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Intro to data visualisation


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Provides a list of some off-the-shelf tools that can be used to produce data visualisations for Data Journalism

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Intro to data visualisation

  1. Intro to Data Visualisation
  2. Data-Driven Journalism
  3. "Communicatingcomplex data andintricate ideas throughclear and beautifulvisual storytelling."- Tobias Sturt – Design Manager, The Guardian Digital Agency
  10. s.html
  12. What Makes a Good Infographic?•  Data•  Design•  Story•  Shareability
  13. Story•  Data visualisations may be–  Insightful vs Infotainment–  Exploratory vs Explanatory
  14. Design•  Graphical layout and design–  Colours & Typeface–  Proximity & placement–  Accessibility•  Interaction / User Experience Design–  Static vs interactive–  Mobile device / touch support?•  Custom design vs using existing tools andvisualisation techniques
  17. Data•  Data Sources–  Open Data e.g.–  Scraping e.g.–  Cite your data sources!•  Preparing Data:–  Filter & Clean–  Tools:•  DataWrangler,•  OpenRefine•  CSVKit•  Tabula
  18. Data WranglerOnline App:
  19. Open Refine(Formerly Google Refine) App
  20. Data Visualisation Tools•  Off-the-shelf apps and services for creating:–  Maps–  Charts–  Timelines–  Network diagrams–  And more…
  21. MAPS
  22. Color Brewer Online
  23. Open Heat Map Online
  24. Google Fusion Tables Online
  25. MapBox TileMill App
  26. Basic Charts•  Excel or Calc•  Google Charts and Google Fusion Tables–
  27. Infogr.am Online
  28. Data WrapperOnline
  29. TimelinesGoogle Fusion Tables Flow
  31. Gephi App
  32. Many Eyes Online
  33. AND MORE…
  34. Many Eyes
  35. Word clouds - Tagxedo Online
  36. Tableau Public only)
  37. Shareability•  Vector Graphics software:–  Adobe Illustrator–  Inkscape•  Publish zoomable infographics online:––•  Tracking impact:–  Google analytics–  Pixel-ping
  38. Advanced Techniques•  For creating custom, interactivevisualisations (some coding required):–  R–  Processing–  Visualisation code libraries e.g.• Data-Driven Documents (D3)• Prefuse
  39. Resources•  Videos:––•  Podcast:–•  Websites:–––––
  40. Books•  Data Journalism Handbook–•  The Back of the Napkin: Solving Problems andSelling Ideas with Pictures - Dan Roam•  The Wall Street Journal Guide to InformationGraphics: The Dos and Donts of Presenting Data,Facts, and Figures - Donna M. Wong•  Show Me the Numbers: Designing Tables andGraphs to Enlighten - Stephen Few