abu Dhabi• 1969 – First Export of Oil from Dubai
  14. 14. Contd.• 10th July 1971 – Agreement reached amongst rulers of the Emirates to form a Union• 2nd December 1971 – Formation of the State of the United Arab Emirates• 2nd November 2004 – Sheikh Zayad 1st President of the U.A.E died• 3rd November 2004 - Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan elected
  15. 15. Government• The UAE comprises 7 Emirates – Abu Dhabi – Dubai – Sharjah – Ajman – Umm-Al-Qaiwain – Ra’s Al Khaima – Fujairah
  16. 16. Contd.• U.A.E flag was first raised on 2nd November 1971• Federal system of Government• Includes a Supreme Council• Cabinet, Council of Ministers, Parliamentary Body, Federal National Council• Independent Judiciary – the Apex is the Federal Supreme Court
  17. 17. Contd.• Federal Supreme Council has both Legislative and Executive Powers• 11 Feb 2004- 24 Member Cabinet found• September 2006 – Approved an Electoral College• 6689 Members – 1189 were women• Total independence of the Federal Judiciary is guaranteed under the U.A.E Constitution
  18. 18. Contd.• UAE is the only federal system in the Arab World• UAE Foreign Policy – Justice, Non- Interference and Peace• Opposes the presence of Nuclear Weapons• Strong supporter of the United Nations and its various agencies• Each of the Emirates has a local government
  19. 19. Economic Development• Astute Economic Policy for impressive economic growth in all sectors• Allowance for new private property markets – increase in scope of economic performance• Outward Investment - always a key strategy in U.A.E Economic Policy• Inward Investment – Growth by 24 % in GDP in 2006 to Dh 592 Billion
  20. 20. Major International Investments• MUBADLA – Owned by Abu Dhabi Government – 35 % of Equity of Piajjio Aero – An Italian business aircraft maker – 5 % Stake in Ferrari – 25 % stake in 9 Oil exploration blocks in Libya – Gas processing plant in Qatar
  21. 21. • ETISALAT – Investment in Afghanistan – Pakistan and Egypt – Invloving 2G and 3G Mobile networks
  22. 22. • Dubai Holding LLC – Mandated Emirates bank and Standard Chartered Bank – To finance a purchase of a 35% Equity stake in Tunisie Telecom – Tunisian Government Telecommunication provider
  23. 23. • EMAAR – Agreement between Saudi Arabia and Emaar – Build the King Abdullah City in Jeddah – Worth SR 100 Billion
  24. 24. • EMAAR Properties – Bought John Laing Homes – Second largest privately held US home builder – Worth US $ 1.05 Billion
  25. 25. The Essence…• Manufacturing sector – a major driving force• Impressive gains by Banks• Massive oversubscriptions in IPO’s• 3rd Largest US Trade Partner in 2005• Believes in removal of all trade barriers
  26. 26. GOLD & JEWELLERY• Imported 522 tonnes of Gold in 2005• Average UAE spends 30 times more in Gold• 70 % Gold buyers from South Asia• 22% from East Asia• Approx. 350 outlets in Dubai’s Gold Souk and between them they display 20 tonnes of jewelry at any given time• UAE is one of the top 10 Gold Consuming Countries in the World
  27. 27. OIL & GAS• Currently produces around 2.8 Million barrels of Oil per day• Abu Dhabi owns more than 90 % of UAE’s Oil and Natural Gas Resources• Dubai accounts only 6 %• Sharjah comes at the third place• UAE ranks 5th in place for its oil reserves• 4th for its Natural Gas figures
  28. 28. TOURISM• Worth more to Dubai than Oil• Increased by 17% in 2006• Dubai specializes in giant shopping malls• Over 300 hotels, 110 Hotel Apartments in Dubai• Attention of the Cruise Lines increasing• Weather and Infrastructure supporting the same
  29. 29. AVIATION• Etihad – One of the fastest growing airlines – Abu Dhabi based – 29 New Aircrafts – A 380s – Major reason for growth at Abu Dhabi airport• Emirates – Dubai Based – Major success of Aviation Industry – 70 % share of all new middle eastern orders
