Rivers of south americaa & north america


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Rivers of south americaa & north america

  1. 1. Rivers of South America Name of Length/ Source/Mouth Countries in Major cities along Remarksthe River which the river flowingAmazon Length: 6800 km Brazil Manaus is the largest •2nd longest river in the world Peru city along the R. •Largest river in the world according Source: Mt. Mismi in Colombia Amazon (Brazil) to discharge Southern Peru (also •Largest drainage basin the world known as Nevado Mismi) •Important tributaries are Branco, Rio Negro, Japura, Apurimac, Madeira, Mouth: Atlantic Ocean Pastaza, Napo, Putumayo, Tapajos, Xingu etc. •Largest tributary is R. MadeiraOrinoco Length: 2140 km Venezuela Ciudad Bolivar in • Amazon River Dolphin and Orinoco Colombia Venezuela Piranha can be found in this river. Source: W. slopes of the • Orinoco Crocodile is also found in Parima Mountains along the river. the border between •There is a natural canal called Venezuela and Brazil. Casiquiare Canal which joins the Rio Negro river, a tributary of Amazon. Mouth: Atlantic Ocean •Important tributaries of the river are Apure, Caroni, Meta, Caura, Arauca etc. •Volume wise it is the world’s third largest river.Parana Length: 1090 km Brazil (In Argentina) • Important tributaries is R. Salado Paraguay Rosario, Santa Fe, •It is the second longest South Source: it is formed by the Argentina Parana, Resistencia, American River union of two rivers, Corrientes • The Itaipu Dam on this river is the Paranaiba River & Grande world’s second largest HEP power River both occurring in (In Brazil) station in the world. Brazil. Sao Paulo, • For a certain stretch the river forms Santos, Araguari the natural boundary between Mouth: Atlantic Ocean Paraguay & Argentina (Rio de la Plata)Paraguay Length: 2621 km Paraguay (In Paraguay) • Important shipping corridor for the Brazil Asuncion Concepcion land locked countries like Bolivia & Source: Mato Grosso Argentina (In Argentina) Paraguay. Region (Brazil) Bolivia Formosa • There are no dams or HEP projects located on the rivers. Mouth: falls into R. Parana •Fishing is an important economic activity done in this river. • The main tributaries are Pilcomayo, Apa, Negro, Barmejo & Miranda.Rio de la Length: 290 km Argentina Buenos Aires • It is an estuary where fresh waterPlata Uruguay and saline water get mixed Source: confluence of • The La Plata drainage basin is the Paraná & Paraguay river continent’s second largest drainage basin after Amazon Mouth: South Atlantic • Main tributaries are Uruguay, Ocean Paraguay and Parana. •Most of the population of Argentina & Uruguay are found around this river.
  2. 2. Magdalena Length: 1540 km Colombia Neiva • Main river of Colombia Honda •Main tributaries are San Jorge, Cesar Source: Colombian Massif El Dorado & Cauca Girardot Mouth: Atlantic ocean Puerto BoyacáSao Length: 2830 km Brazil Pirapora • Discovered by Amerigo VespucciFrancisco Bom Jesus da Lapa • Main tributaries are Grande, Source: Canastra Mt. Sao Francisco Paraopeba, Paracatu, Corrente etc Range (Brazil) Juazeizo • Sobradinho reservoir is located on Petrolina this river which is one of the largest Mouth: Atlantic Ocean artificial lakes in the world.Tocantins Length: 2640 km Brazil • The main tributary is Araguaia. The other tributaries are Rio das Mortes, Source: Pirenues district Paranatinga, Maranhao etc. of Brazil •The famous Tucurui HEP project in Brazil is located on this river. Mouth: Atlantic Ocean Rivers of North America Name of Length/ Remarks the Source/Mouth River St. Length: 1197 km • Forms a part of boundary between Lawrence USA & Canada Source: L. Ontario • It consists of several lakes, islands and manmade canals Mouth: Atlantic • It is the main drainage of the Great Ocean (Gulf of St. Lake Region Lawrence) • It connects the Great Lake region with Atlantic Ocean • It falls into the Gulf of St, Lawrence, which is considered as the world’s Rivers of South America largest estuary. • It is the 2nd largest river of Canada •The main tributaries of the river are Ottawa, Saguenay, Manicouagan, Saint-Maurice etc. • It is an important route of USA- Canada trade. • The main cities found along the river are Quebec City, Montreal, Cornwall, Brokeville, Cape Vincent (New York) etc.
