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The Influence Report - Cannes 2015


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the projects* insight into the influences at 2015's Cannes Festival of Creativity

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The Influence Report - Cannes 2015

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Now in its 55th year, The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity has established itself as the Academy Awards of the advertising and creative industries. In this special influence report, we’ve hand picked some of the most compelling, interesting and influential talks and activities we saw, heard and experienced
  4. 4. STOP CREATING CAMPAIGNS A point of view articulated by Richard Edelman (President, Edelman) was that the only way for agencies to grow is to stop creating campaigns and to focus on creating movements
  5. 5. STOP CREATING CAMPAIGNS The distinction was articulated in a discussion with chef Jamie Oliver who spoke about the honesty required for his “School Dinners” program, which has now become a successful global movement
  6. 6. STOP CREATING CAMPAIGNS Our Point of View: We’ve been a fan of the ‘movement’ theory since it was articulated in Scott Goodson’s book “Uprising” as movements help people to identify what they stand for and are passionate about. People connect through shared interests, and passion is the key to a successful movement
  8. 8. THE MILLENIAL MIND Millennials – all 2 billion of them - are the largest demographic on the planet, spending over $1 trillion a year
  9. 9. THE MILLENIAL MIND The media world is obsessed with millennials, but how do brands build credibility, and loyalty with a generation whose consumption habits continue to change at the speed of culture?
  10. 10. THE MILLENIAL MIND Snapchat Founder Evan Spiegel noted that his app resonates with Millennials because of its voyeuristic nature and labelled it cool because “it’s not for everyone”
  11. 11. THE MILLENIAL MIND Our point of view is that niche isn’t a dirty word any more. The more you can anticipate and connect with leftfield trends, the higher your chance of success
  13. 13. PARTNERSHIPS FOR THE GREATER GOOD Warby Parker, Toms, Lush Cosmetics and Chivas Regal are leading a charge of brands that are championing the importance of positive social impact as well as bottom line profits
  14. 14. PARTNERSHIPS FOR THE GREATER GOOD At Cannes, Dell’s new social impact spokesperson, actor Adrian Grenier sat with Livia Firth, Creative Director of Eco-Agi together with athlete and model Aimee Mullins to debate if marketing can really inspire social change ADRIAN GRENIER LIVIA FIRTH AIMEE MULLINS
  15. 15. PARTNERSHIPS FOR THE GREATER GOOD Our point of view is that in order to talk the talk, you really have to walk the walk. Does your brand really want to measure success by profit AND purpose? If so, then these partnerships can tell powerful stories that deliver real social change – but your voice and behaviour has to be credible and consistent
  17. 17. MUSIC AND BRANDING As the global music industry continues to reinvent and reassert itself in the wake of continuous flux, brand collaboration has never been so relevant
  18. 18. MUSIC AND BRANDING Jennifer Breithaupt of City Group, Billboard Magazine’s Senior Correspondent Andrew Hampp and Lars Ulrich of Metallica discussed what it take for brands and artists to really make music together
  19. 19. MUSIC AND BRANDING Our point of view: The era of brands ‘owning’ music through sponsorships is drawing to a close. In order to connect successfully, you need to add value and create experiences that the audience can’t already create for themselves
  21. 21. WEARABLE TECH Morgan Flatley CMO of Gatorade, Jim Morlica Digital VP of Under Armor, wearable tech expert, Billie Whitehouse from Wearable Experiments lit up the stage with a panel about professional sport and the future of wearable tech
  22. 22. WEARABLE TECH Innovations that are happening now: (1) Live experiences where the combined heart readings from the audience can determine the next song
  23. 23. WEARABLE TECH (2) Retail environments where the data points pulled from your shirt can match you with the perfect outfit to match your shape and size
  24. 24. WEARABLE TECH (3) An athlete’s uniform can be fitted with nodes that activate your fan jersey so you can feel contact with the game winning kick
  25. 25. WEARABLE TECH Our point of view on these innovations is that they enhance the human experience, and that’s how wearable tech should always be approached. Brands need to consider whether digital amplification is a natural part of a bigger picture, or just “Tech for Tech’s sake”
  26. 26. REFINERY 29
  27. 27. REFINERY 29 This year saw plenty of brands offering experiences on and around The Croisette which were neither innovative or compelling. Facebook and Yahoo! in particular missed the mark with imposing, impersonal spaces which didn’t reflect their values or purpose
  28. 28. REFINERY 29 The villa takeover is something we’ve been following from Miami Art Basel to Coachella, and we think this was a smart move by the #1 new media brand for creative women, as it provided an opportunity for conversation to meet collaboration
  29. 29. SUMMARY The key theme we took away from Cannes was the tension between technology and human experience. Never before have audiences had more tools to cut through marketing bullshit and instantly judge a brand or product on merit – but statistics don’t use technology. People do. We feel influencer marketing might just be the silver bullet that breaks this tension, but it’s the attention to people, not data that’s going to make the difference. For more information on what we learned in Cannes or to discuss what we have planned for the projects* at Cannes in 2016 contact
  30. 30. Thanks. Love, #liveintheprojects SYD • LA • LDN