  30. 30. AGRICULTURE• UAE produces dates, green fodder, vegetables and fruit (Mainly Citrus and Mangoes)• Together with livestock in forms of Goats, Sheep, Camel, Cows and Horses as well as Meat and Poultry• Top breeding centers for Arabian horses• 100 % Self-sufficient in dates, 83% in Fresh Milk• 50 % in Vegetables, 18 % in Poultry
  31. 31. DATES• Harvested in late summer• Main crop in Dubai• Date trees have inspired architecture or landscaping• 40 Million Date Tree have already been grown there• 16 Million of which line on the roads
  32. 32. MEDIA & CULTURE• National Media Council established to oversee Media Development in the UAE• Emirates Media Inc. (EMI) established in 1969• Three Satellite Television Channels – Abu Dhabi T.V – Abu Dhabi Sports – Emirates Channel• Six Radio Channels
  33. 33. EMIRATES NEWS AGENCY• Operational 1976• Widely respected source of international media• Transmits news on national, regional issues• Team of around 25 reporters• Has over 3000 photographs in digital format• Provides information to numerous newspapers
  34. 34. CULTURE• UAE committed to safeguarding intangible cultural heritage• Sheikh Zayad Prize for Oral and Intangible heritage of humanity• Supports a strong arts movement• Oprah House, General Museum and Art Center are being constructed• Different museums for different subjects like Archeology etc.
  35. 35. SPORTS• UAE hosts a wide range of sports almost from – Horse racing to moto-racing – Golf to Rugby – Tennis to Cricket – Sailing to any other competitive sport• Local indigenous sporty environment• With sun, sea and sun in abundance, UAE is a perfect venue for Beach Soccer which is now a part of the FIFA family
  36. 36. CAMEL RACING• Inhabitants of Gulf States have enjoyed long and productive relation with the camel• Not less than 15 race tracks across the 7 emirates• Helped in maintaining symbolic significance of a Camel and by giving it structure has made it a significant sport• Huge amounts of Prize Money Involved• Also a big tourist attraction
  37. 37. Contd.• Season of Camel Racing runs from late October to Early April with races in Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 am and on National Holidays• Electronic wireless controlled robot jockeys are used in camel races• Robot jockeys are controlled by owners• Initially jockeys around 45 Kgms in weight
  38. 38. Contd.• Motorsports – UAE Desert Challenge – Dubai Auto Drome – Formula X – QUAD Bike Race• Golf• Water Sports – Climate supports year round sailing, Jet Skies, Power Boat Racing etc
  39. 39. DUBAI SHOPPING FESTIVAL• Started in 1996• Every Year in the Emirates• Rolls Royces to Food• Shopping – Considered as a national sport• Jan-Feb – 45 Days Period• Street Markets, Heritage Fairs, Sports Events• Global Village of 1.6 Million Sq. Mtrs. area• Selling a plethora of items
  40. 40. BURJ - AL- ARAB • Rising from Arabian Gulf • Sores to a height of 320 mtrs • Less than 20 kms from south of Dubai • On an island 180 mtrs from Jumeirah Beach
  41. 41. U.A.E Through The Eyes of ‘The Indian Arabians’
  43. 43. SADDI DUKAAN…!!!
  45. 45. ‘Mona ka SONA’ ( Gold Souq)
  46. 46. KHETTI BADI
  48. 48. ITIHAAS
  49. 49. FAMILY PHOTO
  50. 50. MARUTI – UNTH ( Dubai Version)
  51. 51. MERI BERI KA PED…(Dates)
  53. 53. AAJ KI TAAZA KHABAR…!!!
  54. 54. SHUKRAN…!!!
  55. 55. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS• The Delhi School of Communication• Prof. Ramola Kumar• Prof. Anupama Mohan• Mr. Chadda• Miss Rupanjali Lahiri• Bhakti Malik• Sujay Srivastava• Anubhav Sood
  56. 56. Contd.• Friends, Family and Relatives• Sajid Arts Noida (Banners)• Hanuman Tent House Neb Sarai• Kalpana Fancy Dress Store• The Whole DSC Family• PGDPC XIII