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Question 2

  1. 1. 2. How does your media product represent particular social groups?My cover artist shows a young female adult who is using a scarf as a prop to position across the end of themid-shot by biting it in her teeth. This is used to represent my model provocatively but also show the funcharacterisation of my artist. The scarf is used to imitate a style of Marilyn Monroe which appeals to the socialgroup who are familiar with pop from the past as well as the future. The young female will allow my targetaudience of young female adults aged between 16-25 to relate to the artist and entice them into buying themagazine. The cheerful yet emotive expression on my artist’s face allows her fun characteristics to be impliedon the cover and will imitate the positive ideology of my magazine and will connote that it is a positivepurchase. I used an orange overlay onto the front cover so that it brightens to tone and levels of myphotograph which makes it stand out. These bright colours of the pink scarf and the blush tone on the artistmake it subtly appeal to my majority of female audience and women who enjoy using make-up and hairstyling. I purposely increased the saturation of the image so that these stereotypical feminine tones would beemulated on the cover. This look therefore represents a social group of females who have a disposableincome and enjoy styling themselves and looking up to role models in the music industry. I emulated my artistprofile in the typography by incorporating a different style font for the ‘X’ called LeviBrush to make it appear asif a lipstick had been swiped on the cover. This also connotes the idea of my artist’s fun style and how sheenjoys fashion and sexualising her image for her career. For the double page spread I transferred thepersonality of my artist profile through her posing as she is doing a cute salute which ties in with thefashionable American theme. I also used several photos at the top third of the masthead of different outtakesof my photo shoot so that my young, fashionable, female social group will like the artist’s fun and wild side.Through my contents page it is evident that a social group who listen to music from the late 50s to presentwould enjoy my magazine as I devote a section to “Past and Present”. The type of person would also beinterested in current chart music which is shown through the “In Every Issue: Charts”. Therefore it shows thatthe type of person would be a young female who enjoys a wide range of pop music from every decade and isnot confined to just present music.