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Academic Success


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Trio Programs SSS Workshop Presentation
Spring 2015 University of Guam

Published in: Education
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Academic Success

  1. 1. Academic Success: Getting the Most Out of College Friday, February 6, 2015 John Aguon, SSS Math Instructor SBPA Classroom 110
  2. 2. Academic Success Overview • Education Plan – Academics – Financial Aid and Personal Budgeting – Personal • Time Management and Prioritization • Study Strategies • Getting help • Question and Answer
  3. 3. SSS Goal • To provide the academic assistance and personal support necessary to help students to remain in school until graduation and facilitate the process of transition from one level of higher education to the next.
  4. 4. Setting your educational goals • Choice of major • Career exploration • Getting the grades • Staying in school Set a Deadline! Choose My Undergraduate Major Explore My Career Options Obtain and Maintain a Solid GPA
  5. 5. Ways to get help Professor •Discuss course syllabus •Possible supplemental material and outside help •Office hours Classmates •Study, compare notes, missed class. •Group projects •Exchange contact information Tutoring • Talk with your Professor • Ask a fellow classmate • Academic Tutoring – SSS provides one-to-one tutorial assistance in Math and English. Staff may also assist in other subjects areas, however, Math and English are the main focus of tutorial services.
  6. 6. Turn your goals into a plan of action! Motivating myself, having a strong support system, keeping track of my schedule and tasks on a daily basis.
  7. 7. Survival Pack Course Syllabus Calendar Textbook Calculator Notebook Binder/supplies Motivation Tenacity
  8. 8. Academic Success • Know yourself and set realistic goals. • Establish your goals based on your values and morals. • Take care of you: Mind, body and Spirit. • UOG Stuffs: follow guidelines and know where to get more information. • Do the Financial Aid and Personal Budgeting thingy. • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (A Must!)
  9. 9. Why Time Management? • Beat Work Overload. • Be More Effective. • Achieve More.
  10. 10. Time Management: Make the most of your time by… • Prioritizing and Scheduling • Recognizing Your Time Management Challenges • Concentrating and Focusing • Be Real about Your Goal Setting • Learn and Utilize Self-Motivation • Assess and Evaluate
  11. 11. As easy as 1, 2, 3… Effective time management involves: 1. identifying what is important to you in your work, school, and personal life. 2. planning your time on those high impact activities, and 3. executing your plan 4. Try not to get lost in the numbers.
  12. 12. Know your way around campus.
  13. 13. Find a Place to Study
  14. 14. How to study • Be realistic • Prioritize • Get to know your professor. • Get help when you need it. • Plan ahead. • Go to class. • Read your syllabus. • Understand what material is important. • Take good notes. • Summarize.
  15. 15. • “Do” Scheduling • Avoid Distractions • Avoid Procrastination • Get Proper rest • Practice Nutrition • Take time to relax • Reward yourself Reading a textbook: Scan. Read. Review.
  16. 16. Study Groups
  17. 17. UOG online: • • TYPE=M&PID=CORE-WBMAIN&TOKENIDX=4942495560 • • •
  18. 18. Access your documents from anywhere. Go mobile. • I keep my plans on Google Docs so I have them everywhere I go.
  19. 19. EMSS Counselors • Arline Leon Guerrero Counselor Tel: 735-3342 Fax: 734-2442 Student Center Bldg. Rotunda (Office next to SLO Office) • Joan Swaddell Counselor Tel: 735-2271 Fax: 734-2442 Student Center Bldg. Rotunda (EMSS Dean’s Office)
  20. 20. Isa Psychological Services Center • Appointments may be made by phone, email, or by visiting the Center. • Center Hours: Monday to Friday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm • Phone: (671) 735-2883 • Email: • Location: Humanities and Social Sciences Building, Room 202
  21. 21. • Office Location: – UOG Calvo Fieldhouse, Second Floor. • Contact #s: (phone) 735-2258/48/46 (fax) 734-7514 • Personnel: Chrislynn R. Takawo, Assistant Director John Aguon, Math Instructor Joe Cruz, English Instructor
  22. 22. • Thank you! Questions or Comments?