Lewis Merle magazine analysis


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Lewis Merle magazine analysis

  1. 1. The smaller images advertise what is featured inside the magazine.<br />Front- cover analysis<br />The background here is another picture on top of the pictures taken of the people in this magazine. This represent mise-en-scene which is a connotation for Miami, the beaches, the free lifestyle ECT.<br />A big feature is the smaller text in bright colours to stand out from the background.<br />The title is mainly aligned to the centre top of the page. I will try to recreate this style in my music magazine. , and the text is mainly always in white to stand out from the rest of the bright coloured text.<br />The expressions shown on the peoples faces in the magazine are representative of anti-authorities people. Their faces are well lit up to see their expression and because it attracts attention to the fact its P.Diddy.<br />The overall colour scheme of the magazine is bright eye-catching colours to attract peoples attention.<br />Extras things are advertised on the magazine such as this free CD to attract peoples attention to buy it more.<br />The boom box represents the genre of the music shown in this magazine<br />The magazines barcode is mainly placed at the bottom right of the magazine over the text and images.<br />The smaller images advertise what will be featured in the magazine.<br />The presence of the photo of P.Diddy that is obscuring the magazines title shows how confident the magazine will still be recognised even though he is there and also the same with the free CD blocking some of the image of the boom box.<br />
  2. 2. There is mention of artists names which is representative of the style of music the magazine is showing.<br />Front-cover Analysis<br />The magazine is obviously confident that people will recognise their magazine as again they have placed an image over the magazine name.<br />There is a theme within the title as it repeats the magazines font style and their motto.<br />The facial expressions on her face are representative of a sexual connotation. Her face is well lit form one side to show off her expression. The image of her is a mid shot.<br />The overall colour scheme of the magazine is bright eye-catching colours to attract peoples attention.<br />The way she is dressed/lack of clothes is representative of sexual connotation, it is also sexist which makes more Males want to buy the magazine because of the image. Where as this would probably put women of buying it; therefore making their target audience smaller on the magazine issue.<br />The text is talking about the type of genre of music and the words stand out form the main text by being highlighted in yellow.<br />The background is dark in color to make the bright white image of the person to stand out from it.<br />The magazines barcode is mainly placed at the bottom right of the magazine over the text and images.<br />
  3. 3. Contents page Analysis<br />The main picture shows the anti-rebellious person/ music artist drinking which is irresponsible and is a negative image of the artist. The mise-en-scene that they are in is a club scene which is representative of the magazine style.<br />The text in pink is used to stand out form the other text, it also is maybe in pink to try and attract a wider audience by attracting women.<br />His clothing is creased and he is sluvenly which could show a anti-authorative demographic. The type of clothing is also representative of the demographic of the people. The clothing shows a type of indie style which is not representative of the music.<br />This is representation for retro styled writing and the retro scene. <br />The stern sharp look the person is giving off is maybe representative of some of the artists in the genre of music.<br />The woman in this text is showing a large amount of her legs which is code for sexual connotations.<br />
  4. 4. bold white masthead: the masthead would need to be a bold or luminous colour to draw the attention of readers. mixmag could be a simple blend of words, possibly stating that there is a mix of all kinds of music inside the magazine. so a blend of words may be a good choice for the target audience.<br />These are items and texts that would encourage the public to buy the magazine, even if it is just for the items. the text in yellow are the key parts to the freebies, so it is highlighted yellow to draw attention.<br />writing in a retro-style font to draw attention to the main article. the catchphrase below would be used to briefly describe the article or to add some humour to the magazine.<br />text set off-horizontal to match the angle of the image. it makes the text seem more casual.<br />Sam Sparro: The person in the main article. It would be practically pointless to show an image of someone who doesn't actually feature in the magazine. Also indicates target audience mildly towards men.<br />small details, i.e price, date of release and barcode.<br />tiny text may include less important but still relevant details either about the magazine or the articles inside.<br />