Yasmine Sinclair Evaluation Presentation


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Yasmine Sinclair Evaluation Presentation

  1. 1. Media evaluation-Music Evaluation<br />Yasmine Sinclair<br />The overall concept that we will be conveyed through out my groups 3 issues will be the fusion between music and fashion and how they work in mirroring the ideologies we will try and convey to appeal to are target audience. We have chosen the name STROBE as it interlinks both music and fashion, connoting with the strobe lights and trance beats of the funky house genre, and also the strobe lighting used in fashion shoots and on the catwalk. For my magazine issue I will be predominantly focusing on the concept of  a hybrid of a rock/indie concepts inspired by the likes of Pixie Lott and Kesha, and glamorous and aspirational aspects inspired by role models such as Cheryl Cole. This spring issue will include articles on the upcoming club, festival and social music scene along with new artists embodying the fusion between music and fashion and not only the impact they have of the artist, but the genre as a whole. The artist I will be featuring on the cover, and double page spread of my magazine issue is one which I have created,  modeled and represented by a co member in my group. The fresh new artist echoes the overall theme of the music focusing largely on using fashion as a semiotic to convey the ideologies of the artist as not only a musician but a brand. By calling her Luna Lovechild, immediately connoting with contradictive and challenging ideas who’s music echoes this through controversial, unreserved, sexually liberating lyrics, portrays a rebellious rock image that challenges society, but also combines with a visually glamorous appearances in music videos, photo shoots and echoed is the funky house influences that convey a middle class, pleasure and wealth seeking lifestyle demographic. I have chosen to created an artist like this for my issue as I believe it will not only widen the target audience but fill a nesh gap in the market for a magazine that is target at teens that want a fusion of anti authority ideologies as well a appeal and aspiration class and glamour. <br />
  2. 2. My final magazine product<br />For my front cover I used the convention layout of a dominate master head in a bold and eye catching font that conveys the genre and style of the magazine, in my case I used an eroded bold font to portray the edgy concept of STROBE. <br />When stylizing my artist, I focused on portray this image by getting inspiration from current artist in the industry who although embody a indie rock fashion image still appear glamorous and sexy. I created this look by using conventions used across the music magazine genre, messy bed head hair, bold blood-stained red lipstick, and edgy , on trend flesh bearing clothing, this coupled with high fashion bold body language and poses when posing for the photo shoot, for example the cover in with the artist will be biting a bunch of peals with a playful of aggressive facial express symbolizes that magazines combination of a rebellious, challenging concept interfusing with glamour and class, all of which aids in representing the fresh innovative and unique hybrid of genre and life style demography STROBE express's. <br />
  3. 3. Contents Page<br />For my contents page I have used a variety of visual simulating images that together echo the overall ideologies of a fusion of hedonistic, pleasure seeking lifestyle demographic that exuded glamour, but also embodies a combination edgy, rebellious and anit authority feel that will widen the target audience. The layout of my contents page breaks conventions as my putting the writing central to the page it draws the eye in and mirrors that of a fashion magazine, which again widens the demographic for my magazine.<br />
  4. 4. Double page spread<br />For my double page spread I followed the layout and concept of a edgy bold, making sure it follow through out – an important convention of a magazine, adding to the visual authenticity. I decided to take up a side of the page with a dominate photograph, conventional of fashion and music magazines alike as it attracts the reader when turning the page. I have created an interview in a colloquial, informal chatty tone to appeal to the teen target audience and the relax and down to earth personality of the artist. Instead of doing a convention music magazine interview layout of question and answer I have decided to incorporate a fashion magazine element in this by presenting the interview in a narrative form including information of the appearance of my artist to portray what she’s all about, it will feature 'access all area' topics will insightful and revealing information and quotes into the lifestyle of a fresh, unique and fashionable young new artist in the currant industry, which will appeal the to the exposed celebrity culture of the teen generation today. <br />
  5. 5. Target audience<br />The overall concept and connotations with our magazine will predominately appeal to a female gender specific  audience due to the aspiration and idealistic ideologies the artist featured in the magazine , who will majority be successful woman, will convey. For example by using inspirational female artists that relate to the likes of Cheryl Cole and Pixie Lott,  the readers of our magazine will be able to have insight into such celebrities highly sort after lifestyle, and be able to embody their intermixture of fashion and music. Due to the glamours association with the funky house genre our magazine centers around, the life style demographic we will be focusing on portraying will be materialistic; aspirational for success, wealth and seeking pleasure and escapism, which could be through the trance like beats and optimistic lyrics found in funky house music. This concept echoes the hedonistic connotations clubs and festivals have, and ties back into the cultural origins funky house has in disco famously know for its middle and upper class glamorous relations.In addition to the luxurious and appealing aphorism our magazines will have, it will also partially connote will a rebellious and anit-authority life style due to the associations clubs and festivals also have with drugs and alcohol. However will not convey the heavy pessimistic and extremely rebellious of society or authority, views that rock genre magazine such as NME have. This hybrid of lifestyle demographics may imply a somewhat post-modernist outlook as its embodies a combination of perspectives from more than one angle, which is beneficial in the magazine industry as it will widen our target audience, and intern the popularity and success of our magazine.<br />
  6. 6. Using the technology<br />Through out the process of making my final product I used the program Photoshop which allowed me to edit my images to a professional and editorial standard. I created such images with a diverse range of tool for example, the blur and sharper tool to adapted the quality of the pictures. <br />An example of my skills on photo shop is my cover image:<br />As you can see here I have edited the colour of the lips and eye makeup to created a bolder contrast to the colour scheme using, and also making the artist appear more controversial and visual appealing<br />
  7. 7. Institutions <br />By evaluating the targeted audience, price, ideologies and genre of my magazine, a fusion of fashion stores- such as topshop and all saints that embody the original and statement making look that is echoed in Strobe, it also would be a good marketing devisee for my magazine as clothing shops such as these would be where my target audience would be, music distributers – such as hmv as its predominately a music magazine, and also high end supermarkets such as wait rose and M&S as the demographic strobe is targeted at is of a middle class demographic that mirror the connotation with the glamorous funky house genre.<br />