  3. 3. Name of the Length/Source/Mouth Remarks RiverMackenzie Length: 4241 km • It is the largest and longest river of Canada Source: Great Slave Lake • some important tributaries of the river are Kakisa, Jean Marie, in Canada (NW Territories) Liard, Arctic Red River, Great Bear, Peel, Athabasca, Peace etc Mouth: Arctic Ocean • The river is navigable in summer and rest of the year it is used as (Beaufort Sea) frozen roads. • The main cities found along this river are Fort Simpson, Fort Good Hope & Inuvik. • It terms of discharge is ranks second in the continent and fourth in the world.Yukon Length: 3187 km • The important tributaries of the river are Teslin, Pelly, Takhini, Source: Llewellyn Glacier, Porcupine, Stewart etc. British Columbia, Canada • Fishing is an important activity in this river. It is well know for Mouth: Berring Sea fishing of Salmon. • It is one of the largest salmon reserves of the world. • Important towns found along the river are Fort Yukon, Circle, Dawson, Whitehorse, Carmacks etc.Churchill Length: 1609 km • The main tributary of the river is Beaver River Source: Churchill Lake, • Churchill in Manitoba is the largest city located along the river. It is Saskatchewan, Canada known as the ‘Polar Bear capital of the World’. Mouth: Hudson Bay • Large-scale Fishing is done in this river.Fraser Length: 1375 km • The main tributaries of the river are Pitt, Harrison, Thompson, Stein, Source: Canadian Rockies, Robson, Moose, Nechako, Brunette etc British Columbia, Canada • A 270 km long canyon has been curved by the river, which is known Mouth: Strait of Georgia, as Fraser Canyon. Vancouver, Canada •Moran Canyon Dam project has been proposed on this river. • The main cities along this river are Chilliwack, Abbotsford & New Westminster
  4. 4. Columbia Length: 2000 km • Important tributaries of this river are Beaver, Snake, kettle, Source: Columbia Lake, Okanogan, Yakima, and Spillimacheen etc. British Columbia, Canada • There is a Columbia River Treaty between US & Canada for the Mouth: Pacific Ocean successful flood control & maximization if HEP generation • Some cities located along the river are Northport, Bridgeport, Arlington, Roosevelt, Lyle, Columbia City, Prescott etc. • The Grand Coulee Dam on this river is the largest electric power producing facility in USA. The Dam is a product of Columbia Basin Project. • Fishing is an important economic activity in this river.Colorado Length: 2334 km • Some important tributaries of the river are Green River, San Juan Source: Rocky Mountain River, Paria River, Little Colorado, Virgin River etc. National Park, Colorado, USA • Hoover Dam, Parker Dam, Davis Dam & Glen Canyon Dam are the Mouth: Gulf of California two important dam situated across the river. • The important cities located along the river are Page, Moab, Boulder City, Glenwood Springs, Yuma, Las Vegas, McCoy etc. • From its source to the Confluence of Green river it is known as Grand River. • The city of Moab in the north bank of the river is known for its Uranium reserve.Rio Grande Length: 3051 km • A part of this river forms the natural boundary between US & Source: San Juan Mountain, Mexico. Colorado, USA • The important tributaries are San Juan River, Pecos, Rio Chama, Rio Mouth: Gulf of Mexico Conchos, Rio Salado etc. • The cities located along the river are Nuevo Laredo, El Paso, Laredo, Juarez etcMississippi Length: 3734 km • Largest river system of the continent. Source: L. Itasca, Minnesota, • Important tributaries are Arkansas, Red River, Ohio, & Missouri etc. USA • Important cities located along the river are Baton Rouge, Memphis, Mouth: Gulf of Mexico Cape Girardeau, Hannibal, Minneapolis & Rock Island. Tributaries of Missouri • It rises from the Centennial Mountains, Montana, USA Mississippi River • It is 3767 km long. • The important cities located along the river are Bismarck, Omaha, Kansas City, St. Louis, Great Fall etc. • Longest tributary of Mississippi, (even longer than Mississippi) Ohio • Largest tributary of Mississippi. • The cities of Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, New Albany, Henderson, Petersburg are situated along this river • The source of the river is the Allegheny River in Pennsylvania. • It is 1579 km long. Arkansas • 2nd longest tributary of Mississippi River • Rises from the Rocky Mountain, Colorado, USA •It is 2350 km long • Important cities located along the river are Tulsa, Little Rock, Pine Bluff, Pueblo etc. Red river • It rises from the state of Oklahoma. • It is 2189 km long • Elmer, Denison, Texarkana are the main cities located along the river.