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Most Inspiring And Memorable Commercials Of 2016 [EN]


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Published in: Marketing
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Most Inspiring And Memorable Commercials Of 2016 [EN]

  2. 2. FAMILY JOURNEY HOUSE OF TRAVEL: The best holidays are created together House of Travel decided to remind their customers about the importance of searching for unusual experience while being on holidays in a possibly reasonable price. For me this ad sends a message that it is not always important what destination are we going to, but who is travelling there with us. photo: House Of Travel
  3. 3. THINK BIG DREAMS AMERICAN FAMILY INSURANCE: Free to dream Do you remember when you were kids and every dream you had, seemed to be possible to come true? That’s what AFI’s campaign and its slogan “Insure carefully, dream fearlessly” refers to. The ad, filmed on one of the Californian deserts, perfectly connects the world of fantasy with the real world, and points out that it is worthwhile to dream. photo:
  4. 4. HOME IKEA: My way The paraphrase of the proverb "Do not tell anyone what is happening at home" is a leading campaign slogan of the Italian branch of IKEA, which in a funny way shows the daily trials and tribulations... of all of us. 2016 can be considered by IKEA as successful in terms of its own advertising production. Another very good example is their realization “Let’s Relax”. photo: GOOD LIFE
  5. 5. FIGHT SickKids Foundation: SickKids VS Undeniable Power and message of the SickKids Foundation's campaign is so large that it is difficult to make an effort to comment it. It’s an ad that is watched with a beating heart. For me, absolutely one of the best campaigns in 2016, not only in the category of supporting charitable activities. photo: HEALTH
  6. 6. HOME NIKE: Time is precious One of the most minimalist NIKE ads in history. In just one minute it captures the truth about how we spend time today, how we lose it, and how much of that time we spent on entertainment, which does not bring anything significant to our lives. It gives food for thought. photo: QUALITY TIME
  7. 7. ANIMALS 30 Millions d’Amis Foundation According to the 30 Millions d'Amis organization, every summer in France more than 60 000 animals are abandoned. As a part of year-round social action the foundation prepared a moving campaign, which emphasizes the loyalty of quadrupeds which is frequently exposed to a severe test by the owners. photo: AWARENESS
  8. 8. ATHLETES Channel 4: Superhumans Channel 4 during the Olympic Games in Rio (just as in 2012, on the occasion of the Olympics in London) promoted the sport of disabled people by continuing the Superhumans campaign. As it turns out, the audience and the media, even after 4 years they constantly had this realization in minds. A similar campaign of the Belgian Paralympic representation. photo: PARALYMPICS
  9. 9. OLYMPICS Under Armour: Rule Yourself Olympic Games in Rio were the event, around which many brands have built their line of communication in 2016. Under Armour has used the sponsorship of a multiple medalist Michael Phelps to create a campaign that was one of the best in the world in 2016. It is difficult to disagree. photo: PHELPS
  10. 10. AUTOMOTIVE Volvo Cars: Vision 2020 In 2016, Volvo has strengthened its communication strategy, which assumes that since 2020 years, no person will be seriously harmed, or killed in a car of this brand. The campaign, which launched a debate on the vision of Volvo, gives food for thought not only to motorists, but also to producers who often sustains the performance of vehicles. photo: SAFETY
  11. 11. FANTASY H&M: Come together Wes Anderson, famous for its commercial work for big brands, directed one of the best Christmas Ad 2016. Adrien Brody was one of the actors who took part in this fairy-tale, focused on details production. Worth mentioning at this point is also the large global success of the Allegro's Christmas campaign. photo: CHRISTMAS